10 Things to Shoot Besides the Turkey

Can you believe Thanksgiving Day is only 3 days away! I am wondering why time is flying by so quickly. Didn't we all just wish each other a Happy New Year and here were are almost there again.

Well today I just wanted to take share a few things to remember to photography be it that you are celebrating at home (as I am) or are going to family/friends to enjoy the day.

I know the day is going to be busy and so I am actually starting my preps today actually! That is when I stopped and thought you know what I need a list of what I really want to photograph to remember this Thanksgiving.

So here are my "Top 10" to remember to photograph:

What are you plans for Thanksgiving this year?

Adventures Through the Neighborhood

It's a dreary looking day today around my neck of the woods so I thought I'd share a little stroll of my neighborhood my girlie I took earlier in the week.

As we headed on our way we were were greeted by a little friend, as you can see Ms.Bean didn't know what to think!

As we strolled  along we got to a little overpass where we can see the highway and I love that I was to get a little crunch time w/the  Fall Leaves on our way.

Our stroll was short and sweet but just right to make someone actually get a  nice nap which  made Mama very happy!

Do you take little strolls around your neighborhood and see the changes for the season? If not why not take one soon and capture them!

Decemeber Photo Adventure Challenge

I am so excited to be documenting our Holidays again using Ali Edward's December Daily Kit and so that of course calls for me capture pictures for the most part daily.

Insert panic. Are you like me that by the 10th day your wondering WHAT am I gonna photography and capture today?

Well I just figured out HOW not to stress myself out I made a Photo Challenge y'all! I have to share of course

Just click on the picture and print it out if you'd like to join! I can't wait to get started w/this and hope you'll join me as well.

Unexpected Photography Adventures

Today's tale on the blog starts off with some EEK news..well if your into photography like me. Two weeks ago I on Halloween week I went to my Littles school to pick them up and take some pictures for the school when I was going about my business taking pictures and I noticed my pictures were blurry I questioned and rest my setting and keep shooting. I noticed my lens I was using was not getting the images it usually does. 

I didn't think anything about it and a week passed ( I know I didn't even download the pics GASP) we dropped off our oldest for a test and hubby made a pit stop into the park so the Littles could play. Again I was trying to capture pictures but I felt the camera was malfunctioning. I thought hmm could it be the battery? I captured what I could but in the back of my head I thought OH NO what is going on. Hubby took me to a little photo shop and the guy there did a quick overview and said he thought it was my camera ...(INSERT deep soul scream) and I thought WHAT WHAT WHHHHHATT... Of course if you know me I NEED a camera. So I did some research and say a little camera that I thought well it could be compatible with the other lens I had and it actually came w/an extra lens besides the "KIT LENS" (18-55mm)

I ordered it and called it my birthday gift to myself..sigh..NOT what I was planning on getting myself but thankful I was able to get such a good deal and little extra.

FAST forward to getting the camera. Something told me hey why not try that lens on your 7D... I said well it wouldn't hurt anything and so I did..and guess what. IT WORKED! YUP my camera is FINE OHHHHH HAPPY DAY..BUT that means my 50mm `1.4 isn't (INSERT SUPER SAD FACE) so I will have to send in for repair sooner then later to see what's wrong with it. It's my FAVORITE lens I NEVER take it off my camera until now.I am super sad BUT I said OK well I have this extra camera and lens. 

Are you wondering what did I get  I went w/the tiny (well compared to my 7D a Rebel SL1 it's so cute it looks like a little toy camera to me BUT I really like that. I also REALLY love that I can use my lens from my 7D on it so I am one happy gal. 

OK and SO now after all the rambling of my "interesting" camera adventures HOW about some pictures I captured with the camera and the kit lens. 

HELLO Girls... Hello... well at least you stayed still for the picture!

This is real life people... This poor chair is just about to meet it's end but forever it meets it's end my littlest one thought her signature should be one it. OH life w/a toddler I tell you! 

This is called hypothesized by Mickey Mouse. Got to love her! As you can see the Kit Lens really is nice and it seems to get a bad rap but you just know what to do with it. I actually really enjoyed it! 

Well I must say I learned about myself that HEY I actually know what I'm doing nowadays w/my camera no matter what I am shooting with so that made me giddy! 

This past weekend was my birthday and just as I thought it was quiet and uneventful and SO I will change that JUST as I did last year and have myself a Birthday REMIX as I did last year w/my best friend! 

Taking my camera to the city and having a blast! Can't wait for the adventure and FINALLY have my birthday cake! I mean I only turn 40 and cake should be had! 

