Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Word{less} Wednesday : Snow Day

This is what the kids and hubby did yesterday while my Isy and I watched from inside:

Mandatory snow angels!

Snow ball fight with Daddy!

Overall I'm so happy we didn't get it as bad as they had predicted. Although they said we are suppose to get more snow on Friday oh joy.

Well the kids had a nice day off because of yesterday. This weekend is suppose to be super fun as it's the Father/Daughter dance as well as the Super Bowl which my Gabi is excited because of half time as her favorite singer will perform- Katy Perry so I can't wait to document this weekend.

What about you ? What have you documented lately?

Monday, January 26, 2015

When Germs Attack

It seems that 2015 wants to be the year of the germs at least that's what it is in my house right now. Everyone in my house (expect my youngest son knock on wood) is sick some way or another.

The worst is that baby has gotten the  flu even with her getting the flu shot. We had to run w/her to the ER with a fever of 103.5 with it being the first fever she has They tested her and sure enough she tested positive for the flu.

So it's this for the next 5 days :

And eating:

Watching :

So excuse my lack of posts for a bit but I'll be posting here and there on Instagram or my Facebook Page

If you could send some get better quick vibes our way cause these germs have truly overstayed their visit. Now to bunker down as NY is suppose to be getting the biggest blizzard it has experienced in it's history yup just what we all wanted to hear.

Is it Spring yet?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fast & Sweet Valentine Classroom Treat

Today I'm sharing with you an idea to make for your kids to share with their friends for Valentine's Day. Can you believe Valentine's Day is only 3 weeks away?

My little Gabi gets monthly kits from Stampin Up that are called Paper Pumpkins in each kit it has a little project for her (and I) to put together which will bring a stamp set,ink,and whatever else it needed for the project.

We've done banners,cards,small tiny gift boxes and much more. Each month usually will have a theme which I love and I was actually looking forward to seeing what this month would bring as I knew it would be themed for February which would be you guessed it Valentine's Day.

This is a peek at this month's Paper Pumpkin which is called Filled with Love.

 This is what the kit brings this month. It actually has a little booklet that will give you set by set instructions as well as a link to a video to show you what to do.

I actually wanted to create them but not use candy as well let's face it we all do a little happy dance when we see that instead of candy your child brought home something else in their goodie bag.

This idea my actually came from my Gabi. I said that is an awesome idea my Sassy! She said "Mama why not give crayons? Everyone loves to color and we can never have enough of them!"  I couldn't agree more and so this is what I made instead.

These were so easy to make and I can't wait to make the rest with my Gabi (you are able to create 24 little baggies) I can't wait to see what combos she will come up with.

If you are interested in ordering your own kit you could order a solo kit which would be only $19.95 (plus shipping & handling) HERE

Or if you would like to give a 3 month trial a go and you could order that  HERE

I really think they are worth it because not only are you getting enough material to create a cute project but you get a stamp set as well as an ink spot and left over material to play around to create other little projects.

If you are interested in ordering or have any other question please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Challenge Accepted : 31 Days to Clean

One of my goals for this year is to read the bible in a year so far so good and I am loving what I am learning as I am following along with the Bible In a Year App which not only gives you what to read but also a lesson. I am taking into consideration as well that my #OLW is Exhale which as I had stated in another post I seem to forget how and get flustered when I am doing things be it for the kids,house or for myself I just want to get it all done which really can't happen since I do have other things happening always at the same time and then nothing seems to get done.

I had prayed and have been thinking how in the world am I suppose to get it all done?  I mean I have to manage it or just throw my hands in the air and just keep going as I am.

Then I see an email from Sarahmae and I seriously stopped and said hmm really you gonna help me in 31 days REALLY have you see my house of 4 kids and Husband and myself it is CRAZY at times.
 Especially this weekend since I've been sick and wasn't able to do anything. I got up to get some water and ran back into my room this AM.

Then I heard a voice that said Ellie open the email go ahead. I've learned that you REALLY do have to stop and listen to that voice because many of times it's saved me more then I can say. So I always say OK Lord your talking to me really OK I'll stop being stubborn and saying I got this and I have no time to listen right now...

So here I am accepting the challenge:

If you know the story of Mary and Martha it really can hit home to most moms be it a SAHM or a Working outside the home mom. We experience both at time but really let the "Martha" us take over and want to get all things done and don't remember to focus on the most important.

I know I live more Martha then Mary but I hope doing this challenge will help me focus on being more like Mary and do smaller but more meaningful things when it comes to putting order in my house.

