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Favorite Five Friday

It's been a while since I've shared a favorite five Friday and why not today! I hope you will check these out and you will love them as much as I do.

1. The Catholic Mom Prayers Companion

I don't have time to read which is why I TOTALLY love this book because I can read it when I wake up and it not only helps me grasp something to think about each day. It has a little prayer and story for each day of the year. I actually got it for my iPad (Kindle app) and that way I have it where I am. Each day has the perfect reflection and little prayer for busy mamas.

2. PeaPod Grocery Deliveries

I can not say how much I love being able to order our groceries and getting it delivered to me. HELLO no running up and down the supermarket with the kids and you get to set the time it's delivered to you. My favorite time is right after the kids leave for school.
I make sure to have signed up for the newsletter. Your able to get deals on what's on sale and get coupon codes for free shipping. I LOVE IT!  I keep thinking WHY wasn't this available 10 years ago!

3.  ThredUP 

I've mentioned them before but I sure do love that company. I love that I'm able to purchase clothes for me at amazing prices. It's an online consignment store with name brand items and each time I've ordered I have been impressed time and again.
I've gotten things that had the tickets on them and everything is basically new. I love that I get a chance to spoil myself and get insane deals on very cute things. I just bought me a poncho that I am SWOONING over and is perfect for the weather we are having. (click the link and it's a $10 off your 1st time shopping if you like)

4. May Designs

 Let me tell you how HAPPY this company makes me! I have been using their planner notebooks for 6 months and they have helped bring my planner peace UNREAL but true.
I love that you can choice different covers and sizes. I love using the classic size. It has the right amount of room and the layout is perfect. If you haven't got one I say run and get you one! You can thank me later.

5 Chic Sparrow

Alright, let me tell you about this company. They have the most amazing and beautiful leather travelers notebooks (and other goodies) that I have ever seen. PLUS shipping and customer service are beyond amazing! I had been eyeing on getting a "perfect" travelers for a while and for me it's an investment because they are a bit on the higher end of what my Webster's travelers were.

 I wanted to have the same amount of pockets (and more) and just something I could feel comfortable using for a long time because our budget is tight and what I purchase I need to make sure is worth it and I will use.  As my Valentine gift hubby got me a Deluxe Black Beauty in wide and MANNNNNN do I love it SO  much! Even hubby says man you really love that thing huh.

But I don't Want to Give Up My Chocolate Chip Cookies

Growing up I remember how when Lent was about to start my mom would impose what it was that my brother and I were suppose to give up and if we broke it then we would get the "HOW DARE YOU FACE" I would always think but why do we even have to give up anything and what is this really going to get me?

I'm pretty sure that my oldest is thinking this too so in a way I write this post for him and for all who wonder what is the deal and WHY do we have to give up anything anyway?

Being honest I never really got this giving up thing until way older in life I did it because my mom made me and that's what I was taught in church and my faith but it wasn't until very late that I understood what it really meant.  which is : All of these are intended to turn our hearts back to God, to purify us, and prepare us for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection at Easter.

PLUS today I am gonna tell you something that might even blow your mind...YOU don't have to "give up" anything how about GIVING IN...Mind blow or are you still confused? Well let me help you.

Last year I did this for my kids because I wanted to see if Lent would change for them. I told them we would DO more. At our parish they have a tree every year that the kids can go up to and pick something off it and it will have something for them to do.

For my kids it was to bring canned goods to the homeless shelter and clothing for newborn babies. We kept going in doing additional things and this year we will have our own tree and will use Kathryn from Team Whitakers idea for Lent which I love.

The kids (and myself) read some books  on saints but this year I will be have them watch some movies from which are geared towards kids which I hope they will enjoy.

A prayer journal is something else I will be giving them. (Just extra Traveler's Journal I have) where they can write each night about what they did for Lent that day.  Last year I had them do it and they really enjoyed it and they were the ones who actually asked for this year.

Visiting other parishes is also another favorite for Lent. It's fun to go see other parishes and how each one is beautiful and have time to pray in the peaceful quiet.  (for the most part Catholic Churches are always open so you can go inside) Last Summer we actually visited and prayed at a few. Lets see if we can do the same for Lent this year.

I hope that perhaps this post might have given you ideas to do for Lent this year that will not include giving up your sweets but ponder more deeply why it is we have Lent.

 I would love to hear what you will be doing. I will be sharing a few recipes next week that you could use might be able to enjoy with your family during this time.  I'd love to hear of any that your family loves just leave me a post below.

Not Quite The Whole 30

Let's be frank shall we. Getting healthy after 35 is HARD.  As I type this post I can tell you I am sore from the workout I completed. Yes it's a good thing but man why does it have to feel so hard.

Why is it that we want instant fitness. I know what it takes I've hit goal and been stronger then I though I could be. Yet life and other things got in the way and here I am feeling like BOO ME.

Today I am changing that. I am challenging myself 30 day challenge. I will do what I know is what I know I need to do.

First things first which for me is food. It's been a comfort, a friend and just there for something to do. I know that is my downfall. Let's face it who wants to eat like a rabbit and just chomp on veggies all day.

I know I need to shake it off and rememeber of all that I have learned from my journey. It is really try you ARE what you eat. So no matter how much I love my M&Ms, Thin Mints, Donuts  I don't want to wear them on my midsection.

