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18 Reasons Why People Love Pumpkin Everything

As the weekend came and gone I couldn't help but think of the love I have for Pumpkin everything and I am in good company and it got me thinking as I was getting the kids ready that there are really loads of reasons to have all "the feels" (as my kids would say) for Pumpkin.

Believe it or not there are people walking around who just don't like pumpkin GASP.. I know but let's see if this little list will change their mind and bring them to the Orange side!

  1. Pumpkins mean Fall is HERE!
  2. Makes you want to bring out your flannels.
  3. Warm and cozy feels when you see them.
  4.  Pumpkin Ice Cream. If you've never had then you NEED to do that NOW and you can thank me later.
  5. Trips to the Pumpkin Patch and family fun.
  6. Craving Pumpkins that brings out the best giggles
  7. Pumpkin Spice Latte (Did you hear the angels sing right now)
  8. Decorating for Fall
  9. Fun Photo Shoot Props
  10. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
  11. Halloween
  12. School Break
  13. Baking Pumpkin Treats
  14. Toasted Pumpkin seeds
  15.  Makes you feel Nostalgic 
  16. The cute crafts sent home : Pumpkin handprints, pumpkin pictures, pumpkin masks etc.
  17. Orange is an AWESOME color!
  18. You start thinking about Thanksgiving.

 I hope you enjoyed this little list has made you love Pumpkins a little more or make you say you know what I do like pumpkin and go grab yourself a nice yummy latte.

What are you favorite things about Pumpkin?

Coco Daisy :Day in the Life Kit

 Can you believe it's just about the end of September. This month is full of amazing and wonderful. Especially this coming weekend which means I knew I had to make sure I had the first weeks of September documented. That's when Coco Daisy : Day in the Life kit came in handy. It's geared towards helping you document you memories so it's perfect for doing project life with.

I've had memberships to other kits that I've used in project life but then have stopped because the kits didn't have enough of what I needed or it became repetitive and so I would make my own kits but I must say when I received the kit I was pleasantly surprised.

I wanted to give Coco Daisy's kit a try and share my thoughts with you and how I used it.

If you haven't seen the kit this is what September's kit looked like :

The price of the kit w/out membership is $25.00 (plus shipping) which is what I paid for this kit.

Here are a few of the pages I was able to create using the kit. PLEASE I still have plenty left over to do another spread I'm sure.

 I usually will separate the months that's why my 35 (this is part of it the other half was in w/August) I love the colors from the kit and was able incorporate my own supplies.

                                                                                                                 (covered a picture for privacy)

 I made one more spread which will go into this school year's album and I'll share that at a later date.

Even with the extra spread I made I still had more supply left to add to another week. I really loved the stamp set that came with this kit. It had the days of the week on it which I used.

The only thing I wish it did have was more 4x6 cards although it did come with 4 6x6 sheets (2 different double sided prints) Instead I used cardstock and cut them down and used the 3x4 cards to highlight throughout my layouts.

I wanted to include a video with this but my ipad is in need of repair but will be back and share planning video next week (I hope)

Overall I enjoyed the kit so much I actually ended up subscribing so look for a little monthly view as to what I do with them.

Many exciting fun is coming up now and I want to share how you can capture your upcoming holidays.

Remembering to Document Your Moments With Purpose

I want to you stop and think of all the pictures you have taken the past 2 weeks. Doesn't matter if it was on your phone or a camera. Now tell me of the pictures you have taken how many have you printed?

If you read my blog you know how important I feel it is to photograph and document our moments. Be it the same or milestones there is always a story behind a day.

Here is a little bit of what I have captured the past two weeks. As you can see in only one of the pictures are my kids looking at me, the other images have little mini stories in them.

I think of how in 10 years when my kids look back at what I was trying to capture they will say WOW yeah I remember that and remember the story because of the picture.

Later this week I'll share how I put it all together after I print my pictures.  Do you scrapbook or have any other form of documenting your memories.

