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Sharing The Luv

"This post was made possible by iConnect and Luvs.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.”

If you have visited my blog before you will know that I love a good deal especially when it comes to products that I trust.

That's why I'm so excited to share with you a coupon for Luvs who is offering opportunities to save on diapers this month with a $2print-at-home coupon

 I actually used Luv's with my youngest when she started to learn how to walk and sleep longer through the nights.


 It is softer and more absorbent than ever before, with large stretch tabs for easy fastening, ultra-leakage protection and a money-back guarantee, Luvs UltraLeakguards with NightLock Plus™ provide the high-quality features babies and parents need for less cost than the premium brands which was an added bonus since we have a tight budget but we all know we need to have the diapers!

That is why I would use it for night time for my Isabel. Isn't it the worse after a long day and you finally get your little one to sleep and you both end up in the middle of the might because of the leaks. Luvs really did help us get a good nights sleep! 

Now make sure you print out your coupon and get your $2.00 off.

I'd love to hear what is your little one's favorite bedtime story? At our house it's Good Night Moon.

Fighting Mush Brain During the Summer

If you noticed here on the blog last week it wasn't as active as usual because it was a big week at our house. Our youngest graduated from 8th grade and will be heading to high school next year.  He had been at his old school since kindergarten so you can imagine the emotions of the week!

Now that we are basically in Summer mode. (This is the last week for my oldest baby girl) It's time to think of activities to do with the kids. Not only adventures outside but adventures created while relaxing at home.

 There is nothing like getting into a good book with a nice tall glass of lemonade in your favorite spot of your house. 

Did you know that during the Summer kids could lose some of their  reading  skills as they aren't actively reading.  There is a reason they send those Summer packets with your kids after all! It's to keep those awesome brains fine tuned until they return back to school.

For us reading is very important (we do some math here too) and so today I've complied a list that I will be using for my kids and you could use for yours as well.

Pick up one of these and I'd love to see what your kids think. Remember almost all the libraries have Summer contests that your kids can earn prizes just for reading and writing a short summery about the book they read. Make sure to go sign up!

Pre-K / Kindergarten


High School

I usually purchase a book a or two that my kids will write because not only will it be their book but they can scribble notes in the book for when they are finished with it. It serves as a little place to jot down their thoughts of that Summer they read the book. There have been books my kids have re-read and have felt a total complete different way then what they wrote in their notes. It's pretty awesome way to show them how they thought at a certain age as well.

I hope this book list will come in handy for you and if you pick up a book or two from the list I'd love to hear what you thought!

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5 Free (or just about) Summer Activities to Do With Your Kids!

School is just about finished or it is finished for your kids (this is the last week for mine) and I am so excited to jump into the adventures this year.

Of course, if you know me having 4 kids means I have to make sure I stay in check and on a budget so we can have the most fun possible.

I thought I'd share some activities that we will be doing this Summer that is fun for my kids and parents as well.

Free Bowling: All you have to do is sign up your child and they will get two free games every day! Sure you have to rent the shoes but to me, it's worth it because the 2 games are more than enough for a fun afternoon especially if you have more than one child with you. (I like to tell my kids friends parents about the program so we can go together and make it that more fun!) Plus it's the perfect place to stay cool without worrying about your electric bill!

Dollar Movies: For this one, I actually found two places you can enjoy movies for $1 during the week.  The first one is Bow Tie Cinemas (check the site to see if it's available in your state) as well as Regal where they have $1 movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These movies are a bit older but to be able to see a fun movie on a big screen and those awesome reclining chairs, I'll take it!

Free Books: This has been one of my kid's favorites the last past Summers being able to sign up at Barnes & Nobles and once they complete reading a book of their choice and write a small report on it. They get to pick one of the books on the list of free books available for the program. Another free reading challenge that we love is the Scholastic Challenge. For that program, you sign up and log in your reading for the Summer and win really fun virtual prizes each week. My daughter already told me to sign her up as it's already up and running.

