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Project Life Thursday- 5 years & My Winner

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone's week is going well as for us fast moving as its been as of late. Today I don't have a layout of my Project Life but a collage I put together that I just want to frame and place in my Project Thursday Album :

I made this as today marks 5 years our Sweet Anjelique returned to our Lord. I am beyond blessed with my 4 babies.   As for our Anjie  I have been  blessed because she taught me so much the 2 1/2 mths she was here. I have grown & know because of her to  have a closer relationship and understanding w/our Lord.  I am also beyond happy that as you can see I have many pictures (LOTS more as well) that I took of her so I am able to show Sassy her big sister and I also have 2 scrapbook albums which I had made.

This is another reason I truly love Project Life because I am capturing our memories be it small or big throught this year .  Those precious little moments. No matter how small they each implant a memory in your head.

You may forget about it but I bet if you see a picture of that moment you will be flooded w/its memory. So today as I reflect I give praise to our Lord for my precious Little moments.

If you wondering how I made the collage I used one of the templates from the awesome I am so totally addicted to Kerri .   Love her stuff I just can't enough. Trust me if you go there you'll see what I'm talking about. 

Now how about I post our winner of the Studio Calico GC ?

My winner is :

Liz in MO said...
I started following you officially! Check you blog frequently, love it.
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