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Project 52- Starting off Late but better then Never Right? (WEEK 12)

Photography.. Its making me evolve. There is such an amazing world when you look through the lens of your camera. It really has been another level of learning for me. For me when I have been capturing my kids or daily life its always been a way to freeze time, a way to hold on to the memory of whatever it is that I took a picture of.

I am seeing more and more that all these projects I have embarked this year are all connected. Its my way of sharing and learning from my enivorment and hoping whoever sees it be it my family,friends or whom ever will get something that will make them stop, learn or hold on to something of theirs they didn't think otherwise.
One of my most favorite sayings that I always say is "You never know unless you try" This is what I am doing now even though they are already into week 12 of Project 52 I want to jump in. Since I have been blessed now with new equipment I want to take advantage of it, learn from it. Then tie it all into my world with what I have been doing which is scrapbooking. After all it is a little bit of this and a little bit of that all leading back to my love of paper crafting right? Ha.

So I figure Sunday will be the day I pick to showcase  my Project 52 with what I have learned and hope you will enjoy what I share.  

So with that little intro here is Week 12 :

[dawr, dohr]
1.a movable, usually solid, barrier for opening and closing anentranceway, cupboard, cabinet, or the like, commonlyturning on hinges or sliding in grooves.
2.a doorway: to go through the door.
3.the building, house, etc., to which a door belongs: My friend lives two doors down the street.
4.any means of approach, admittance, or access: the doors tolearning.
5.any gateway marking an entrance or exit from one place orstate to another: at heaven’s door.
6.lay at someone’s door, to hold someone accountable for;blame; impute.
7.leave the door open, to allow the possibility of accommodation or change; be open to reconsideration: The boss rejected our idea but left the door open for discussingit again next year.

 Here are my Doors : I took this picture as I was going into the city on Thursday for my Granddad's burial. I took it edited it in Photoshop Elements.  I wanted it to feel as I did. Sadness but with the glimmer of hope & peace. This bridge took me over to  somewhere I knew I had to be with pain but with much more love.

As always thank you So much for stopping by & don't forget about my giveaway I already am seeing some new friends hopping aboard so Welcome :) I shall be back later today with my Project Life FINALLY ha.. Although it will be later tonight as its my Sweets Birthday! YAY.. I feel so blessed and so Happy. Enjoy your Sunday everyone & Hopefully I'll catch you later!
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