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On A Day Like This 11 Years Ago

I baked you a cake, but your not here to eat it, but your youngest sister is so ready to do it for you.
I gave for flowers so they can be displayed at mass today. When they say in remembrance of those who have passed your name has been added to the list. Your brother & sister said if they have school mass they will remind whoever is giving mass so they can say Happy Birthday to you.

All the world seems to be a mess and up in a roar. Here I am just trying to get through one more day. Praying for our Lord's grace and guidance. Trust be told my pretty girl I feel lost at times.

11 years ago you came into this world. You took my breathe away. I had never seen such a beautiful little girl. I never knew having a love for a daughter could be so strong. I looked at your brothers and saw your protectors and your daddy how you would have him wrapped around your finger. I imagined when they handed you to me how we would share secrets and giggles and painted nails.

I remember thinking  how I had it all and how life was perfect and I couldn't think of wanting anything else. 
How I loved having you in my arms and being able to stare at you for hours. Oh the pictures I would take. Little did I know that you would be gone in a blink.

Although the sky seems to be shedding as many tears as I want to. I can't. I most strive on for your siblings,for your daddy. I admit I am lost and so I pray and have to do as I have trust in the Lord. You gave me that.

You were and will forever be one of the most amazing gifts from our Lord. As I've said from the moment you were gone.You completed your purpose on earth. You made me open myself to our Lord like I had never had. You showed me in my grief his never ending love is with us.

You gave me a reason to dream of pink,pretty bows and baby dolls.  You had a hand  I'm sure making sure I wouldn't forget and I like to think you nudged our Lord and now here are your two sisters.

I'm not going to lie I will listen to them play and can't help but think what would be the conversation with you three. Then I think would their be 3 of you since when you came to us I thought we are complete and couldn't even imagine breaking "the perfect trio" Funny how things happen huh.

Now here are your siblings your brothers watching over your two sisters and you watching from above.

Usually I'm pretty good on your birthday but just as that day in 2006 you were born on Monday and today is a Monday. I miss you sweet girl oh so much.

I know it's not a why me moment but I should be thankful for the time we had but if you please let mama just grieve for a little bit...

11 years ago Our Lord lend me my Anjelique and let my love grow in my arms for the most amazing 2 1/2 months. I am thankful and wouldn't any other way. Through Grief Love grows. My cross I bare but do not hold alone. Jesus I trust in you. Mother Mary as you cried for your son you have seen and felt this pain and as you did I hope to one day rejoice when if by your son's grace we are reunited again.

All I pray is that today as each day our Lord hold you in his arms but today I hope he holds you a little longer and through him you feel the love your Daddy & I  feel for you, along as your siblings.

I'll Love You Forever
I'll Like You For Always
As Long As I'm Living
My Sweet Beautiful Pretty Girl
You'll Be

Happy Birthday Sweet Anjelique.

Link Up January 17 on 17

I am so excited about this post for so many reasons, one being that even though I was actually sick this week I still wanted to make sure I did my documenting. Life isn't all about roses it's about ups and downs. Let's just stay this was a zigzag kind of week.

I decided to set my DSLR to Monochrome (B/W mode) and used my 50mm 1.4 lens to capture my 17 images. (on manual mode)

I think I might do the same again for next month because taking my pictures in black in white added to the story I wanted to share.

I hope you will join me. You can it this weekend and just come back.  I'd love if you share this project as well and join me next month if you don't feel as if you want to jump in this month.

This is another awesome way to share your story.  I want to make a book at the end of the year using what I captured each month.

Remember to have fun and a why behind what you are capturing. Don't just snap. Stop and think of the why.

With that here is what my 17 on 17 for January looked like.

Our meds for the week. Thank goodness I caught the start of the flu my oldest little girl as well so we just had to ride the wave. My youngest son wasn't so lucky, so he got other meds besides his cough meds.

My youngest brought me her favorite toys to make me feel better.

Oldest getting ready for work. Almost time for his 2nd semester of his 1st college year to start. Can't believe how fast time is flying.

I did have more images (total of 17)  but just shared these for now. I am so happy I am doing this project because it is helping me remember how much I love being able to capture stories via photography.

Telling the tales of the week even when it wasn't the best one since we got taken over by the Flu. I am happy to report that my kids FINALLY returned to school and I am feeling better as well and hope to be back to regular routine the coming week.

I'd love if you would share what you captured. Below is a linky for you to share what you captured. You don't have to share all your images just post a few of your favorite.

Next month I'm going to have a small giveaway to give to one of the participants who plays along. Consider this month a warm up. I can't wait to see your stories!

Thoughtful Thursday:It's Hit Our House

This is the state of my house right now. Two of my kids and me have the flu and so I say laughter is the best medicine and that's how I came about this post today.

We all did get our flu shots since Isy was a preemie we have known the importance and although we have been feeling bad it hasn't been as bad as it could be if we hadn't and I really do believe that. 

So looking more on the bright side...

I'm thankful for my laptop so I still can share my posts in between of my moments of feeling better but I know I need to rest to make this go away, Hubby goes back to work today so it's going to be interesting to keep the littlest away from her sick siblings. Wish me luck!

3 Favorite Healthy Quick Lunches

Ah the never ending quest of finding something to eat. Nevertheless to make sure it's healthy. For me lunch usually comes late which as a matter of fact as I was working on this post I looked at the time and noticed yup it's about to be 3 pm and I haven't really eat my lunch yet (although I did have my midday snack)

Today I wanted to share some quick go to lunches that I really enjoy. You can even use these as dinner ideas as I've used them at times as well.

I wanted to share ones that are super simple for days that you are so busy you might of forgotten to eat...Like well for me it was yesterday.