I am excited to get started and come on who doesn't have 99 cents to purchase this. You don't have to start tomorrow you can start whenever just purchase it. I plan to start tomorrow although I did go ahead and did a pre day one because as I said my house was WAY crazy from the weekend of me being sick and not being to keep order.

I really hope doing this Challenge will set in motion a new way of doing things here so I don't have to post on my entries saying it's been SO crazy around her but share how things have been running and what we have learned as I do this for my family.

This really spoke to me and made me pause and want to take time to reflect. Here is to the next 31 days. Will you be joining in?

Friday, January 16, 2015

15 on 15- January Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Wow this week was one full week and I can not say how glad I am for a 3 day weekend as next promises to be full of more activities in my household.

Yesterday was my first go at doing 15 on 15 and I must say it was a bit more challenging then I thought with me even though I do photography something everyday. Yesterday I took a pause at each shot and thought what did I want to really capture from the day.

So here is my first go at my 15 on 15 :  *or more like 12 on 15*

First thing in the AM I had to make a quick stop at my oldest HS. Of course we needed some breakfast and Isy loves her fruit in mesh she manages to get the fruit even with the mesh!

Running about doing errands. Isy LOVES Doc Mcstuffin and yes it can get that intense. I stopped at Micheal's for a few things and picked up a journal for my Gabi. She has started to grow a love of writing and journaling and I am so happy to help that along.

After all the running about it had to be nap time for these two. I giggle because they are two birds of a feather and it just the most beautiful thing to see to me. It was so crazy I didn't get a chance to get anything ready before the kids got home so I just picked up some cupcakes. It's been a LONG semi stressful week for the kids so this was my cheer up goodies for them.

 I wasn't  the only one looking for some lunch! That's our Sonic & George (Guinea Pigs) Me Oh DQ hit the spot!

After school means relaxing until it's time to get down to homework and well chewing on stuffed animals.

Yeah Teen life. Cell phone is essential to his living. I remembered to snap dinner. The kids had yellow rice but me I had me a salad with some of the meat I had made. SO good.

That was my day in a nutshell. I challenged myself also buy just doing black and white. I really had fun and saw the next 15th is the day after Valentine's day which I believe will be really fun to shoot as I'll be shoot lots the day before as I am planning something for the kids.

So did you give 15 on 15 a try? If you did please leave me a link so I can see what you captured.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Real life right Now

I have a to do list longer then I could even begin to tell you. My oldest daughter is home because of dental surgery she had and so is my youngest son as it was a short school day.  Hurrying to figure their lunch which ended up being simple Ramen noodles instead of the meal I had wanted to make for them.

Texts to my husband wondering what am I going to make for dinner as we haven't had a chance to go grocery shopping. Having a donut & diet coke for lunch. Videos that need to be recorded but paused more times then what has been captured. Original posts that were suppose to go up in min prep due to lack of content.

My kitchen looking like it exploded and making me want to cry. Still in my pajamas and not planning in changing. Trash bags I have to pull out so the boys can take it out but stuck watching cartoons with the kids.

Typing this on my iPad because I have someone who has been stuck to me like glue these past weeks 

Guess there is tomorrow to try again right? Now where is that box of donuts. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Taking the Challenge of 15 on 15 for 2015

So are you asking the question of hmm what's up with all them 15's Ellie. Well glad you are wondering because it's a little challenge I want to do.

Each year I see amazing gals sharing you could say their take of "Day in the Life "with doing a certain amount of pictures a day each month and although I have tried it before seems I always fall flat on doing it,but this is my year to do it. I mean if the year and date aren't screaming at me to try again I don't know what will.

So on January 15th it will be my 1st of the monthly series. Do you want to join me? I know many of you are also doing 365 (or trying to? ) I am as well. What I have said to myself is DO NOT STRESS. These projects are for YOU. There is NO need to post anywhere these are for you. To be able to document your days is what is the most important.

 I must say it's been nice to pick up my DSLR and capture us so far this year.

To me outtakes are the best! I love to take "test" pics" to get the sillies out before we do a more posed picture. This was one of them. Best thing ever is having a wireless remote for my camera so we can ALL get in the silliness.

Capturing firsts like Isy walking in the snow and the reactions of her siblings is a double bonus.

Capturing the magic of birthdays.

I know it will be a challenge for me to keep it to only 15 pictures because it seems when I grab my DSLR I just want to keep snapping but I am up for the challenge.

How about you will you join me? See you on the 15th!

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