Now go and print those pictures out!

School Lunch : Older Kids Edition

While I was making my kids breakfast menu's for the week. My 13 year came up to me and said "Mom I love you and I love you make our Lunches, but you don't really need to make cute shaped sandwiches for me."
 I had to laugh and then I stopped and thought well I better ask my 9 yr what does she think and she told me the same thing!

So guess I'll be saving my cute little sandwich cutters for my youngest who still loves her sandwiches in heart shapes.
Well I digress and I thought I'd share what I've come up with for my middle kids who are in the pre-teen/ teen years.

Let me share what has changed :

Packing :

 Previously I would use sandwiches containers with multiple compartments but now I have been using different packaging for their lunches. Since they are older I feel comfortable using different containers and they love it too.  I don't go crazy spending money on it I actually have found really fun containers at our General Dollar store.
It's so much fun to find different things to send their lunch in. I still their water/heat proof containers when I am sending in something warm for them though.


Leftover is Awesome :

As of late I've been getting requests with certain meals if I could make extra so it can be taken for lunch. Not just for the kids but my husband as well. What I find really helpful is my meal planning with them knowing ahead of time what's going on the meal they let me know if they would like as well as a lunch for the next day.

 Who Knew Yes Soup For You: 

This one I didn't think my kids would enjoy it as much but this has been another high request especially if I make some Sancho, as it's a family favorite and I admit it tastes better the next day. Making the soups in the crockpot makes it taste  that much better. To keep their soup warm till their lunch time I make sure to warm up the soup extra hot and while it is warming up I have boiled some hot water and poured it into their containers so it will already be hot and absorb some of the heat before I put the soup in. This trick really works as my kids have told me that their soup is still nice and warm when it's their lunch time.

Grown Up Sandwiches :

I've stepped up my game when it's come to making sandwiches as PB&J don't work too well anymore.  If you have stopped by my blog then you know I am a big fan of a waffle maker because I make way more then just for waffles in it.
Make your kids grilled ham and cheese and add more then one kind of cheese when making it. My kids tell me their friends have told their parents to make then for them because my kids rave about it so much! Also you could have rolls instead of just plain sliced sandwich bread. I like to put the roll in and the cold cuts on the side so they get to build their lunch. They also enjoy being able to do that. I've also made quesadillas in the waffle maker for them.  YES try it! Go ahead super easy. I've made grilled pizza as well. The sky's the limit with your waffle maker.

Try Some Greens :

You'd be surprised but my kids love when I have made them a salad for lunch. I've made sure to include loads of greens and other veggies and ask them what else would they like. Sometimes I add chicken or eggs make sure to add a little container with the dressing so they can add it when they eat it.

Free Choice Day :

Once a week I don't make lunch I send the kids with money and they are able to pick what the school has for them to buy that day. Our school sends us a menu at the start of the school year with what is available each day and the prices so we know how much they will need.  It's fun for them to be able purchase their own lunch.

I hope these gave you another outlook at what you could offer your kids for lunch. Also another tip is during the weekend get a list together of ideas that they would like for lunch. That way you have an idea as well what they will enjoy for lunch when you make it.

Movie Theater Experience at Home on a Budget

Is there anything better them getting comfy on a couch and cuddling with your favorite blanket and watching a movie together.

For my family we have come to really enjoy this regular treat come the weekend. With the prices of tickets just going up and up and us being a family of 6 it's getting way to expensive so we have learned to be patient and wait for the movies to be released, which nowadays the wait isn't that long because we are able to rent them only a few months after and enjoy it at home.

When we see a movie that is coming out we have a little book where we put the name of that movie in it so we can remember to look for it.
If the movie does pretty well then we can get an estimate on when it's going to be released and I put a note of when it will be up for rental/purchase.

We have been doing good and watched lots of movies this past Summer we just have a few more to catch up as we watched lots of documentaries (my kids love them and I can't say no! We learning y'all)

To make our movie watching that much more special I am always on the look out for sales on treats to keep in a closet that are just for our movie nights.
That closet not only holds our treats but it also holds our movie blankets and pillows. It make it super easy for us to have a movie night really quickly.