Any upcoming happenings you excited to photograph?

As a new decade begins

Uneventful and quiet it will enter. As I write this my youngest is running about with a book I've read so many times but brings the same joy every time. I think about so many memories as one decade has ended and one is to begin. I think of how I am hours from turning 40... How I think of what would I have told my 20 year old self if I could go talk to her.

I'd probably tell her everything you think that is suppose to happen is NOT going to happen so hold on to your hat and whatever you do STOP and THINK first. Oh and most of all  GO find God ASAP. Sure I was raised cradle Catholic and went to church when my mom "made" me or on Holidays but didn't really understand what it really meant to LIVE the faith. I have mentioned that it took the hardest thing EVER to happen in my life to fall to my knees and say OK God I hear you and see you and I FEEL your love even in the mist of a storm. I heard the word of our Lord and knew w/out him I wouldn't be able to get through stages in my life.  That is one thing I want  my kids to learn and feel and so I try my best to make sure they cherish their faith.

Another thing I'd tell my 20 year old self is SAVE for a rainy day because those will be more then I would have liked. Especially right now as I am helping w/my oldest get in to ready for his next stage in life next year as he goes into college I pray he focuses and gives it his all and achieves his goals. I am so proud of him and want him to stay the course. I remember I didn't take college as serious as I should so that's one thing I'd tell my young self for sure.

I'd tell myself to remember to have FUN. Life is too short so the more your able to enjoy it the happier you'll be. I try to bring laughter and fun to the kids because I know how important it is to capture those happy memories.

Treat yourself. Don't feel guilty about it. "Me Time" is VERY important. I know for me I'm LONG overdue and hopefully by the Summer I will be able to treat myself to an escape just myself to recharge because it's really needed. 

I'd also tell my 20 year. Your gonna learn why your mom drinks so much coffee cause you will too and will wonder HOW you lived w/out it. Speaking of which I got me a little gift card as a self bday gift which I'll be using to get a nice Trenti Iced Pumpkin Latte WITH Whipped Cream. (I know I'm such a dare devil) 

I'd also tell my 20 year self preserve  those pictures they will mean something later on. I actually had lots of pictures but they are mostly lost and hardly have any although my mom has brought me some from younger year but I have only a few. I think that is why I make sure to save and double check I have backups of all the images I've captured.

One last thing I'd tell my younger self is not to lose yourself to make sure you stay the course that no matter what don't give up and everything takes time. JUST keep going.

Well time for some Coffee... 

What would you tell the younger you if you could?

Almost Time For Elf Adventures

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!? I am just trying to make the list of recipes I want to make but also thought oh my gosh Alice will be back!

This will be the 5th year she visits us. I actually had to stop and count back and indeed it will be 5 years of fun. This year should be extra fun as Isy is 2 1/2 and will be able to really enjoy the fun Alice will bring to our December. 

Today I just wanted to make share a few of the posts that shared of a few adventures that Alice has brought to us :

This year word I will be documenting Alice's adventures once a week on my blog and daily on my instagram at @eaugustin and she will have a hashtag : #AdventureswAlicetheElf

Does your family have an elf? If so how long have they visited your house? Of course I have to ask if you do have an elf what is their name?

20 Days But WHO is Counting

So hmm is it me or is has EVERYONE skipped Thanksgiving and jumped to Christmas? I mean HELLO I love November for that reason it IS the full swing of the Holiday season BUT it's always been AFTER Thanksgiving not right after Halloween this year even in October I have walked into stores and Christmas trees up and all decorated for.

Isn't this the month to set the tone of being Thankful? Isn't this where we are suppose to be thankful for something daily? So what is the rush?

Well I'm not rushing and I actually am planning on a few activities to do with the kids. Today I'll share a few of the things I would like to do w/them. Next week I'll share a few of the recipes I'll be making this year as we will have a Thanksgiving at home this year.

  • First off I printed out these sweet Gratitude Lists. I actually shrunk them and printed them on sticker paper that way I can put them in my planners as well into our Project Life albums.
  • I loved these Thankful Feathers as well which again I printed off on sticker paper so that way I can cut out the feathers and the kids could decorate on colored cardstock
  •   As I mentioned I will be doing Thanksgiving at home so why not start getting festive already and so I love these free printout to get the house dressed up as well. I love them. 

 I already started to print out the things so my kids can start this weekend. I really can't believe this year is almost over. I plan on making the most of it and can't wait to make some awesome memories.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year?