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Thursday Thoughts: Godness Status

This past week, to be honest, I have NO clue how I haven't just about had a nervous breakdown. Yup. Seriously. I have been working extra hard and my brain just about said "hmm you need to stop or we will."

I actually am working on getting a new blog up (which I did) No this one isn't going anywhere. With the new blog, I also was making a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account PLUS keeping up with this blog and what I needed to do at home.

I picked last week because my husband had off for the week and so I thought OK this is the best time if ever as he could hold the fort while I did this (which I started on last Tuesday) and finished by Friday.

If you had signed up for my newsletter the last one I sent, I shared how I am on a deadline. As my youngest God willing will be headed to school in September and it's either I am up and running making an income from home or I will go and work outside the home.

I love my blog and being able to be home for when any of the kids come home (next year all 4 will have different schedules) and I would love to be able to earn my income from home but if nothing changes then Plan B will go into action but more on that at a later date.

So seeing this below had me laughing in the midst of my just about breakdown...

I would love if you stopped by my new blog: Memories In These Stories and said hi! Today is actually our Friday which I am thankful for because a 3 day weekend is a good way start to try to recharge, before we do some celebrating next week.

My youngest son's birthday is Monday and I will have a 14 yr old and 18 male teens in my house. YEAH anyone want to donate some money to buy me a supermarket! OH how I love my young men and boy can they eat! 

As always thank you so much for stopping by. What have you been up to this week. Leave a comment below and let me know.

Ready for Spring with PrAna

Can you go into your closet and pick out your two favorite pieces. Are they from the same company?

I was able to have the opportunity to pick and experience just this after choosing two pieces that not only felt good and are incredibly comfortable but it actually made me happy to put them on and learn about the company who made them.

I had not really heard of PrAna until I was able to work with them. I was so impressed as I learned more and if you want to see more watch this small video below.

Isn't it amazing? I love it. It made me love my pieces that much more. More than ever, people just like you and me are seeking ways to spread positivity in our country.

One way to do that is to make sure every purchase you make and every gift you give has a positive impact on our planet. 

PrAna offers organic, hemp, sustainable, and fair trade items so that consumers feel great about the things they wear and the items they give. Are you wondering what I picked?

First off it was so hard to pick just two items as I wanted it all. I knew I would want something with pockets for my top because being a mom I always need pockets. I choose the Gotu pullover hoodie, of course, I had to choose black because 90% of my clothes are that color.

For my bottom, I picked the Brenna pants.  As I stated I have loads of black clothes so I thought these were unique and had to try them out.

I loved the knitted detail on the sweater. It is very pretty  and I've received completes already on it.  I actually want to order the other colors they have when I get a chance.

What I loved about my sweater is the pockets are deep and have enough room for my phone and wallet when I am going on a quick errand run.

Check out my pants. They have a great cut and the detail on the legs and back pocket of the pants make these more than just another pair of pants. They are super comfortable and great for a day at the office or being out and about.

Now I am happy to share that I have a code for you to use to get a discount and pick up a new outfit for Spring.

Use my Promo Code: ib4pEA to get a 15% discount off of the prAna clothing you purchase through April 20, 2017.

I'd love if you would stop by PrAna and let me know what you want to purchase.

*This was a non-monetary sponsored post but I did receive product to facilitate a true and honest review. All thoughts and review are of my own*

Not Your Regular Boring School Lunches

Are you kids looking at their lunches and saying oh not again the same old sandwiches?! It can get hard to make interesting lunches for the kids especially as we are half way done with the school year.

Today I wanted to share a few little simple lunch ideas for those like me who have to pack lunches and don't have too much time.
These are quick and easy to make and will have your kids thanking you once they get home and giving you all the praises for such yummy lunches.

Grilled Sandwich: Never underestimate the power of an awesome grilled cheese sandwich. In my case, I love to add different cheese and turkey and then use my waffle maker to make it even that much more awesome!

Pizza Wraps: This is one that my kids love to help to make as it's super easy and fun to do. Give a kid something to roll no matter the age and they can't help but smile. I let them add the cheese and anything else they would like to put into them.

