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Oh what Wishlist it would be....

Hey everyone!

Is everyone ready? Did you get all your shopping in? As for me I am just about done. Yes I am still shopping. But Amazon.com is so my friend. Have to love their free 2 day shipping for people who like me well lets just say we love that suspense of the last minute.

I am going to try to finally post my December Daily pages which were suppose to be up yesterday but lets see- I had to run to the doctor because I got an allergic reaction to a new brand of Popcorn I tried and I woke looking like Hitch (you seen the movie? I was the sequel ) . SO I am on some meds for 6 days and just itchy. Hmm not fun.

Then my Sassy decided to play climb that mountain on the chair that we tell her NO climbing and you guessed it off she fell and we ran w/her to the ER. Praise God she is ok. She was such a Ham they even let her keep her xray. THEN my computer crashed (I'm on hubby's computer) w/a virus after my youngest son asked to see a picture of the 3 Kings we clicked it and BOOM :( so trying to fix it.

So in all that fun my day was well swept away so I'm playing catch up today.
As I was shopping online  I saw on Twitter that  Studio Calico   asked to post about your wishlist and that sure got me to thinking. I'm super easy when it comes to making me squeal give me some ink,stamps,cardstock & patterned paper I'm a happy girl.

For example we got sneak peeks of their upcoming kits.. OH NUTTY. I can't wait to get my kit but I am in trouble because the add on kits.. Well I NEED them all. So Santa oh Santa if you are reading my wishlist get me some Gift Certificates so it could come true! OH and they also have those cloud punches I've been drooling about...or those new Mr.Huey's Glimmer Mist everyone is raving about. oh to dream a Little sweet dream.

I know my family is thinking I'm a fool since all I want is to play w/paper but I can't help it. It makes me squeal..and did I mention sane?

On my non Crafty Wish list would be some active Running gear. YES because I've started to run something I never thought I would do and you know what I like it. So sneakers, and pants and a cool shirt would rock.

Then to hear my children squealing when I see their faces opening their gifts (I think mama did good this year) will be all for me. See aren't I easy ;)

Santa Calico.. what do you think?

As always thank you so much for stopping by. I am going to try and post my pages although I am kind of nervous to go on my computer but we shall see. If not I'll try to post them from my hubby's computer.
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