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Getting Ready for the Fair & Upcoming Review!

Hello my wonderful Bloggy friends. OH How I have missed you so. I'm trying to get the hang of this working outside & Inside mom thing again Ha.. So far I'm doing good I think. I also have been trying to squeeze my love of stamping in there because I am going to give it another round this year at my sons' school annual Craft Fair.

This year it falls a week before my Bday so I said whatever I do make is going to be my Bday money! So I need to make some cute stuff people will love!

Would you like to see what I have been working on :  These are just single tags I have but keep in mind each one of these is a one of 4 in a little set I am selling :

          Then I also am working on cards sets This is a sample of one of the cards I will be selling :

I love that little ginger man isn't he the sweetest!  I have a basket that is getting filled w/ fun goodies. It took me almost  1/2 hr.  to be able to take these 2 pictures because my camera is so messed up but I promise I will keep trying so I can share what else I have been up to.

Talking of which I am so lucky to have yet another opportunity to be doing another review for CSN once again!  I was looking through their stores online and  so many amazing goodies.   I could spend a good day and still not be done looking  through it all!

They have from all those amazing learning toys I was able to review for my Sassy to even Ottoman Coffee Table!   I hope you'll go take a look as well especially with the Holidays coming along it would be a perfect place to do your all  1 stop shopping!

Well I best to get moving as today is my day off and I have to get some chores done before I go back to work tomorrow!  As always thank you so much for stopping by as always!

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