Grab yourself a yogurt and a Fiber one bar and you have a very yummy fulling lunch.You could also add additional fruit if you like to make it that much more filling. Make sure you have a bottle of water and you'll be surprised how filling it is!

Soft Tacos (Chicken) 
For this I like to make the chicken in the crockpot (I'll be sharing the recipe soon)and use fresh ingredients to make a quick and healthy meal. These are so yummy and again so filling. Depending on how much time I have to get creative w/my tacos some ingredients that I like to use are cucumbers,lettuce,tomatoes,and cilantro.

Another one of my favorites. Adding vegetables is a way to make it more nutritious and what makes it filling. This is a meal that I could have for dinner. If you follow me on my healthy IG account @healthyadventureswellie you will see how many different ways I've had this. You can make it as elaborate or simple as you like.

These are meals that you could make to take with you to work or premake it early in the AM and have it ready for when you need it later in the day.

What are your go to meals that you love that are quick and easy?

The Start of 17 on 17 Photography Journey

I had done this challenge a couple of years ago and this year I thought I'd give it another try. This year I would love if you would join me. It's a way to share a little bit of what you see via your lens.

Here is the catch NO phones. Nope can't use it. So grab a disposable camera if you like (I'm gonna try that next month) or a point and shoot, even a little polaroid camera or as I will be mostly using a DSLR.

Also, DO NOT DELETE what you capture and you only have 17 shots to capture. If you grab a disposable camera capture your 17 then you could give it to your kids to see what they capture an extra bonus if you ask me.

On the 18th I'll share a linky share so you could post your pictures and of course, I'll have mine to here as well.

I am so excited to share and see what you capture. I'd love who will join me? 

This Or That The War of the Food Battles

I thought it would be fun to share a few of the things that help me in the quest of getting healthy today.
I don't know about you but I am a foodie. I love food, but as I mentioned in my last post getting older can also mean your not gonna burn the same way you did when you was younger so here goes a few tips to help that have helped me.

Green Tea:

Did you know that green tea has been shown to boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning? I have been drinking green tea and have seen it help with bloating as well as my extra water intake. 

Plus did you know sometimes we think we are hungry but we are actually thirsty and so drinking my tea helps with that also?  Drinking water really is important not only do you keep hydrated to keep you will see the benefits over time. 

Change Your Snacks:

My biggest thing is snacking and that is where I lose my focus. My most guilty time is actually when I am working on posts. 

I've been learning to change regular chips to apple chips they are easy to make (if you like I could share how I make mine just leave me a comment and I'll share my recipe in another post.)

 I also make sure I have a little cup of nuts be it almonds.walnuts or peanuts. They are not only filling but as well good for you with the right kinds of fats for you. 

 Pace Yourself:

Be kind to yourself. I know from experience you expect things to go faster then they are going and want to give up. DO NOT. keep going. 
This is when your strength needs to kick in. I always have a little book where I write how I'm feeling about my journey and I try to  keep moving. Grab some headphones and dance about.

 Once you get your heart rate up that will give you some motivation and before you know it you have gotten your first 10 minutes you can go again in an hr. and soon you will have had done 30 minutes or more that will less to improving yourself. 

I will be sharing a few of my favorite recipes in the coming weeks that are not only filling but delicious and healthy.

I'd love to hear how your journey is coming along? What's your biggest obstacle?

Getting Healthy after 35 Can Get Interesting Ask Me How I Know

I knew after seeing how my kids were growing up and I seemed to be getting way too tired too easy and  I saw I  wasn't the best me I could offer to them.
I had worried about them and put me to the side pretty much that's when things started to chance and getting healthier for them and myself begin.

Little did I know it wasn't going to be as easy as I thought it would be as it had been years prior. That is the point of this post.
For those of you who are in their 30's (or older since I'm 41)  it's not going easy but is it worth it? More than you will ever imagine.

There is nothing like seeing your body change and be the strongest it ever was. It can be empowering. I think doing it now makes me appreciate it way more.

Here are some things I've learned along my journey that might help you as well.

1- Do NOT starve yourself. 

You actually need to eat more BUT eat correctly. You would be surprised if you read what you ate so make a journal and write down what you are eating every day.

For a week even before you do anything track your patterns making sure you are writing down EVERYTHING you are eating even that one little piece of gum (sugar) make sure to include it. 

Now the trick is to change it and eat better. More greens and more natural the less processed the better. Do it slowly because just changing all at once will make you nuts (or at least it did me)  One of my downfalls was soda. I thought drinking diet soda I would be ok.

WRONG it's even worse so I've changed it to seltzer and so far I'm 3 weeks in w/no soda. Also, make sure you are drinking your water it is so important. If you say I don't like water read THIS post where I shared how to get more water. 

2- Workout Break it Down if you Have To:

This is one that can get difficult because everyone is so busy and let's face it sometimes it can be hard to work out. What I find that works is give it 10 mins. YUP, but go HARD those 10 mins. I use the app Virtual Trainer I love it because you can set the timer and it gives you the workout that you are supposed to do. Then do it 2 more times and now you have worked out 30 mins. BOOM. Yes, every bit counts. I have been doing my runs the same way.


3- Don't Be Hard On Yourself

This is when being over 35 can affect you. Sure you will lose some weight but I doubt it will be as fast as you thought that's what I have learned. Take it one day at a time. Be gentle to yourself and pace yourself.  It will not happen overnight but your work will be rewarded. You will become stronger and healthier and it is so rewarding that you are giving your healthiest and best of you to your family and it is so worth it.

Now I want you to say after me: I CAN DO THIS. I WILL DO THIS. If I get off the path I WILL get right back on because I deserve this, I am strong and will be the strongest I've ever been.

Who's with me?