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Why Yes I'm a Procrastinator

There I've said it and feel all the much better.   Today I am on super speed mode as I am trying to address all my Christmas cards so I can mail them out today! YES it will get done today. It has to get done. DID you know Christmas is NEXT Saturday... EEKKK...

So needless to say I don't have my December Daily to share just yet but I will share 2 days of them I hope by tomorrow that is if all these envelopes don't bury me first

But I thought I'd share another little card w/you. I love Snowmen. Isn't he the most sweetest?  He's actually a digi stamp (you know how I love my digi images) He's from Heather Ellis.  Love all her stuff.

Just as the card say sending you warm wishes. Sure its not "officially" Winter but I beg to differ Ha.

As always thank you so much for stopping by! Wish me luck finishing up .. hmm I think I already know what the picture for today's December Daily should be can you guess?
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