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Working on that Lemonade!

Hello All! Hope your having a good week. As for me I am busy with deadlines as well working on posting my stuff on my Etsy you know my little Lemonade project I have going on!

Also I have to make my samples for my upcoming Library class in September. As well as remember when I did that little giveaway from CSN Stores.
Well guess what this time around I get to do a little review! I can't wait although its tough to decide as to what to review being they have SO much to choose from.

They even have dining tables! Ok yeah I wouldn't be reviewing that Ha.. I will prob. be reviewing something for Sassy as I am semi home schooling her this year to get her ready for school next year! (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!)

Of course you know I can't just ramble about and not leave a little something . Confession. I can not make tags. Maybe its the small space or I just make myself way too nervous. So I set out to make conquer my fear.

This one is well interesting. I had let over scraps and ribbon and well this is what came about!  The sentiment of course is from PTI.  (Enjoy the Ride)

I will try again to make another tag because this one well is just "interesting" ha... As always thank you so much for stopping by!
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