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Way to Start 2011

Happy Last official day of 2010!! Wow everyone has this year flown by or what? I am beyond excited to see what 2011 will hold.

As I had mentioned on my last post my hubby had ordered me a Project Life Kit and guess what came today!!

I also made a video because well I really think this is one awesome project that everyone should give it a go!  I know for myself who is always running about doing so much this makes everything so simple and everything you need is there and its up to you if you want to add more or just use what comes in this kit (I AM IN LOVE)

Here is a little video I made w/my Ramzees' help.  So anyone out there ordered a kit as well?

Time for me to go as I am making New Years Eve BBQ Wings in my Crockpot and I have to go prepare them & get the last touches of cleaning up for tonight.

We are going to be home in our PJ's and have the TV on to watch the ball drop at Times Square while we  play board games.

I truly thank our Lord for my Family and even with all its up and downs this year has brought it has made us stronger,closer and we look forward to the New Year and its adventures!

Blessing to you and yours! As always thank you for all of you that have stopped by and I look forward to sharing the coming year w/you. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
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