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Winter Memories

Hello all!

Well we have our first No School Snow Day today! So that means staying in bed just a bit longer and then seeing wha fun can  happen outside.

For today I have another Layout I worked on.  This time I used a sketch that My Mind's Eye has which looks a bit like this :

Yes, I again turned it to the side. I don't know what is up w/me and turning sketches to the side lately? Ha but here is what I have for you.

If you visit my blog you might remember this picture which was one of the zillion pictures that I took of Ms. Sassy when we had our first snow (more like a dusting ) also remember my obsession with my new  friend Photoshop Elements, well here I went and changed the picture and just added color in certain spots for a total new look of the picture. (its just so much fun I am learning I couldn't help myself)

Then I went into my My Mind's Eye Stash and got to work.  Do you see my little clouds & sun embellishment ? That's also from My Mind's Eye.. it is seriously. I just grabbed my Copic marker and some white ink and We have the embellishment I needed to match my layout!

So next time you don't have something to match your layout grab a marker and get to work or another thing I love to do is emboss it the color you need. That's a way you use what you have and when you place another order for goodies you know you'll use them up because well you know what to do to make them work for anything your using. (see just gave you another reason to order more goodies.hehehe...)

I also grabbed some chipboard letters I had and again I made them work w/my layout with some ink. Took some punches to make my borders.  See the inner border did you know that is part of a patterned paper sheet that shows you what the pattern is on the back from My Mind's Eye.

I am not that good at a free hand cutting so I did the next best thing. I cut that piece out and I have my edge I needed. Again another example of how to use all your stash.

I also used lots of pop up dots so the lay out could have different layers on it because of the My Mind's Eyes elements that way they balanced out.

All in all this layout sure does make me smile. I can't wait to take pictures of all 3 kids later today in the snow I wasn't able to do it with the last blizzard we had because the wind was really strong.  This one they said its just going to snow and not as intense with the wind.  So we shall see what we do.

As always I thank you so much for stopping by and if your out in this blizzard by you keep safe but remember to have a bit of fun too!
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