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What's in a Day?

Hello Bloggy Friends!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  As I had posted before mine went faster then I could even  finish blinking twice before we were at Monday again.

Today I have a little card I made being it is Valentine's Day. Random Fact : I actually don't do anything today sure I made my boys some sweet treats for them to take to school and hopefully later on today we will be going to get some Sundaes as treats oh and Hubby took Sassy and I for breakfast this AM but that's about all we do around here.

Don't get me wrong I am super mussy and the most sentimental soul if you ask anyone yet today I am not. Go figure right.  I guess to me I enjoy showing my love and affection on other days not days that it seems "commercial" and so overrated I don't know maybe I'm just strange ha..

So no flowers or balloons or anything like that here BUT I Can't wait to hear about what happened at school today THAT should be interesting to hear from my boys . Remember Valentine Day at school now that was always fun.

So I thought today I'd leave you with a little mushy card for all times sake.

Tomorrow I shall be back with some layouts I have been having trying some fun sketches and can't wait to share with you! OH remember if you would like to win that free Sub to FITNESS Magazine comment HERE

Before I go here are 2 pictures that were taken today SO going into my Project Life album! I just might scrap them I love them so much :

 Hubby & My Sassy.. Tugging at my heart again these two! :)

Sassy & I before heading out! :)  That's all my rambling for now as always thank you so much for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day.
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