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Should I Duck?

OH MY GOSH... SOOOOOOOO sorry to everyone .. If you follow me on Facebook/Twitter you've seen what I've been up to, but if you don't then you probably thought I got kidnapped huh? Ha.. BUT NO just so busy I haven't been able to keep up w/anything until now. Or so I hope so.

For starters my Craft Fair date went very well and I had such a blast! I am so happy I did it. They are suppose to have one another one in the Spring I hope to be in it as well. Also yesterday was my Bday! I had such an awesome and amazing birthday and I want to thank my friends and especially family for making me feel so spoiled.

One of my gifts was from my beloved who well has made it possible for me to come back and actually post again. My hubby got me a new camera! SQUEAL.. I am so excited so I will be able to share again my creations.

I am working on that today as well as trying to put my stamp room back together again. I will be posting pictures and their info (if I remember Ha) that way at least you can have some eye candy since I feel I owe you guys as I know you are stopping by and saying HEY nothing new? So Since I just got my camera How about I share a little picture of two of my sweet babies...

This was right before we left for church yesterday :) Well I am off as I have some heavy chores to finish up and then picture taking so stop by tomorrow for my first of say it with a Picture series!

As always thank you so much for stopping by!
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