Loaded Mac and Cheese: This is a wonderful idea that you could use for dinner and use the leftovers for the kid's lunch. At my house my 10 yr old if she could she'd eat mac and cheese every day! What I like to do is to add extra cheeses and turkey and even some broccoli and pop it in the oven for a bit and it makes it that much better!

Soups/Pasta: For this, I entrust my Pinterest boards. I have found so many yummy soups and pasta recipes to give my kids that they have enjoyed. These are extra filling and can give them a boost to finish their school day strong.

Hopefully, these will give you a little idea to get those school lunches prepared for your kids. I'll be sharing a few new recipes and share once they get kid approved around here.

Do you guys have any favorites that your kids always ask for in their school lunches?

Favorite Friday: The Green Edition

To Finish up the week and to join in the fun the luck of the Irish today. I'm sharing you my 5 favorite green items I use when I am working out. I actually didn't even notice I had so many green things until I  really looked at my things. I think I picked them in this color because they are bright and well they stand out especially when I'm trying to rush out the door for a run or to the gym.

So here are my Favorite Five for you to go and order now cause Spring is coming! It's not just Spring Fever but workout fever!

Under Armour Water Bottle:

 I'm pretty sure you will be familiar with this name and know it will be heavy duty. Tell me how many times will you drop your bottle in a day? I can't be the only one right? Especially if you are in the gym and are moving from machine to machine.  This is the bottle that can take a licking and keep on ticking! My husband is actually happy about it and calls this the Ellie Proof bottle! Plus it's not that bad in price. So go ahead and pick yourself one and thank me later!

Sports Armband Sweatproof:

 I love to run and have talked about this plenty here but in order for me to get motivated to run I need some good tunes. I love this armband because it's sweatproof. I have had a couple other armband but have ended up not liking them because it would get well sweaty and if I went out on a run I would still have to carry my money or something and I don't like putting it in my pants as I run so this is perfect. Everything stay safe and in place.

Compression Running Socks:

I didn't start to wear these until last Summer and they have made a word of difference as far as helping those aches and craps you get after doing a good nice long run. They really do make a difference.

Fast-Drying Towels

This is actually one of the most important things I've found.  I use to use regular towels but by the end of my workout I would want to throw them as they are icky but these are really fast drying and with a 3 pack you can bring them home wash the one you used and replace it with a fresh towel.

 Light Weight Jacket

I actually have this jacket in different colors I love it so much. It's comfy, lightweight and my favorite thing is it has a hoodie. Alright, confession. When I workout I totally go into a Rocky mode. Hoody on and focus and I may or may not scream out AAAADRIENE after a run what again... I CANNOT be the only one. See the need for the hood.

These are my favorite five for today and I hope they will help you on your journey to get healthier you. Which do you think you will go grab up first?

*This post may have affiliate links.Thank you*

4 Easy Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

We survived the crazy snow storm yay! Although it wasn't that much snow more like frozen mush! This AM the kids were expecting a delay but instead, we got a late bus and everyone hustling to get out the door (carefully) but I wanted to make sure their bellies were full and warm and so today I'm sharing  4 easy and super fast breakfast I make for my kids and myself to get us ready for our days. (Especially like today!)

1- Chia Pudding : Just add 1/2 cup of Almond milk 1/4 cup of water and two tablespoons of Chia seeds. Sometimes I'll have it soak overnight but more then likely I'll do it when I get up and eat it after I have finished getting dressed and getting the kids out the door.  I love this because you can add so many thing to it. I love to add a 1 tsp of PB2 and a banana it will fill for a good amount of time. Or you can add strawberries, blueberries.. Go Fruit happy! My kids love it too because they like the texture the chia seeds give and they don't even know how awesome and healthy it is for them!

2- Hard Boiled Eggs: This is another one that you could do ahead of time just boil 1/2 dozen and have then ready to go when you need them. Again add a fruit (we love bananas here)  and your ready to grab and go!

3- Overnight Oatmeal: This you actually have to take a bit of time to put it together the night before but what is good is you could make a couple of servings and different variations that it's worth it. For us a favorite is : 1/2 cup of Almond milk, 1/2 cup of greek vanilla low fat yogurt,1/2 fast oatmeal, and  2 tsp of chia seeds. I love using mason jars which you could get at a craft store for pretty cheap and the kids love that they get to eat of the jars. There are plenty of recipes that you could create. It's fun to experiment with different fruits and recipes.

