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Entertain Your Kids in 5 minutes

I must admit I was trying to avoid to get into this activity because well let's face it creating anything slimy can get interesting, but I decided to jump and said what the heck let's make a mess.

To my surprise there actually wasn't one! Now are you wondering what am I talking about? Did you catch that hint. Yup I'm gonna share how to make slime in less then 5 minutes.


*Baking Soda
*Food Coloring of your choice
*Contact Solution (I know say what!)

Of course you will need a bowl and something to mix with. It's pretty easy and promises for loads of fun! I gave each of my girls their own spoons and bowl to help keep the peace.

They got ready to get to work. I told them they were in charge all I did was pour the glue and then the rest was up to them.  (FYI I used my Micheal's coupon to get that big 1/2 gallon of glue! )


Start with 1/2 cup of glue, then add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda get your kids to put their muscles to work  as they mix and then add the food coloring of choice. Get them mixing again!

Now this is when the magic happens. You add 1 tablespoon of contact solution and have the mix and it very quickly changes in the slime substance!

The last step you have to move quickly and mix it and pull out the bowl and there you have it!

As you can see my girls really have been loving this and there has been making slime the past 3 days! Oh I must warn you if you keep it out it will dry out.  What I did is wrapped them up in saran wrap to keep the moisture in them.

If they do happen to dry out good thing is it's pretty easy and fun to make some more! My girls also made different kinds by adding glitter glue in their slime so you can try that too. If you make some slime let me know.

Yay, for easy and fun crafty projects. I've got a few more that I'll be sharing perfect for the upcoming Summer time can't wait to share with you.

Discovering the Vivica Fox Wig Line

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

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There are so many different styles available in different price ranges that are actually affordable. They look and feel comfortable to wear. With the Vivica Fox lace front wigs, you will have a wonderful selection to choice from.

The proper care of your wig will keep it looking new. Most women prefer to have more than one wig, not only to alternate hairstyles but to allow time for cleaning and drying. The frequency of washing depends on factors such as air quality and humidity.

Generally, a wig should be washed after it has been worn 8 – 12 times, but this can vary.
To take care of your wig, follow the manufacturer's instruction or follow these simple instructions below that apply to your type of wig you purchase.

 If you plan on shopping for a Vivica Fox lace front wigs know that they will give you free shipping when you spend $49 or more.

What styles do you think you think you would want to try?

What To Get Your Graduate Heading to High School

With the end of the school year upon us it's time to freak out or is that just me?  There will be graduations which I happen to have one this year with my youngest son graduating and entering high school come to September.

 I thought I would share a list of things I think he would love to see as some gifts for graduating and perhaps give you a few ideas for those graduates in his life.

I don't know if it's the same at your house but headphones are part of everyday living here. Including myself.  So I know that these would be perfect to give as a gift. We are really big fans of this brand and know these Monster Beats headphones will be a big hit. I actually would love a pair myself! I better start saving my pennies so I can order both of a pair.

Pretty sure my kid would pass out seeing this Dragon Ballz Shirt What cracks me up is it's true that everything that was old is new again. Did you watch Dragon Ball Z growing up? My brother and I use to love it!  The kids nowadays are loving Dragon Ball Z as there is a new series both my teen sons love it.  I know this would be all the rage and they both might be fighting to wear it. Man another gift I might have to get two of!
Next is one that would make life a bit more simple in trying to decide what to get.  When time is short well there is nothing like a pretty card and money for your graduate can purchase what they would love.

Right now my youngest teen is gaining independence and getting money is something he will enjoy. Plus it will make it easier on my to do list.

This last gift I want to share I think is really special.  I want to get my son  a journal. This is going to be a big transition for my son for he's been in the same school since kindergarten.
He has grown with those kids and now they all are going separate ways. Sure they will keep in contact but it wouldn't be the same as it's been.

I think being able to have a place to write his thoughts is very important. It helped me growing up. It can also will be really funny to look at as the years pass and see what was so important then are the silliest and you and see how your goals change as well.

Do you have any graduates this year?  What will you be some gifts you will be giving them. I would love to hear your ideas.

This week I'll have a fun craft that has become the biggest fad and I just had to do it with my girls so make sure to stop later this week so you can see what we were up to!

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What's In the Bag : Kid Edition

 As I was actually packing my bag I thought hey it's been forever since I've shared "What's in my Bag" My Beanie girl is a big girl but you bet I still carry things for her because well she's only 3 1/2 and you know we need the "break in case of emergency" stuff.

