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Adventures in Ugly Sweater Cookie Decorting

Since December is in full swing before it entered I had made a list of thing we could do (Look out next week as I'll be sharing so you can enjoy it too with your kids!) I picked up the Ugly Sweater cookie decorating  kit from Trader Joe's which I knew would be fun for my kids.

Let's just say them and building ginger bread houses can get interesting so to  keep the peace I though this was genius and help keep my sanity.

 What was even better was the whole kit (which had TONS) was only $5.99. I may or may not have done a tiny happy dance when I saw that. I also saw other things the kids will love but not posting yet so I can surprise them but I'll be sure to share here once we do them.

 As you can see they had way too much fun tasting then with the building  but that's OK because they told me that next year they would want to do this again! Next year  I'll go brave and get a box for each of them so they can REALLY get down.

After they were done they enjoyed their creations watching Charlie Brown Christmas. I say that was an awesome way to kick of December.

Now to print my pictures and add them to our December Daily album. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Did you do anything fun to kick off December?

Thursday Thoughts: Smiling Is My Favorite

In honor of it being December 1st a quote from one of my favorite movies during the holidays- Elf. I could watch it over and over again and laugh each time like I've never seen it!

It's also the start of December Daily. I'm going to make a weekly recap and post it on my Tumbler account to keep it documented somewhere other then just my album I have for it.

Will you be documenting December?

Time to Go Out Strong : December Goals

This is IT. We are about to enter the last month of the year. This is the month that bloggers either take a break or get broken going too hard.

I don't want to go for broken but I don't want to take the break so I guess I'll be working hard but not to drive myself crazy. With that being being said how about I share how I did for the month of November.

I must say November was very kind to me.I saw more in depth my strengths and weakness.  My strengths are I can actually blog on a schedule AHEAD of time as long as I put the time into it. Weakness for me is letting the evil compare monster sneak in at times.

 Just as I have been setting time for my prayers I've actually had to set a time for writing out ideas an finishing and scheduling them.

Now to share what my month looked like :

Start of November 

Facebook : 776
Twitter: 2170
Pinterest: 499
Newsletter Subscription: 56

End of November

Facebook: 796
Twitter: 2388
Instagram: 1238
Newsletter Subscription: 56

My numbers this month were still up BUT once again I didn't move up as I would have hoped. Let's talk truths now. Can I be honest. (Yup my newsletter needs help y'all)

This month although I'm so thankful for the opportunities I received. (I'll share that in a bit) I can't help to have in the back of my mind those other blogger posts I've read that seem to say  "I've gone from 0 to 100 real quick" (OK maybe that's Drake but still) and here I am working my tail off (or hardest I've ever tried) but my progress isn't insanely ginormous as I've heard and truth be told I have sat and grabbed a bag of chocolate and have done the whole "Why me?" skit. 

Then I remember NO, NO and NO .. hard work pays off in my own life time I've seen it happen time again.

Success very rarely does come overnight  everything takes time no matter HOW BAD WE WANT IT because if that was the case man I would have my own show right now called Adventures with Ellie let me tell you. 

So what I have learned about me is I am all about the slow and steady. I am the living version of the Tortoise and the Haire in one person. (does that make sense?)

I have had to learn I am NOT everyone. I have to focus as to what I can do. That's why I have loved sharing my process the past 3 months as it's something I have never really done on a consent schedule.

These past 3 months have been the ONLY time since I've had this blog that I have posted 3 or more times a week. I have to take that into account.

Those little victories I am taking with me into the last month of December. Speaking of little victories. Have you noticed this past month I've been blessed to have a couple of campaigns that I've enjoyed so much and have been having a blast doing it.

If you look at my badges on my side bar you can see I am a Linqia Influencer which has been amazing.

What do you need in order to become one as well? These are the requirements.