Gardens: I can't think of a most perfect way to let the kids run about and then enjoy a picnic on the most beautiful grounds for us we love going to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden – Free all day on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10am-noon. There is so much to see and hidden gems within. You need more then one visit to really enjoy and see the whole place. Again search the gardens in your area for your free day.

Free Zoo Day:  Pretty sure if you search your zoo where you live you will be able to learn what dates are free for us it's The Bronx Zoo – General Admission is free on Wednesdays. Visitors are asked to donate what they wish to support the zoo's mission. Total Experience activities cost extra. (which is totally awesome and budget friendly I usually just pay to get into the petting zoo)

I hope these gave you a few ideas will get you excited about your own adventures during the summer that wouldn't break the bank! What are some fun things you like to do during the Summer with your kids?

The Answer to What I've Been Working For

As I sit down to share this amazing and wonderful resource I have come across I can not help but think of all the collaboration that has been put together in this bundle. It will be a total life changer.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom who hasn’t had a real paycheck in years (and yes, those moments with your children are priceless, but you still dream of having way to contribute to the family budget)… which has been my case for the past two years.

Or whether you’re working from home and you’re wondering how to find focused work time so you’re not pulled in so many directions… You don’t want to spend the next few years like this.
I get it (boy, do I ever!) as that's me every day!

We all had different reasons for starting down this path. Maybe we were looking to:
  • Escape corporate and find more satisfying work
  • Find jobs that allowed us to work from anywhere so when the time our kids
  • Discover flexibility so we could be there for our families when they needed us
  • Identify any skills (other than cleaning and laundry) that could provide some disposable income.
When I first got a peek at this amazing bundle the first thing that attracted me was these 5 ebooks because let's face it nowadays it seems so hard to make sure we make the most of your time. I am so impressed already with what I have learned and putting it to work already.
    Whatever the reason that brought us here, now we’re looking for work + life balance and how to be more focused on our work so we can spend more time with our family that we dreamed of.
      This bundle of resources was put together carefully into a vetted package that will get you up to speed on finding real work-at-home opportunities (AND making your work + life balance better once you’re working from home) Which I've put to work already!

      Introducing The Ultimate Work at Home Bundle!

For six days only, everything you need (and then some) is in one fabulous package, for the most affordable price ever. (Seriously, just wait until I tell you how much it costs.)

      This brand-new bundle includes 30 eBooks, 14 full eCourses, 4 printables, and 1 audiobook!
These top-quality resources cover everything you need to give you the skills and confidence to do fulfilling work, at your favorite place in the world.

      You’ll get a complete library to help you:
      • Identify your marketable skills
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      • Discover the secrets to getting into the business that most appeals to you, whether it’s a wholesale product, service-based, handmade, transcription, becoming a VA, or any other number of opportunities
      • and so much more… 

    Plus, it comes with over $500 worth of bonus offers from companies you’ll love.
You sort of need to see it to believe it, but the package includes 50 digital products and it’s worth over $2,300!

Besides being so incredibly helpful, one of the things I like best about the bundle is the price. By offering it for a short time only, the team at Ultimate Bundles is able to give you access to over $2,300 worth of amazing products for a whopping 98% off!
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    4. The most important detail, though, is that this bundle is available for just six days! After Monday night, June 12th, the sale ends and you’d have to buy all of these products individually.

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                          Crush Them (June) Goals Like a Boss!

                          June is HERE! It's Super crunch time!! I am so excited. I've been learning that quality is better than quantity. It really is true. 

                          Alright, where is that drum roll  ( yes I'm a tad excited) because this was it Y'all I accomplished something I had been working on for the last 2 months! I finally reached my Instagram goal I had set as well as my twitter which I am going to share below how I did it!

                            I have been learning to really understand that comparison can be a true monster and eat at you. You can become your own worst enemy when it comes to trying to reach your goals. Another to learn is this doesn't happen over night.

                          You can be putting your sweat, blood, and tears and it wouldn't happen. You will want to give up. You will doubt yourself. THIS is when you have to kick into gear your fight or flight.