Let's start with my bag. I had purchased it 2 years ago. from Etsy from a store called Kinies.This is their Top Handle Messenger bag. I had ordered it because I like the material it was made of which is canvas cotton.
I figured it would endure as a bag I would use for my on the go with my youngest. Little did I know how amazing this bag really is. This is like a treasure box! It has pockets for it all and the sizes are amazing. I think for like 2 weeks when I first got it I kept finding pockets and things that has made life so much easier.
I love how deep the bag is but you would never know from seeing it. It was my baby bag without having to be a baby bag. I've even used it as an overnight bag where I packed 2 pairs of pants, shirts, nightgown and other things for the night and my bag didn't even look so bulky!  Now I use it as an everyday bag.

On Sunday's it turns to my church bag where I carry what I need my youngest content while we are at mass. It has been amazing. I am SO happy I purchased it. One thing this store is based in Malaysia and sure it will take a bit to get to you but not as long as I thought I'm pretty sure my bag was to me in 2 weeks.  As a matter of fact, I am going to treat myself to a later Mother's Day gift next week to another bag from them.

Of course, I have to mention this bag is only $38.50 ($15 for the shipping) Tell me you haven't seen other bags that you could use for babies for way more than that! That was another reason I got this bag. I had a $100 budget to get me a bag and was able to pocket some extra money and it's already given way more of its value. Oh and no, they haven't paid or even know I'm writing about them. I just wanted to share my LOVE for this bag and make sure if you need a bag get this one!! You will thank me later!

Alright, now that I've shared the love for my bag how about I share what's inside right? Like I said I use this as my everyday bag and so this is what is you will typically find.

First of all I can not go anywhere without having tissues and wipes. I know you will say sure I carry those too but I actually use Boogie Wipes I know people will say but wipes are wipes right? Nope, not for me because now that my littlest has a sensitive nose and these actually feel really nice when I use them to clean not only her face but her hands and it leaves them soft.  I always buy them in bulk so I can have a few around the house and in my bag!

Next up is my what my youngest uses throughout the day since of course no more bottles so upgrade to a durable cup and I've had plenty to test, almost felt as if I was Goldie Locks getting cups for this girl. You see she has a thing that as of late she only likes to drink out of straws and so I needed a cup that was durable and that strong can withstand her because she loves to chew on the straw! Which is why I love the Munchkin Sports Bottle

Another thing I carry in my bag which keeps everything in place is my Bag Insert Organizer (it came w/a changing pad too but don't use it anymore) It matches my bag perfectly and it keeps everything in place plus it's so pretty! It comes in 3 different sizes so you can grab a couple to ensure it fits in the bag you have.

I love I can put everything in there that needs to be and find it as soon as I open my bag it's like a choir singing everything I open my bag. OK maybe not that dramatic but sometimes it feels that way especially when you have a cranky toddler asking for something you have in the bag!

Now can talk about books. It is the easiest and best way to keep my toddler entertained. Some of the favorites she is loving right now and that I circulate right now are these books are perfect for her because they all about sensory and she can touch and feel and it's really helped her TouchThinkLearn: Vehicles, TouchThinkLearn: Farm and Touch and Feel: ABC (Touch & Feel) I love that it keeps her enterained and being able to change the books up keeps her loving them more.

I also like to bring snacks which usually are frozen grapes cut in halves. I love them myself as well! Just as long as I know it's not gonna make a mess and she enjoys it well its going my bag.

I also try to bring my camera along with me so not to only take pictures with my phone. I am trying to see if I get a camera like the Canon PowerShot G7 but I have to save up my pennies for that one as I want to be able to just take out my camera and capture this Summer as all the kids are going to be going into new stages in their lives and I want to capture it.

Well, I really hope you enjoyed this post and you run and get that bag you can thank me by sending me coffee ha!

I'll be back with some yummy Summer treats later next week because it's getting hot y'all it's suppose to be over 90 degrees today in NY! What's the temp like by you?

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When your Running Late But Your Hungry

This morning was a crazy one and I have so many things to do this week as my youngest son is going away for his Senior trip so I have to make sure he 's ready and I have personal things to get completed. Not to mention I have to  maintain the house because no matter what I do weekends it seems a hurricane went through our house and Mondays are find my house day!

I thought I'd share a quick little recipe you could whip up on busy days that is tasty and still healthy.

 Low-Calorie Barbecue Ranch Chicken Salad

Cooked Chicken Breast ( I like to purchase the cooked whole chicken in the supermarket and use it for different meals.)
 1/2  cup of barbecue sauce 
1 package of mixed greens 
1 large tomato, cut into wedges
1/2 cup sliced red onions
1/2 cup low-calorie ranch salad
1/2 cup fat-free Cheddar cheese crumbles

Now comes the fun part. Putting this together.

