Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mid Week Recap

8 days people 8 DAYS... yeah I'm freaking out! Although I must say I did pretty good yesterday with my oldest and the baby at the mall oh yeah I was brave and went out. Now to wrap the things I got. Although truth be told I am so horrible at wrapping! Anyone else?

Well last week I had said I would share a bit of what this weekend was going to be about. First off we started the weekend with our Gabrielle having her first reconciliation which is another step for her to get to do her first Communion.

We are so proud of her as she is learning more about her faith each day more. Learning how beautiful the love of our Lord is and what it means to trust in him. I love that she is curious and asks many questions and has a beautiful heart. I could not be more proud of our girl.

The next day we were able to head to the Jones Beach Holiday Light Show. I saw it had come back after 7 years and knew we just had to go and take a look. It was 2 1/2 miles of Holiday lights  they also told us of a radio station to tune into as we went along. Sure the wait was like 1/2 hour as they let cars go in but worth it. Another thing crossed off our bucket list!

I took loads more pics but these are a few of my favorite. It was fun to see all the animated lights they also had. If you are near Long Island I say go check it out. They will be there until the 4th of January.

I'm so looking forward to just enjoying the weekend and the rest of the Holidays. I'm actually in the work in planning my big girl's 8th birthday! I can't believe she is turning 8 in less then 2 weeks.

She already told me her request and I'm working on it!  What about you are you ready for the Holidays? Have you started wrapping gifts...That reminds me I need to go make some bows!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Breakdown on My New Project Life Group

Today I'll be breaking down what my new upcoming class with entail as I've been getting questions and I thought this would make it that much more easier.

First thing I've heard is that Oh  I didn't know I had to pay. In actually it's not really paying for the class but your supplies. I crunched the numbers and found that $25.00 was the most reasonable amount that I would request for the minimal each month.

I thought of how much I have spent on crafty goodies and with me being on budget crunch as of late I wanted to make sure that it was fare not only to whomever is part of the group and to myself.

Another question that I have been asked is what would I order every month? Wouldn't I run out of things to order each month. OH No my dear friends. Not at all. (Ok that so totally sounded like informational)

Guess what I actually have a video to share today to showcase what the group is all about. So sit back and enjoy my silliness and I hope at the end I hope you drop me a message saying I'm in!


2015 is going to be so much fun!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cause it's Friday!!!

The week was a blur that was for sure but today OH but today is Friday!!!  I am so excited (might be the coffee this AM tastes like there is an extra pump of Pumpkin goodness in there!) This morning our Elf Alice left us some cool things to enjoy which are new Holiday cookie cutters & my Hubby brought us sugar cookie dough and so this afternoon we shall be baking some yummies!

Here's wishing you some fun and laughs and happy memories this weekend. I'll be sure to share our weekend next week because if all goes well it will be a VERY special one for our family!

What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

5 Pinterest Holiday Treat Recipes To Try

My Littles have two weeks before they start their Christmas vacation and before that I need to make sure I send in some treats to the teachers and staff at the school. My goal is to bake 5 new treat recipes for them.

Even though I will send a batch of my Rock Star cookies  as they always look forward to them each year, this year I want to send a few extra goodies as they have always been so supportive with our family.  Last year I wasn't able to send a batch of cookies until after the Holidays since our focus was making sure our baby Isy was doing well.

This is where awesome Pinterest comes in. I love that you just use the search box to find what your looking for and there you have it! AHHH but what to choose, what to choose!

Well these are the 5 I am going to give myself a try :

1.Reindeer Cookies - Could these be any cuter and so easy to make SO making them! I think these will be good to send to the Kindergarten teacher. (None of our kids are in K anymore but she is very dear to our family)

2. Pretzel Treats- Alright you know when you see something and you just say WHY didn't I think of this well these are it! I can't believe HOW easy these are!! I think these would be perfect for my Isaac's 5th grade homeroom class teacher. She loves to always share treats with the class and these would be so cute to share! (I'll use the Holiday M&M's that come in a bag of red/green!)

3.Chocolate Trees- Another one with Pretzels but hey another kid friendly treat and this would be for Gabi's 2nd grade class party. I can see these being done SUPER quick and being able to make individual treats for each of the kids is perfect for them.

4.Fresh Cranberry Oatmeal Bars - These would be perfect for our nurse as she eats healthy and I believe she will love these. I think I will love these myself and will make an extra batch to enjoy as well.

5.Melting Moments- These are the ones I'd love to make for Gabi's 2nd grade teacher they look so yummy and I can see Gabi helping me dip and decorate them a bit more for her teacher.

I really am excited to try all these recipes. Let's see if I can do it. I'll make sure to update here and tell you if they became a Pinterest Fail or Yay later in the month.

What about you, what cookies are you baking this month?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Life Around Here

If our countdown snowman is right there are only 16 days left till Christmas. So needless to say it's getting busy around here (as in we are in hyper mode)  On Friday we had to actually ended up the ER because my little Gabi ended up getting a really bad asthma attack. Praise God she is doing better although we have not really had good sleep for the past week since she needs to have treatments throughout the night but last night was the last of it so we are hoping for some much needed full night sleep!

Nevertheless we squeezed some fun in this weekend :

It was so fun to see the Littles dress up the tree. I loved it even more that Isy loved the experience she was actually asleep and woke up and I thought she would go back to sleep but ended up helping too.

  She is LOVING the lights and every time we turn them on she says OHHH WOW! Oh this is going to be one fun Christmas indeed.

