August 2007 - Adventures With Ellie


AHHH as the nights seem to be getting here quicker and the breeze a little bit more chilly I can't but think of Fall and with it my one of my fav. holidays.. Halloween. Right now I am trying to finish up a paper bag album that is just about that... Soon after I will start on my cards. How this year has gone so quickly soon I shall be talking about X-mas... wow.. so for now I shall I say Trick or Treat... what is your fav. candy or sweets??? Mine are Reese Pieces Butter Cups.. yummmmmmm

M.I.A. for a while... NOW I'm BACK!

OK my wonderful readers! I've been gone for 3 weeks but am back with some pics on what I've been up to.. Though my trip was to relax I still ended up doing my scrapbooking stuff as I couldn't even image not doing any of it for 3 weeks..

I also will be posting my goodies as I am working on lots of projects that I want to do..

Hope all of you have had a relaxing summer so far as for me I don't know where its gone so far! Gonna try to make the most of what's left!
The picture with this post is one I made for a friend who's B-day is very soon!!