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CNS Stores Purchase Review

Hey all Happy Wednesday still a little thrown off because of the Holiday. Today was the first day of school for the boys and it went very well for my 2nd & 7th grader to say that left the Sassy one. So what better day then to give my review of the goodies I was able to revise from CNS Stores.

First off I must say that if you are gonna place an order be ready to be shocked. Why ? The SUPER DUPER Fast shipping. I know for one I am use to placing an order and having to wait a day or two before I get an email that tells me my item has shipped and then wait a week for it to arrive. Not CNS I ordered 8/25 later that night the first of 3 items I received a tracking # and then was shocked to see that the next day I tracked it I was getting it that day! The 2nd item I received a tracking # that afternoon and sure enough I was getting it next day. The 3rd item only took 3 days to get to me!  I know you must be saying well you must have gotten special treatment because you are doing this review. NOPE not at all it was done w/reg. shipping and in fact they have LOADS of other stuff that has free shipping on it.

So now would you like to see what I ordered. Well being that the boys are going back to school I semi home school sassy and so we are working on letters well spelling because she pretty much knows her letters.

So I thought that getting  Melissa & Dough Magentic Wooden Alphabets would be perfect.

Two minutes after it arrived in my house this is what happened :

Needless to say it was well liked and well she hasn't stopped try to spell ever since! (Gabi Rocks was Ram's doing ha.)

The next day this came to our house : My Very own 26 Piece Tea Cart Set

hmm I can hear you all gasp that have little girls can can image what would happen after I got that home. Right? MESS and tea parts everywhere right? Ha... But guess what Not so.. When it arrived it was just in the box and yes the evil word that parents hate all around the world assembly required.  Guess what Ram came and said I'll do it mom of course I thought hmm should I let my almost 12 yr. old build this. I actually had read some of the reviews and it said it had given some of them some diffculties building it so I was a bit worried but the boy said PLLLLLLLEASE mom let me try. I said ok and I let him know what the reviews I read said.

Sorry to who ever had issues because 35 mins. later (only because you have to take apart the plastic pieces to assemble them that was the only part that was a bit annoying) look what we had :

Oh yes one happy little Sassy Tea party making girl! Another star here from us. Last but not least we waited for this little item. I use the tea set and this following item for addition and Subtraction (see putting in some math skills w/fun ha)  Its been working and I love it!

Since Gabi loves going to the supermarket with me I thought getting her own  Grocery Items Basket

Ok this is the item that made me giggle because the things included are VERY real like. So much so that when my husband came home he saw the loaf of bread on the floor and was about to get mad and ask who had put bread on the floor  Ha... I had to tell him hmm HELLO that is Gabi's toy! So needless to say another wonderful product.

I must say I am very happy and feel very lucky to had been able to test some products out and hope you will go and check out what else CSN Stores has to offer trust me you could spend all day there! Being they have over 200+ Stores!

Well I must say if you read my whole review You SUPER ROCK (ok you already do for stopping by) I thank you and have a wonderful night!

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