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September How'd You Get Here So Quick?

Hello All... Well are you all as shocked as me that today is September 1st? Can we get a do over of the Summer. Ok not that insane heat but just the Sweet Summer. We are in super hype mode here getting ready for next Wednesday as it will be the first day of school for the boys.  Getting those last minute items. I am on a mad dash look out for Marble Notebooks. We need in total like 18 of them between both boys!

I do enjoy this time of the year though as my favorite season is right around the corner Fall. Crunchy Leaves & jacket wearing season. Love it. My Ram turns 12 (YIKES how did that happen) end of the month and just other fun events...

Today I thought I'd share a Digi Scrap Page since its been a while. I used my Digital Studio to create it.

Also thought I'd make a page of Ms. Sassy here as its been a while I've shared a page about her here.  She is growing so much each day & sassier by the minute. I am loving it. Each day I learn something new from her. I feel so honored to be able to be seeing her grow as well as her brothers.

Well I thank you so much for stopping by! Enjoy your day. 
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