  • Your primary channel is a blog, forum, Facebook, or Youtube.
  • You have 2,500+ visitors or followers on Facebook or Twitter.
  • You demonstrate healthy engagement from members.
  • Are you focused on "Parenting" or "Home & Garden".
  • Your  audience is primarily based in North America. 
If you answered yes then Just Go HERE  and fill out the application and it will take a few days to hear back from them.  If you are accepted you wait to get paired up with companies and it's up to you if you accept them or not. 

Well that's my report for the month. I'm excited for December. Here is to a productive and wonderful Holiday season! OH and December Daily Starts tomorrow too! EEKK

Be sure to come back Friday I'm sharing a new cookie recipe perfect to give along with the gifts to your kids teachers for the Holidays. 

Memories in the Simplest of Things

Which memories do you cherish the most from your childhood. I must say for me it was walking home from school during the Fall where I was able to step and crunch the fallen leaves.

No matter what else was going on being able to escape while taking that walk crunching the leaves and listening to the sounds and the chilly breeze on my face always made everything better.

Now it's become a little tradition for my kids to get to crunch the leaves. To create their own  memories that they will remember from having this simple fun.  I love being able to relive those happy laughs and giggles as they get to hear the noises and feel the cool breeze on their faces.

The simplest things do indeed bring the sweetest of memories. How I cherish these days and moments. To be able to see them feel the excitement for the first time as I see it is beyond an amazing gift to me.

The faces of delight and enjoyment bring me back to my memories of escape which remind me the sweet things of life. I hope my children will carry these special and simple little treasures with them always.

May they remember the simplest of things hold the best of memories.

Innovation in Athletic Protection

My 9 year old had told me of an interest in playing soccer a while back and we finally decided to sign her up for some Winter soccer where they will be playing in an inside turf.

This will be the first time she will be playing as she always had played baseball like her brothers but a couple of her friends got her excited and convinced her to give it a try and we love to encourage our kids to keep active as long as they are safe while doing so. 

Although I know my girl is going to have a blast and make some amazing memories,there are also concerns I had when it came for her to play manly the head injuries I've heard that could possibly happen when playing soccer.

We knew how to keep her as protected as possible while playing baseball but now we were entering a new zone. That's when Storelli head guard stepped in.

I found informative news about Soccer injuries from the Storelli Head Injury Report like "Youth soccer players have a higher risk of concussive injuries because their brains are still developing. Soccer goalkeepers have a 50% higher risk of concussion than field players." there is much more information that was provided on the site which is worth checking out.

 That's when I really got interesting in learning more about Storelli head gear and how it could protect my daughter. She loved that it looked like a headband and it was really comfortable and secure (you measure to ensure it is the correct fit). We decided to do a little practicing in our backyard to warm up and test how she felt with it on.

She told me she felt like she could play around with it and didn't restrict her in anyway while jumping and moving around. It made me feel confidante that she would be safe especially after watching THIS video which made want to watch it at it over and over again! Now that's what I call strong protection.
Do you have any soccer players in your family? I say it's worth the time to check out the information on Storelli has to offer in protection. I must say I was impressed.

Would you like to win a Storelli head guard?  Learn more about their  ExoShield Head Guard giveaway by posting and tagging @storellisports on twitter along with using the hashtag #protect25 to enter.

For myself seeing my girl wearing the Storelli head guard will give me peace of mind while I'm cheering her and her team that's for sure.

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to take the time really quickly to wish you and yours a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. (if you celebrate) 

I'm so thankful for my family, friends and all of you that take the time to stop by. Looking forward to the holidays and what the new year will bring.

Here is to a wonderful day with the ones we cherish and are thankful to have and enjoying the memories.

Returning for Another Magical Year

My kids are so excited because it's Thanksgiving week which means by the end of the week their Elf Alice returns! We have amazing memories with her and can't wait to create some more.

I  can't believe we have been having Alice visit us the past 5 years! This is our 6th I'm thinking she might get a little more crazy to celebrate?!

I remember last year she even brought us glasses! Wonder what fun she will bring this year!

If you want to check out what fun she has brought the kids over the years just click the links below to see Alice through her adventures with us.

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Does your family have an elf on the shelf that visits during the Holidays? If so what's their name?