Monday, August 4, 2014

Stamps Up For Grabs- Updated

(Revised with what is still available)

Hey all! So here I am with a super duper quick sale! I'd love for these to get a good home as each month I get them and I ohh and ahh at them but they don't get used so all these stamps are brand new from Studio Calico kits I've gotten over the months.

Each one is
$7 bucks w/ $1 for shipping.  Sorry no international that way I can keep shipping to a super min.Taking paypal only for payment.  UP FOR GRABS NOW for $5!!!! ( $1 shipping)

If interested just shoot me an email to ellie dot augustin at hotmail dot com & I'll send you a bill!

(Yes I'll combine stamps together I think I have a few larger white envelopes I could squeeze them into!)

HAPPY Monday Everyone!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Squeezing every Little Bit of Summer

As I sit here and think WOWERS there I go again forgetting about my sweet little blog...then I think but wait WHY am I worrying? It only means I'm enjoying every drop of sun!

Can't believe how it's already August 1st and in a month it will be time for once again time to rush the kids off on the school bus & out the door to get to class..sigh.. I must say we have been trying to squeeze as much as possible because well this is really a make up Summer as well as this year's  Summer since last Summer was spent going to see our sweet baby girl in the NICU

Time is FLYING by.. Where is that slow down button when you need it.

We still need to cross off going to the beach hopefully next week we can cross that off. I also want to take the Littles into the city again for one more adventure OK 2 more if I can squeeze it in.

This is a peek at just our last 2 weeks. Lets just say when I print I'm pretty sure I'll be close to at least 500 pictures!

I can't wait because we have to remember that if you just snap a picture but don't print them what's the point.

So what has your Summer looked like so far?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

AHHHH Summer we Love you

Loving each and every minute because before we know it we will be setting alarms for school instead of adventures!

What have you been up so far this Summer?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pinterest for the WIN

Hello awesome peeps! 

Today I thought I'd share a little adventure I had been working on for a while. Which ended last Sunday as we celebrated my baby's 1st birthday.

Everything started with this below. I decided to make a private board to help me with Isy's birthday. OH the fear of the dreaded #PinterestFail to tell the truth I was scared BEYOND my mind. 

The thought of  actually sitting down and putting it all together was in my mind but could I bring it to life? 
To be honest this would be the most handmade party for any of my children I would be contributing to. I usually make a scrapbook album and a book for people to leave messages and everything else has been store bought.

The first thing I knew I had to take care of was the cake. I knew right away who was going to make our cake as she is BEYOND amazing and not just because she is a family friend but she truly is talented. 

So I asked Desiree if she could create Isy's cake and smash cake and WOWERS did she come through.

Then it was time to think what kind of party it would be and it ended up being a gold,pink,white party.

I started by working on her birthday crown because I had looked at esty and all I found were crowns that were way over my budget and so I headed to the fabric store and got some fabric and got to work....with my glue gun, needle and thread. 

Next I looked into a Styrofoam numbers which I found nobody locally carried and the shipping wasn't worth it so off I went to the craft store thinking hmmm I can get me a Styrofoam board and make a number 1 can't I...I think..So off I went...

Got home and thought how am I going to do this trick that I remembered was DO NOT outline what you want to cut out on the styrofoam but on the plastic itself. Good thing I did that because by the end I had a few different outlines made but then I held my breath and started to cut.

I did end up cutting the bottom of the one after I took the picture as I noticed one side was longer but over all I was so excited. Next was how would I design the room? 

I decided that hand sewing two color crepe paper would be a good idea....yeah remind me of this next time..TOTAL madness OK worth it but still I am nuts.

This is the idea I got in my head...

I used this as a base to how I wanted to decorate the room. 


This is what my 1 ended up after sewing little rosettes and hot gluing them down. It was worth the work and I was so happy how it ended up.

The crown ended up looking like this :

This crown at first started out CRAZY as I had wanted to make the base of the crown from the satin fabric as I got the tutorial as to how to make it  HERE and then quickly learned I needed another material which YAY I did and it helped me get this one together.

So the awesome celebration weekend arrived and this is from Saturday Smash cake day :

As you can see Isy's smash cake was AMAZING!!! Desiree did amazing but little did I know what she would have for her actually birthday.

Here is the whole thing put together the next day : 

Over all it was a magical weekend. Lots of hard work but so SO worth it. I want to thank my awesome SIL Stephanie and BIL Mike for allowing us to host the weekend at their home and Desiree for making such wonderful cakes. 

