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Summer Reading Pays Off!

I don't think I've ever been so excited to have Summer vacation start...ok that's a lie cause I say this every school year Ha!

Did you know that during the Summer your child can loss learning or reading skill  that are cumulative, creating a wider gap each year between more proficient and less proficient students. 

By the time a struggling reader reaches middle school, summer reading loss has accumulated to a two year lag in reading achievement. 

For me my 13 year old son is who I also have had to push when it comes to reading and so since he was small (as well as his siblings) I make sure we get our reading in during the Summer but I make sure I make it fun for them all.  Below are some of the challenges we will be doing to keep on track and also get some fun while doing it. 

First off RUN to your Local Library with your kids because each year there is a fun Summer challenge where your kids usually will get a goodie bag
 This Summer not only will  we be signing them up again for the  Barnes & Noble Reward program where if they read 3 books and journal about them you are able to earn a free book.   
This program is only for kids going into grades 1-6 but I include my boys (let's see if my college bound kid will join this year Ha) and that offer still stands.  
I don't know about you but my kids love to go play at Chuck E. Cheese and I found a program that will help with their other reading challenges. There is a print out and you can check off each day they read and when they reach 2 weeks straight of reading they can earn 10 free tokens!

My kids are actually excited about the next one as they will get actually money!  TD Bank will give the kids $10 to be put into their saving accounts for reading 10 books. This one is for kids in grades from K-5 but I will be including my youngest son as well cause hey who wouldn't want some cash!

The last one that we will be doing this Summer is Scholastic because WHO do doesn't love their books and I know they bring me the most happiest memories when it comes to reading as well for my children. Your child will get rewarded as they go with cool goodies and even be able to earn free books!

I am so looking forward to actually joining my kids in the reading  challenges as well I think I'll even treat myself little goodies as well as I admit I haven't read as I have wanted and maybe this is just what I need to.

Do you have Summer reading challenges w/your kids? I'd love to hear about them or if you sign up for one of these. YAY to Summer and to reading.

Life Is Busy Y'all

Another busy week has flown by and although it has I've actually been doing something that has been helping me and centering me.

So I thought hmmm maybe I should share so I put together a super short video so I could ask and share if this might be something you would be interested in.

If this is something you would like to see more of just leave me a comment here or on my youtube channel and I'll get to it!

OH and I just have to share cause well I'm one proud mama!

 It was his Prom yesterday and OH be still my heart. I am so proud of him. I can't believe how fast time has flown.... BUT I'll leave that LONG mushy post for another time!

Thanks so much for stopping by and please leave me a comment on my question on my little video.

Get Your Kids To Snap This Summer

I'm pretty sure that with Summer around the corner you are trying to make plans to keep your kids busy ( I know I am) I thought of something that my kids would love to do and not give me the OH come on mom look when I suggest it.

Since nowadays mostly every kid has some form of electrical device that has a form of way to take pictures I thought well HERE we go! I'm going to have my kids do a photo challenge.

Here is the list I put together that I will printing out for each of the kids and putting into their Summer scrapbook ( I'll share them later next week as to what I created for them.)

If  you want to use it as well all you have to do is click on it and  you will be able to save it and print it for your kids. Also I'd love to hear if you will be using it.

Plan and Lose Weight!

I wanted to share a few meals I'll be planning to make this week not only to give you ideas but to also keep me accountable with what I was going to eat.

One of the things I have learned during my weight loss journey is how important it is to track what you eat. I don't know about you but I can be the QUEEN of mindless eating so for me having a "game plan" ahead of time I am ready for the week.

Also what I have learned depending on "outside" food is a BIG NO,NO... That is when you really mindless eat. So for me when I am out I try to have a snack or know where we are going to grab something to eat so I can make a healthier choice not a hungry choice.


