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Relaxed, Happy & Fun- Project Life Friday

Happy Friday everyone.

Wow what a difference a week makes. This week I must say (Starting w/last Saturday has been amazing) Each day it was a day to reflect and feel blessed to have my family. Each picture I took I thought about how these moments were in a way frozen in my pictures and in my Project Life Album. I feel so happy that I decided to do this album. I feel as this is a way to be able to capture moments for my children and myself so that when they are older they can experience their childhood again.

My Wishes for them as they look back into the album they see the love their daddy & I have for them as well their family around them. For me if I do anything else this year it will be to make sure I work on this album for them.

With each week I complete I add a bit more of my heart & love into it so when they open up the album years to come they will feel the love pouring out to them with each memory they relive. That is what Project Life is to me. Thank you so much Becky for putting this together. I can't wait 5 years to know to look back at the 1st album I had put together. How much fun will that be. Ok now that I've gone extra mushy here HOW ABOUT I announce  the winner of the Fitness Magazine Sub :

Jenny V. said...
Love this page. Thanks for the chance.
 Congrats Jenny if you could please email me at ellie dot augustin at gmail dot com so I can get your sub on the way! 
  Now for my share of the week Here are a few pictures of my album this week : 

Here is my Layout I added to my Album this week :

As Always thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful weekend OH and if your wondering about my weigh in. Down another 1.8 YAY! :)
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