                          I for one have learned this the hard way as I am basically in the epic fight of my personal growth in what I want to do for the future. I just sat down and although I am still afraid and the growth I've had has been small growth it has been. As they say with a faith of a size of a mustard seed you can move those mountains in the way. 

                          You have to remember that although you can move that mountain it's not going to be easy and it's gonna take lots of sweating, pushing, stopping to reflect how you can get the mountain moving and so how about I give you a little push and help with a mountain.

                          I had discussed in the past how Twitter has helped me be able to get the income that I've been able to achieve thus far.

                          I jumped at the start of the year and squeezed my budget and let me tell you I went around and around try to decide if I should have taken the course, because how many times have you purchased a class and it a) didn't have anything new that you didn't know before b) seemed way too complicated to even complete c) you lost your motivation in the progress

                          That is why I loved Saira's class!- Influencers 101 it was worth every penny I have learned how to grow my following on Twitter with people that are like-minded and I've been able to get wonderful opportunities because of it.

                          Well, she has a FREE class yes you read that right. I did that class first before signing up and I was so happy. That's how I got 1000 new followers! I actually am going to do it again. My goal to reach before the end of July is 5000 followers and I'm pretty sure if I do her class once again I will reach it and you can reach your goals too!

                          She's just refreshed the class which means, even MORE, contact and more information and examples. I am a visual learner so I love that there are videos included so you can see what you are supposed to be doing and that makes it stick better (at least for me) what I just learned. 

                          I'd love for you to just sign up for the free class (click any of the highlighted text) and then come back and tell me how it went. I am so excited for this Summer I feel like it's going to be amazing not only for the memories to come but for personal goals. What are you working on right now?  We GOT THIS!

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                          18 things I've learned as Parent the last 46 Years

                          First off I bet you're saying hold up Ellie didn't your oldest just finish his first year of college?  Why yes he did, you are right but, add my kids' ages and that's how old I really am.

                          Didn't know that did you? See that's one of my 18 things I've learned and explains the need for more sleep.

                          No matter the tired nights, nonstop days, uncombed hair and the famous  same 3 day outfit (long life my Old Navy sweats and shirts) it is all worth it. To see them fly the nest. No matter how nervous you are that is the moment we truly live for. I am in the mist of 4 different stages and these are the other 17 things I've learned so far.

                          • You will never experience love like the one for your child. (have more than one that is when the real Mama Wolf comes into effect) 
                          •  Tired is not a word but a way of life. If you're not feeling tired you almost think there might be something wrong with you. For me, it never fails if I "don't" feel tired a day or two later I'm sick!?!
                          • Seeing your child accomplish anything is like finishing a 26-mile marathon in first place while beating your best time.
                          • You can go 72 hrs without rest and hardly eating when your child is sick. Once they are better YOU break and want to crash..but still don't because parent life never stops and you still wonder how you did it. (it's called the power of parent love)
                          • Once a time ago you would stay up for fun. Now you sleep for fun. Nothing like an early night in and fresh pajamas ohhhh man!
                          • Your finding yourself saying the words you said you would never say when your parent would say it to you "When I was your age/ Back in my day..." AHHHHHHH I broke my own law!!! Seriously music in our time was way better. You guys call that music?  
                          • Your parents weren't actually psychic it's just they actually did do those same mistakes you did when you were younger and they just tried to stop you before you made them. Now it's your turn. There will be head bumps battles but guess what you will win some..but get ready to lose some.Both of you will grow and learn something. (hold on for them teenage years) 
                          • You have to let go. Hard as it may be they must trip to learn to catch themselves.
                          • You can only teach them so much. They will hopefully see the choices in front of them and decide from right and wrong and if they don't know they will ask for help. (darn growing gets hard really quick)
                          • You will be wrong at times and have to admit it. Let them know you were wrong. Times really are different then when you were their age. 
                          • Listening is so very important. If you do anything listen to them. That's when you get to see how much of an awesome human being you brought into the world. They will blow your mind.
                          • Document it. You knew I was going to squeeze that one in somehow here right?  Time flies faster then you can blink. Write those stories you remember down for them. They will thank you when they are older. I know I would have loved to have more from when I was younger. 
                          • Toddler and Teenage years can truly rival each other. They will be the times that you will question yourself more then you ever have. Both stages are where they fight for independence  and seem to have the answers.(Pray for me I'm stuck in both these stages with my kids)
                          • Laugh with them. No matter how old they are be silly. You don't always have to say no. You can start the fun. Even when they are grumpy make them laugh.
                          • Hug them. Take in all the hugs they give you when they are little and take some as they get older. You might get some days you might want to put them in a headlock instead of a hug but still hug them. Let them forever know they are loved. 
                          • That math you learned in school that you wondered why you learned in the first place will come in handy somewhat when your child asks you the same question of when will I use this in life. (it's so you can bond with your child it has to be. What other purpose is there!?)
                          • You will still sneak in their room and watch them sleep even at 18 yrs of age and tear up and feel so blessed and thankful and now that no matter how tired you are that is the reason it's worth it.
                          Also remember you are an awesome parent. Do not be so hard on yourself. As long as you are giving them all your love you are doing right by them. It is such an amazing gift to be a parent. Hard work but so worth it. I am so blessed to be a mama of 4 amazing children who teach me something new everyday.