Mix the chicken and barbecue sauce in a large skillet over medium heat until heated through.
Toss the greens, onions, and tomatoes together in a bowl.
Top with the dressing and cheese and SERVE and enjoy!

This makes PLENTY so you could have a good serving. I am super busy today so that's all from me today!

If you make this I'd love to hear how you liked it!

Favorite Five : What's making Me Smile

Raise your hand if you are beyond happy it's Friday? Same. This week has been a crazy week. From not getting news that was expected, lost monthly travel ticket that was just bought, lost glasses and an accident well I am BEYOND tired so I need to share some happy.

Here are 5 random things that are making me smile.

Let's start with our not so little anymore amazing littlest. She's turning 4 next month! If you have been around here then you know that she was born at 27 weeks and spent 59 days in the NICU, had physical therapy but you would NEVER ever know any of this if you meet her now. She is such a blessing and is so smart and brings so much sunshine every day. Her siblings adore her so much I may think I might explode at times.

So blessed and thankful for her and her siblings.

Next up is new to me but I just found out about it. It's the  Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser where has this thing been all my life!
 This thing is AWESOME. If you have follow me on Instagram then you will see that this past week I got some happiness I treated myself for mother's day and this is one of them. I got it for my girls at first because they both have curly hair but guess what I have curly hair as well it's just I blow it out straight but I've decided to embrace the curls. I usually don't because my curls have their own life and using the diffuser and Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-in Conditioner has made me a believer of curls, as a matter of fact, I am going to order more because I don't want to run out!

 Hmm well, I guess that's 3 things I'm smiling about alright well the next thing that's making me smile is something not new but I am actually putting it to use which is Fire HD 8 Tablet I do have an Ipad but I have been "trying" to read a bit more and knowing I have this just for my books (and I also get books for the kids)
Plus it perfect for my youngest littlest hands to do a bit of fun learning with it. Plus did you see they have an awesome sale on them right now! They would be a great end of the year gift for a kid without spending Ipad money.

The last thing I'm loving which is making life a little bit easier is using Be Funky to edit my pictures. I do have Photoshop elements but using this site on my phone and on my computer makes it so easy and I really love that it's free. You can upgrade to additional actions but free is more than enough for me.

I hope you enjoyed my Friday favorites and if you have something you are loving please let me know I'd love to check it out!

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Treating Mom Without the Guilt

Today I'd thought I'd share a recipe that you can make this weekend be it for yourself or make it for that special mom in your life. It's sweet, delicious and if you know me you know it will be super easy to make.

Before I share the recipe raise your hand who loves ice cream? OK, I better see all them hands up! How about those calories yeah not so much right well guess what this recipe is about all about the ice cream. I know you must be saying Ellie so why share it because this ice cream is actually healthy ice cream. Yes read that again HEALTHY and oh my goodness is it good!

This is the quickest cake you will be putting together. Bonus about it there will be no baking. Just layering. You can get your kids to help and have a blast.

What you will need :

*Small pound cake tins (I got them at our Dollar Tree)
* Fruits of choice (I picked bananas and strawberries)
*2 Pints per cake of Halo Ice Cream (there are so many choices GO crazy picking your pairs!) I picked Red Velvet and paired with cookies and cream. The other cake I paired Birthday cake and Sea Salt Carmel.
*Fat Free Whipped Cream


This is where the fun really begins. All you have to do is start with a light layer of whipped cream, add half the pint of Halo, add fruit, more whipped cream then add your second flavor of Halo ice cream.
Repeat with your second cake with your different flavors and fruits.

Once you are done creating your layers. I put it in the freezer for 1 hr to set and just flip the container upside down and it should wiggle out and enjoy! 

If you wanted you could make a big cakes but these are the perfect size for mom to enjoy alone. Besides you will still have ice cream to enjoy after you created this wonderful treat so it's a win-win.


 I always giggle reading the covers on the ice cream under the lids (only sharing 3 since 1 was a repeat saying) I love that they actually taste like ice cream. Your mom will will think she can't enjoy it all but you get to surprise her with the Halo awesome facts!

Did you know 1/2 cup of Haagen Daz Vanilla Bean is 250 calories but 1/2 of Halo Vanilla Bean is 60 calories! So what does that mean EAT THAT WHOLE PINT! (ha. ok maybe not...but if you do it's OK I wouldn't tell ha. ) but you can enjoy it and smile. I know I do!

 I hope you enjoyed this recipe and will make it this weekend. If you do let me know what flavors you picked!Oh another idea you could do with the left over Halo is milk shakes. My kids loved it! So enjoy.

Disclaimer: *I received coupons to purchase the Halo Ice Cream only. No monetary payment was received. All the opinions and post are of my own.*