Also this past weekend we got to go to Old Westbury Gardens where they dressed up the mansion for the holidays and had a special guest.

We got to see Santa although as you can see Isy didn't care too much for him! ( I did end up getting another picture but her brother was holding her) The grounds of the mansion are magical they had HUGE trees that my oldest just HAD to climb, big windows to views to the gardens and a glass house which was decorated and warm with cookies and warm cider (or apple juice) to enjoy.

It was really a wonderful weekend. It was also my Hubby's birthday which I had to make a cake for:

All in all it was a memorable weekend. I'm looking forward to this coming weekend as we have a very special Saturday as my Gabi will do her 1st Reconciliation as she is preparing for her 1st Communion and I feel so proud of how she is living in her faith and loving to learn the word of our Lord each day more.

Well I am off as we are writing to Santa today and Mama has to figure out what will be for dinner today.  It's rainy,cold and blah out so thinking a nice stew..

What about you? What have you and your family been up to? 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Keep it Up- Project Life

 Today I'm joining my friend Ashley and decided to do a co-blog collaboration. We each will share five tips on how to keep caught up on Project Life. To also encourage you we want to give a lucky reader a little giveaway. Just make sure to enter at the end of my post to enter for a  chance to win.

1. Apps are your Friends.

For me I have found that being so busy I find the easiest ways to keep up with my Project Life is to use these 2 apps which give me no excuse to keep up with my dates and pictures for each day. I use Collect in which I document my pictures daily. There are other apps out there but I love that this gives you different options when you export your pictures for printing. Currently I am using the 3x4 polarid size to document and print.  The other app I use which is for my printing is Printcular which gives many opinions to print your pictures and pick them up at your local Walgreens the same day or mailed to your home.  I like do once a week and then label the envelope with what week it belongs to so it can be easier to come back to when I am ready to document that week.

2. Document something EVERYDAY..Yes I said everyday.

I know you might be saying Ellie are you nuts? No,I'm not but can you honestly tell me you remember what your child said last Wednesday after school? If you do MAN you ROCK! I can't even remember what I was wearing yesterday! What I do is write notes throughout the day on my phone using my note app and write the date on it that way when I go back I have the date and then with the picture I have what to journal about.

3. Use one Core Kit Collection when starting.

For me this was one tip that I used when I first started Project Life and am thinking of doing it again because truth be told it made things so much easier as I just grabbed my core kit and used what was in it.  I know there are SO many beautiful and wonderful Core kits you want them all! I know I do and am so guilty of having more then 6 core kits! To take the stress off in deciding what you will use just have one in front of you which is what I have done currently and have kept one one on my desk.

4. Get the Family involved.

For us my kids and Husband know where I keep my journal cards and pens which are for the family to use. I got a tin at the dollar store and have them on my table. Each time my kids have something they want included they will grab a card and when they are done put it on my table. Remember Project Life is for your family and if everyone gets involved that more special it will be. It doesn't matter how little they might write as long as they do that is amazing. Those are actually some of my personal favorite being able to go back and see their handwriting and words.

5. Relax and just enjoy the Adventure

Project Life is not a race. This is something you should do because you enjoy it. It should make you happy, it should make you thankful and even weepy (but the good kind) when you are doing it right. These are your memories. These are YOUR stories. These are what your children will one day share with their children. I am so thankful that Project Life exists and I can not say enough what it means to be to be able to do this for my family. So if it's causing you stress because you are "missing" pictures,journals or even weeks. DON'T let that stop you just go ahead start documenting THIS week and guess what when you can just go back or don't because what counts is that you continue to document. Remember Project Life is just that. A Project that is your Life... You wouldn't be able to tell it all in one day.

As promised a little encouragement. As my part of the giveaway since I am doing a New Project Life group come this New Year  I'd Love to give a Free Month (4 videos) of the EXCLUSIVE videos that one the members will have access to as well as the Stampin Up Happiness is Project Life Accessory Pack 

Hope you enjoyed this post and this gives you the push you needed to get started or pick up again your documenting your Project Life . Now make sure to enter below for your chance to win. 

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sweet Love Cookies

December usually means I am making sweets all month long, sure the kids might love it but my waist wouldn't be too happy by the time the month is over! So imagine my delight to find a recipe where I could eat 3 cookies and it would only be 5 Weight Watcher points!

These would also make Santa smile I'm pretty sure. They are super soft and sweet and pretty if you ask me.

Alright are you ready to get baking. Now grab these few ingredients.

Ingredients :

Pink Velvet Cake Power Mix
3 Egg Whites
1 8 ounce Cool Whip Lite
1 cup of  powered sugar*

(don't worry all of this will NOT go on the cookies it you will have more then half of the sugar left over when you are done with your cookies and dispose)


- Preheat oven to 350 degrees
- Mix the Cool Whip and egg whites together.

 -Once its mix it will be really gooey but don't worry that's how it suppose to be.
-Put the mixture in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes ( For this batch I actually left it for almost an hour as I was doing other things and I liked it better)
- Place powered sugar in a deep bowl
-Remove chilled dough from fridge and use a tablespoon to spoon and drop into the sugar and roll to cover each cookie.

-Put in the oven for 9-11 minutes and make sure you keep an eye on them so they wouldn't brown on you. Pull out and let them cool.

They are so yummy and so easy to make. As the month goes on I'll be sure to share more recipes that you will be able to enjoy and test them out to which one will be your Santa Cookies.

I decided to make a extra few and send them off to school to some of the teachers to send a little treat for them too.

What are your favorite cookies to bake?

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