4. Yogurt and Granola : An oldie but goodie that never fails. Grab a yogurt and add some granola and it's yummy and so filling. I love this when especially to grab right before those early games the kids have. They eat it and get that extra boost of energy to play.

I hope these give you a few ideas and let you see that you don't need to have some elaborate meal planned to eat healthy. The most important thing is to make sure you do eat breakfast that will start you the right way to having a productive day!

What are some of your favorite go to breakfast you love and your family love?

3 Workouts in Under 30 Minutes

How busy are you every day? I know you must be looking at the screen saying "Girl I hardly any time to even come can read this post but I love you so much I had to check out what this was about" or at least I hope that's what your saying. Seriously though I know our lives are always go, go and go but I truly believe we have to give ourselves the time each day (or try) to do a little something to work on ourselves.

Here are 3 workout that don't take too much time but you'll see a difference when you stick to doing them.  You'll be sure to have to give yourself a high five! (or is that just me who does that?)

So go grab a mat and join me!

There are 6 different moves in this short video to help with that little pooch area:

Next is my favorite to get moving which uses a Kettlebell. I love using the kettlebells because long after your finished  you feel the "burn" and you really feel like you have worked your whole body and not just your core.

Next is actually my favorite workout out gal she is so much fun even she is making you feel the burn and you want to ask HOW are you smiling at me your killing me, but after you done your like MAN I love Cassey!

Here is actually a 30minute full body workout that gets it all done and feeling great after.

I hope these have motivated you to get up and do a little workout today and perhaps start a routine for yourself.

What is your favorite kind of workouts do you like?

Friday Favorite: Budget on the Run

I hope you have enjoyed my series this week. To end the week I wanted to share a few of the extra sites/apps I use on my phone that help with my conquest when it comes to keeping up with my budget.

As most of you might I am a SAHM so my personal income that I bring in is pretty small but with what I have I make use of it along with my coupon savvy saving self (say that 3x fast!) and use it mostly on groceries. I have two teenage boys need I say more.

Some of these you might have heard and personally used or maybe it might be new to you.

SwagBucks: One of my favorites. This app actually rewards your for doing searches which at first I thought really how is that possible but using their search bar you are able to earn "Swagbucks"

As they add up you can trade them in for gift cards or even send an amount to your paypal account.  I like to save these up and use them for Christmas, start early and you will have a good amount to use when the time comes to shop for gifts. (I've added an affiliate link if you would like to join the fun)

Envelope 2: This is where I write down what I am spending each month.  I am making sure to break down each month each "envelope" as to how I am going to spend and it's really helped me SEE what I am doing. The key is to write it ALL down. The good, the bad and the ugly! That is a way to learn where you have to change and adjust you'd be surprised at how much that will help.

Ready For Zero : This is the one that has made me check how I'm doing with my credit. For me where my downfall happened with my credit was college.  I remember walking into campus and seeing little booths being set up in front saying oh sign up you can get a free walkman (yes dating myself) or sign up and get a bonus whatever...AHHH FOOL was I and yup took those cards and ran and YOU guessed it.. taking credit cards with no jobs and already having to pay for school BIG mistake. You guessed it MESSED up my credit till my credit was no more.

This app is one I really am loving. Seeing what is going on and getting excited to see how my credit is increasing.  I've already warned my oldest son over and over again about Credit cards. Cash is KING! (for right now for him and a debt card) 

Motivated Mom: I know you all might be saying but what does that have to do with budgeting? Well, this app helps me budget my time. I do have a planner and I write down everything but the more help I have to remind myself the better. Being able to have it an app where I can check off things is awesome. I also purchased a few of the printables it's SO much fun to just check off what I am doing. It's like a personal high 5 with each item you check off!

I hope some of these apps/sites are as helpful as they have been to me.  Are there any apps that you just can't live without that help you budget?

I'd love to hear what they are. Also this weekend is my favorite time of the year. It's time for Daylight Savings! So why not take that opportunity to start saving a little extra for the Summer.

**Disclosure: There may be affiliate links in this post Thank you for supporting my blog**