Monday : Oatmeal, Wheat Toast, Banana & Latte

Tuesday: Thin Bagel, Egg whites, Turkey Bacon, Banana, Latte

Wednesday: Oatmeal, Banana, grapes, Latte

Thursday: Waffle, Egg Whites, Turkey Bacon Latte

Friday : Oatmeal, Egg Whites, Turkey Bacon, Latte


Monday : Wrap/ Popcorn

Tuesday :Tuna Sandwich/Veggie Chips

Wednesday: Freebie

Thursday :Hummus/ salad

Friday : Soup


Monday :  Fruit/ Fiber One Bar

Tuesday : Yogurt /Fruit

Wednesday: Pop Corn/Granola Chips

Thursday : Fruit/Fiber One

Friday : Granola Chips/ Fiber One


Monday : Sweet Potato, Roasted Chicken

Tuesday: Cucumber zoodles, ground turkey Meat Sauce

Wednesday : Chicken Salad

Thursday : Tacos

Friday: Veggie Pizza

Also with all the meals I have been working on having 32 ounces of water a day (or more) I don't like plain water so I love to infuse fruits into it. My go to are lemons and strawberries. I also need my water to be ICE cold I know they say it's good to have to room temp or luke temp but I can't I need it ice cold.

Sometimes we think we are hungry but our body is just thirsty so make sure you get your water in especially now with the water temps and if you are working out you don't want to get dehydrated.

I hope this peep into my week's meal plan helps you out and make sure to check out my "Healthy Living" Instagram account : To check out what else I'm eating and doing to keep up w/my weigh loss journey : healthyadventureswellie

Do you have a weekly meal plan? What are your go to or favorite meals? I'd love to hear them.

Totally ...

This is SO me right now y'all!  This Month although it's full of awesomeness it's bringing on stress too and when all else fail... It's Praying and Pizza...


Who's with me? 

Wild and Free !

I am sitting here and planning the upcoming month. As I have mentioned before June is a going to be BIG around here and so exciting and I am so proud and just in awe of what will be happening in June.

I've mentioned my oldest is graduating High School.  Also the one that I had to step back and just give praise and am so proud about is our Isy Bean will be turning 3 years old!

Now if you have followed along in our adventures then you know she was born at 27 weeks and spent 59 days in the NICU. She came home and praise our Lord has thrived and have just kept us in awe.

I got the opportunity to be able to receive the most perfect shirt for my girl. She IS the true meaning of "Wild and Free" she is fearless,daring,sweet and funny and just will run free if you let her.

Now can we talk about Andrea's store : Show Love Loud She has a sweet little store on Etsy where she personalizes onesies and tees. She puts so much attention to detail when you receive your package.

I love that she is able to personalize your sweet shirts for your little ones. I already know I want to get my new little nieces and nephew something made just for them since we have new babies in the family. This would be so special to have them made just for them.

My Gabi asked me who sent Isy an early birthday present. It was wrapped so beautifully and with such with such care. Of course the beautiful little bag it came in mysteriously disappeared the minute I took out the shirt... I looked and finally found it with little barbie doll clothes in it yup in Gabi's room.

Here is Ms. Beanie showing off what has become her favorite t-shirt right now. She loves how it's sparkles and says she's a princess.

Also Andrea was kind enough to let me share a code for you to get  free shipping! Just use : ADVENTURESINSHIPPING to get free shipping.

Well I am off as I am currently in the mist of potty training which I must say has been amazing and I've learned a few things I'll be sharing in a future post. Is it me or do you forget the "fun"between each kid you potty train?

If you do shop at Andrea's shop I'd love to hear what you ordered for your little one!

Family Summer Ideas

Summer is fast approaching and I have to get my adventures up and ready for the kids as it's going to be another Staycation kind of Summer since Hubby got a new job and no vacation this go around wouldn't be possible but that's OK as I've loved discovering things in our city!

I'll be sharing a few adventures that you can do as well if you live in New York or will be visiting in the coming weeks. 

Today I'm sharing a place that my kids actually had on our To Go places last year but never was able to make it.   This year we are making sure it's one of the first places we go to.

New York Hall of Science offers a hands-on approach that explains science, technology, engineering and math programming to children of all ages. This really has me excited as my youngest is now getting really curious and being to have her to be interactive as well as her sibling while learning is something very important to me.

Their permanent exhibit, Connected Worlds, is a fully immersive, digitally rendered, interactive display. Visitors explore the interdependence of six environments and interact with creatures, trees and plants within each atmosphere.

Through gestures and movements, visitors learn the core principles of sustainability and see the impact of human decisions on the environment. I can't wait to go with my family and I'll be sure to share our experience when we do!

*Disclaimer : I will receive tickets to facilitate my review of my visit *