                          So today give yourself a high five because you are helping some amazing human beings grow up in this crazy world.  Now go take a nap you earned it (yes I dream of sleep.)

                            Queen of Perseverance

                            Truth be told I've always had a strong head on my shoulders from when I can remember. I could hear my mom telling me "Tu si tienes una cabeza dura (you have such a hard head) Later in life I have found having that having a cabeza dura has can come in handy.

                             I like to think it's just I do what I have to persevere in getting done what I need to do. I remember a time when I was actually a single mother with my oldest I had to do what I had to do be able to make sure I was where I needed to be able to provide for my son and myself.

                            It wasn't anything Teresa had to do (Thank GOODNESS) but it took me waking up before the sun was up dropping my son at my mother's and heading to work in the city and getting home and then making sure my son was taken care of for the evening and then repeat the day over and over again to ensure we had what we had. Still the same with my other children and husband we have a routine and what needs to get done gets done.

                            That's why I think I love watching Queen of the South. The main character Teresa Mendoza starts off in a relationship that seems to be all going well (sure her boyfriend was a drug dealer ha) but it was all going well until it didn't and she had to basically run for her life! I cannot even tell you the times I had to pause and say "WHAT IN THE WORLD" ahh! My heart was racing right along with Teresa.  She also had to try and reunite with her best friend who had her son with her.

                             All the while she is running from two drug lords who happen to be husband and wife! I know WHAT this show is crazy and your heart is gonna be racing.

                            It sure shows that perseverance can get you where you need to especially when your life depends on it. Have I convinced you that you need to watch and your wondering but how will I be ready for season two? Stop by HERE and catch up and come and tell me "OMG Ellie you are right is it June 8th yet!!" 

                            This was what I was looking like this past weekend catching with all the episodes of Queen of the South.  Ok so I kind of told my Hubby I was working but I was actually watching the episodes totally busted!

                            I just couldn't stop watching. I mean I had to find out what was gonna happen with Teresa! At first, I was wondering would Epifanio (head of the Drug Cartel) catch her? Then I had to worry would what his wife (head of another Drug cartel) Camilla was really up to with her.

                            SEE! AHHHH!  I can't even and the last line of the last episode had me so excited for it to be June 8th: "You're not ordering me around anymore. I don't work for you. I'm not your hostage. These will be my terms" COME ON!! Go Teresa Go!

                            Of what I have heard Season two is going to even crazier?!?! It's going to show how she grows in her position and gets to her powerful position. Season one she was running but as you can see in the picture below she's gonna end up in a power suit and truly become Queen of the South!

                            Come June 8th on Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network I shall be putting my do not disturb sign up for sure!

                            Alright enough of me talking about Queen of the South! GO catch up and come back here and tell me What are you thinking or catch me on Twitter because I'm pretty sure I will be tweeting during the Season premier!