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So Wonderful to See March

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Its so wonderful to be entering into March don't you think? I really love March. For starters yesterday was my 9th Wedding Anniversary! Time is sprung forward (the 13th I believe) Spring Arrives and it bring my Sweet's 8th Birthday on the 27th. What is not to love about March. oh and how I can forget for the men in my family March Madness & lets not forget my beloved baseball practices will be starting Whoop Whoop! As a matter of fact if Ram is cleared this week he will finally be able to remove his protective boot and try out for the school team.

Which is something he has been dreaming about doing since he entered the school. So if you could send good vibes for my boy I'd be forever thankful. So Now that I have shared why I love March how about I share a layout that has me smiling ear to ear.

First off this sketch I got from TwoPeas which is  the Scrapbook Stamping Sketch for  March 2011:

When I saw this sketch first thing that stuck out was the 5 x7 picture as I had never scrapbooked with that size picture but I love a challenge and since it was my anniversary I knew just what picture could go right there.

This is my take on this sketch :

This layout sure makes me smile and  it had a long time coming being these are the first Wedding pictures I scrapbook. YES seriously. Actually these pictures are from 2 years ago when my Husband and I
 had the Convalidation of our marriage at Church.

Our "orginal" wedding day we just got married in City Hall and really don't take pictures as back then I didn't have a digital camera.   In between moves the pictures I did have got lost :(  So I am happy that I have these pictures.  Beside in these pictures I have my wedding dress on which was actually  purchased during the time of our "original" marriage but I never got to wear.  Yes I was super excited it  still fit even after having our babies!

I am beyond blessed and could never have dreaming of having such an amazing and supportive and loving man by my side and thank our Lord for him and our children each day. As my anniversary present my hubby got ticket for us to see John Leguizamo's Ghetto Klown which I can NOT Wait! :) Bonus we get to go to the city which I love to do, my hubby on the other hand lets just say he doesn't like public transportation so Ha.. you know he loves me to get on trains :)  PLUS I get to take pictures of us YAY!

 I had mentioned above that my Sweets is turning 8 at the end of this month well I decided I am going to make a little mini album of him. Thinking in the lines of a Chipboard album.

Plan is to take a picture each day until his birthday which is the 27th. Let's see if I can do it. I did take a picture yesterday so that's a start right?

Well as always thank you so much for stopping by! I think we should have another giveaway on Thursday they are really fun what do you think? Well I am off as the boys have a half day today so my house will be busy early off I go to figure out what will be for lunch enjoy your day.
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