What I learned ... Pinterest can be conquered you just need to really go slow and do a pre-run before tackling what you would like to do. I started planning 6 months in advance and had many trial and error and was happy with what I accomplished....

Next Pinterest challenge will be a "Frozen 8th Birthday party" at least I have until January! 

Have you tried anything lately and also had a Pinterest win? I'd love to hear about it.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Just like that..

This weekend was amazing as we celebrated our sweet girl's 1st birthday. Which included a smash cake and then her party the next day. We are blessed beyond belief with her. My husband & I were thinking of how our last Summer was so different with daily trips to the NICU and praying each day meant it closer to bringing her home.
How after bringing her home we learned what it meant to basically shut the fort and no outside time really only when it was truly necessary. Each doctor appointment we had to go to  she thrived and has grown and is such a sweet loving little baby girl. 

Each day is better then the one before. I love to see her learn new things. Seeing her accomplish each milestone is that more amazing.

May our Lord continue to bless you our Sweet Isabel. Happy 1st Birthday Beanie Baby!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Freshly Picked Review & Giveaway

Being a mama to preemie has made me even that more careful when using things for our Isy now that she is about to turn 1 in 2 weeks (YES SERIOUSLY) although she is 8 1/2 mths adjusted she has become a pro at pulling up and moving about in her playpen and crawling all over the place.

With that being said let's talk about what goes on babies feet shall we. Raise your hand if you have ALL the pairs of socks for your kids...Anyone...a few of you? REALLY? (ya'll got to tell me your secret then) How about you guys with babies under 2 how many matching shoes? AHHHH yes I have them but HOW LONG do they stay on those little feet? 2.5 seconds.

Well as luck might have it I came across a company called Freshly Picked  in which I heard about their moccasins that not only were cute but stayed on babies feet! Not only that I love that other owner Susan is a small business which she started in her kitchen designing these shoes for the purpose of finding something for her son which in turned has helped so many other mamas out there.

I loved how each pair is made with care and extra detail is put into each pair for the little feet that will be wearing it. Did I mention each one is packaged with care into a muslin bag (made in the USA to) which I think shows the attention to detail which is something that  I always has made me a repeat customers

That being said I knew I needed a pair for my Isy because right now she is at the stage where she actually kicks off her shoes or pulls at them and you guessed it bare feet is what we end up with.

With that being said I can not say how excited I was when I saw Isy's moccasins arrived.

Here is Isy and Daddy :

Hanging out at home :

I must say I am really happy with them. We were at the ball park ALL day and her feet stayed covered and no matter how she wiggled about they stayed on her feet. If I would have had confetti I would have thrown some I tell you.

OF course you know what this means...yes she needs more colors!  I really do love them.

Now to celebrate our sweet girl turning one year old Freshly Picked is giving away a pair of moccasins!

All you have to do is enter below : ( please do make sure to read the terms and conditions )

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer : I received a pair of moccasins for review but the opinions on this post are my own. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Cyber Safety and our Children

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for BGCA. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” 

With Summer upon us and having the kids home I know that they will want to head online a bit more then usual especially my teen and that is where BGCA comes in to help. They also have a section for kids of ages of 5-9 which I have as well.

As they stated on their site If growing up in the digital age is tough, being a #cybersafe parent isn’t easy either. That’s why Boys & Girls Clubs of America, in partnership with Sprint, has assembled our CyberTribe of expert teens — to answer your questions on the issues facing kids online, like cyberbullying, mobile device safety, online privacy and personal data sharing, especially on social networks. Because every teen deserves a #cybersafe future.

For me I found this site really helpful to get more information as to what I could do to get more information not only for myself  but for my child as well. It really is a site full of resources that I was actually learn information that I could share and teach my children. 

I especially liked they have a glossary where you can not only check on something like chat acronyms  that parents can check if they see something on their something their child might be writing to someone online.

For me it is important to make sure my kids are safe especially with my two younger ones who are 7 and 11 have ipods and have games on their ipods that they can enter chats with other players I want them to be aware of dangers and always know to come to me or my husband if they feel someone is harassing or not being appropriate in any cause but now with the cyber world being such a big part of kids lives it's important they know this too. That there is "stranger danger" on the web too. 

Right now if you go visit BGCA you will be able to submit your own question to the CyberTribe of expert teens who are on call to respond You ask, they answer. Plus, after you submit your question, enter for a chance to win an iPad Mini and $500 to a local Boys & Girls Club of your choice!

Hope you are able to go check out the wonderful and useful information that is available and share the knowledge with your children.