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Project Life Video- Trying something New!

Hello everyone!

Its Project Life Thursday. Today I decided to experiment and try something new. I thought why not make a video of what I do on Thursdays. Warning this is my first walking video and I had to put 3 little videos together to make this 3 minute walk. I guess Speed walking is not a thing to do while talking and recording lol.. BUT Since we are friends I thought I'd share anyway. Real life and that is what Project Life is all about right?

Also you know what is cool that you can take frames from your video you might take and have your pictures of the day!

So without further ado here is my little funny Project Life Video :

As always I thank you for stopping by & have a wonderful evening. TONIGHT is Grey's Anatomy season finale so I will be enjoying that to the fullest I have my popcorn ready!
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