Last week I started to fine tune my eating habits again. I know my trigger is SUGAR. I can do good the whole day but once the even comes I get the urge to have something sweet and that brings about blowing how good I had been doing.

Now I am working on spreading out how aI am eating and the reason of my title of this post.  I have seen many of my friends do Whole 30 and y'all I know I would epic fail doing it. Instead I have to
make it where I can do it.

I can make recipes and change how I am eating. I know for one bread and rice are a BIG NO,NO for me. It does make me bloated and feel blah. Go figure when I grew up always eating it. Funny what happens when you get older huh.

I'm been cutting that down. I haven't had rice but and the bread I've tried to eat the least I can.

I have found a few favorites at one of my favorite places Trader Joes!

Here are few I love :

 Let's start to some snacks :

 Epic bars they are so good and they are so filling I love them.

As you can see what's in them is posted on the front of the packaging. THAT is aweosme to me. They are perfect to stop those cravings for sure.

I also have been having a battle with soda I as doing good until I broke down BUT I am happy to report I'm back at it what helps me is drinking Sparking Water and they have one I love too.

Dinner goodies :

Remember I said rice and bread are my ememies well I got an anwer for my rice. I LOVE the cauliflower rice. I get my fill and I am a happy camper.

I also like the sweet potaotes that are ready to go as well as the grains and veggie mix. Trader Joe really is awesome.

I also like to make zoodles mixes when I eat ground turkey. They also have some premade frozen garlic chicken which is so easy to finish off.

I hope sharing what I am doing will inspire you if like me you feel your not quite ready to do the whole 30 as of yet. What is important is that you are getting the healthiest you can be and doing it for you.

It feel awesome to be taking care of myself and you should to!

17 on 17 February Edition: Photograph your Stories

Today I'll be using my DSLR as well as my phone to capture my 17 but remember DO NOT delete just snap and keep going. Before you take that picture think the story you want to capture.

Here are a few of my past posts for some ideas what to capture today:

You Kids doing Homework or school stuff 

Not Just for Summer  

Tips on how to get a Little Photo Shoot Done w/Kids

Hopefully looking at these posts will inspire you and will make you want to capture your 17 for 17 (or during the weekend!)

Remember come back and share and I will pick one to win a $10 GC to Amazon!

It Takes Serious Game to Rock Dunking with Oreos

Sweepstakes Rules can be found at

We love Oreo cookies at my house especially my youngest and I can't help remember my childhood and love of them. 

I remember being able to have them as an after school treat and being able to have a couple of giggles even while I did my homework because I had my favorite treat. It's something about having your own special way to eat one too. Don't you agree? 

Nowadays its my turn to purchase them for my family and grab a pack or two (or more) at  Walmart.  I love that Thins are now available (which means I can eat a few extra right?) at my house the kids request either the double stuffed or classic.  Which ones are the favorites at your house?

Now I've got a fun contest to share with you. Did you hear about the awesome Sweepstakes going on called the #OreoDunkChallenge where you can have a chance to win an amazing prize of being one of the VIP Grand Winner of a trip to a Celebrity Dunking Event in NYC or Los Angeles, plus $2,000! Check out the Sweepstakes Rules before starting, and stop at your local Walmart then make sure to post daily for more chances to win by entering  HERE   Be sure to include your family's dunking styles too!

As you can see eating and dunking Oreos can go all different ways. From the classic dunk and eat, to the fake to the left and twist the top off and enjoy dunk, A full of giggles kind of dunk or if your  really bold the tricky from the nose dunk!

It is so fun to see how each of my kids dunks are so different but regardless of how you dunk it's all FUN!  Now make sure you get your Oreo cookies and ENTER to win!

Sweet Easy Love Cookies

Had to share a little recipe that will be perfect to make tomorrow! If you have stopped by before you know that I love to make things as easy as possible and these fit that bill. 

I love that they are they are super soft and sweet. I'll be making a batch for after school to surprise the kids.

Alright are you ready to get baking. Now grab these few ingredients.

Ingredients :

Pink Velvet Cake Power Mix
3 Egg Whites
1 8 ounce Cool Whip Lite
1 cup of  powered sugar*

(don't worry all of this will NOT go on the cookies it you will have more then half of the sugar left over when you are done with your cookies and dispose)


- Preheat oven to 350 degrees
- Mix the Cool Whip and egg whites together.

 -Once its mix it will be really gooey but don't worry that's how it suppose to be.
-Put the mixture in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes ( For this batch I actually left it for almost an hour as I was doing other things and I liked it better)
- Place powered sugar in a deep bowl
-Remove chilled dough from fridge and use a tablespoon to spoon and drop into the sugar and roll to cover each cookie.

-Put in the oven for 9-11 minutes and make sure you keep an eye on them so they wouldn't brown on you. Pull out and let them cool.

They are so yummy and so easy to make. Can you believe that are that easy to make! So what are you waiting on make a batch!

What are your favorite cookies to bake?

Don't Forget to Capture What's around you

Since next week is Valentine's Day I thought I'd share this little printable for you to go on an adventure this weekend or the following week and see if you can capture an image of each on the list or a few.

I plan on printing it out and share my kids join me and see what they capture. (I give them disposable cameras to use) it's always fun to see what they capture and have them printed out.

                                         Download HERE

It's a day of milestones at our house as well as a delayed school day because of the snow we got yesterday. I'll be sure to document and share next week!

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?