I also have another notebook that the kids write down requests for treats to stock up on. It's really a fun thing. We have our own theater at home without having to spend almost $200 on tickets and food on us I say that's a smart way for the movies.

We do go to the movies on occasion but again we make sure to go to the first showing of the day so we get the cheapest price but again there are still 6 of us (well 5 paying) plus snacks again is expensive.

I hope theses tips give you an idea of what you could maybe do at home as well. 
Now if you were curious what's on our list for the last of the Summer list here it is :

  • ZooTopia
  • The Angry Birds
  • Ninja Turtles 
  • The Jungle Book

This weekend we are going to be working on a new list and I'll share what it holds at a latter date. This weekend I thing we are going to finally watch ZooTopia and The Jungle Book (maybe squeeze in one more we shall see)

What are some movies you are looking to seeing and if you have seen these movies on our list what did you think? 

Forgotten Chapters from the Toddler Chronicles

Call it mom brain cloud or something but everyday I say this with my youngest. "OH MY I totally forgot toddlers were like this. This is the period of wonder, excitement, discovery and awe but it can also bring meltdowns, the world of No and are you serious right now moments.

I want to cherish and keep ALL of them moments because as I've been saying it goes by so fast. Way too fast. I already see so much of the moments slipping through my fingers here is my way to hold on a little bit longer.

The pretty, ugly and the interesting I've had the pleasure of reliving with my youngest:

  • "Cookies I want cookies"  after asking for bananas,eggs and bacon and it being in front of them.
  • "Mama I have to Pee" regardless if they just went 5 minutes before you walked out the door
  • Saying "I'm hungry" right after eating
  • Naptime the most biggest of battles or the easiest thing in the world depending on modes.
  • I'm tired mama... but wouldn't nap
  • The need of the "NEED AT THIS MOMENT and not a second later
  •  No don't eat your boogies!
  • Being able to watch the same cartoon episode more then 3 times back to back
  • The excitement of meeting your shadow
  • The giggles that comes from playing with bubbles
  • Falling asleep while eating a good meal
  • Asking the same question 10 different ways in less then one minute
  • loving to cuddle and holding hands 
  • wanting to run everywhere 
  • stopping and actually enjoying the view 
  • asking for the same food for all 3 meals
  • falling asleep in the most strangest of places
  • Waking up before the sun even with a crazy night and have energy of someone who slept 12 hrs.
  • Singing at the top of their lungs no matter where they might be
  • Giving the most sincere I love you, you will ever hear

If you have a little one remember that times flies way faster then we like so just take a breathe and pick up that bowl of food and the toys that are all over the floor. Clean up that messy face and give them a hug.

Trust me you soon will be chasing after them to give them a hug.. Toddlerhood has nothing on fun of the Teenage Years brings... But I'll leave that for another post!

School's Back In Session Time to Snap

Of course I couldn't let school start and not talk about snapping right?  Not that kind (well yet) I'm talking about photography.

If you have stopped by my blog before you know that nothing is more wonderful for me then to be able to capture moments via photography.

 I love to capture my kids(and family) and the best moments I have captured is when they don't even know I am doing it.

I actually put together a little list of things you can capture of your kids where you wouldn't have to get that famous "Mom are you done yet" face. I love candid pictures because that's when you really can tell a story.

Just click the pictures and save (or even better you can pin it!) I would love to hear if you use this list.

I'll be sharing next week what my pictures from this list looked like for each of my kids.

I hope you enjoyed this little list and it inspires you to stop and capture sweet little moments.. What are you looking forward to capturing this year? 

I have plenty and I'll share soon how to photograph older kids and their milestones. Like turning 18 which my oldest will in 2 weeks!

Let me know what other milestones/ stories you would love to see a list for and I'll see what I can come up with for you.