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Jumping in and LOVING It!

Happy Monday everyone in Bloggy Land! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday.

So since today is Cyber Monday have any of you done any shopping yet? I am thinking of this kids backpacks for my Sassy.  Since she is always carrying around stuff this one is JUST SO FREAKING CUTE! I love it. They have others too but I think this one matches my little ballerina prefect!
I must say I really could replay these past 4 days because they were so wonderful. Had such fun & memorable times w/my family. So if you stopped by yesterday you saw that I said I was going share a project that I am working on. Well guess what I am not the only one who is working on this project. Although this is my 1st year I am  giving it a try because to tell you the truth I had seen it last year and I was VERY afraid.  As my jaw was on the floor at how awesome and beautiful Ali's was. AH yes I mentioned the awesome super duper Ali Edwards. OH MY GOSH her work just makes me drool!

Any hoot so this year I said you know what I'm going to do it.    Actually talked to my hubby about it because I was questioning could I really be able to do a WHOLE month of scrapbooking .. I mean sure I'm known as Scrapbookmama but lets face it, it should be changed to Cardmama since I've become more of a card/stamper over the years.

Hubby encouraged me and said go for it as it would be a wonderful gift for the kids as they grow to see our wonderful Holiday memories throughout the years.

So taking a deep breath and being brave and remembering that it doesn't have to be prefect & it doesn't have to be the most glamorous as long as it has my family Christmas memories then it will be prefect (as per Ali's words)

So here is what I have so far. I placed an order over at twopeas for the additional little things I want to add but being they have one awesome sale its going to take a bit for my order to get here which is quite alright because I am guilty of being one of those people who couldn't help themselves and before this order gets here I have 2 others coming OOPS.. HEY I did say they are having an awesome sale ha...

Ok so I'm rambling how about I show you what I have so far ?

It's the perfect cover just for my family. I love that font I used which is called -Vtks Beautiful Dreams     Used my ribbon from Stampin Up and corduroy buttons and lots of texture and distressing w this Kraft binder.  All my Favorite thing all on one place.  The pages for the inside are actually from a download Ali has for sale which  I printed in my 3 favorite colors -Kraft, Cream, & Vintage Cream. I can not wait to get started on this!  (The Album is actually from Papertrey Ink)

I am planing on making little tags and also adding other things that Ali shared on her blog.  SQUEAL this is going to be so much fun. I'll be sharing my progress as I go along.

Well I think I've shared plenty today with all of you. I am working on making little ribbons for my wreath for my door. Being we have the Christmas tree up and such I want to get it done so I can enjoy and start taking pictures for my December Daily. So how about you will you be making one?

(Numbers were cut out on my Slice using Basic 1 )

As always thank you so much for stopping by!
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