Just a Tiny Bit Busy.. ok more like BIG Busy..but loving it! - Adventures With Ellie

Just a Tiny Bit Busy.. ok more like BIG Busy..but loving it!

Hey Friends!

Just wanted to post really quickly and thank the new friends for stopping by. It really puts a smile on my face to read a new comment & see a new friend. So thank you again.. So hmm remember I said this week was gonna be crazy, well how about I show you today's crazy busy moment of the evening...

(oh our interent was down yesterday and with deadlines due THAT is not a good thing. I think I got a couple of more grays cause of it .. Hubby just gave me the look ha...)

Ok so I had to play catch up and well this is what happened today :

Ha.. SEE a little bit busy :) hehehe... BUT I am happy to report my deadlines are complete with a almost 2 hrs. to spare. See I love you guys so much I came to blog about it Ha.. Or maybe I'm just delirious at this point but I know I could come and share and you guys would understand my madness right? 

I am about to try to find my desk and put things in order so that tomorrow I will be able to tackle my next deadline. Truth be told nothing makes me happier. I love to create to be able to do this is just such a blessing.

I find I learn something new each time I do. I know that is why I get the same feeling watching my boys play baseball its that amazing twinkle they get each time they run out there to do it. NOTHING like it.

This weekend will also another of those moments I will be holding dear and cherish as I watch my sweet youngest do his 1st communion.  
Lets not forget Mother's Day as well ,could I ask for a better weekend.  

As I leave I send you big hugs & smiles as always thank you so much for stopping by Oh and don't forget about my giveaway

Lets see if I find my desk now Ha.
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