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Who asked for this Weather

SERIOUSLY... I thought we were  getting over this rainy chilly mess? I was enjoying my sunny days until BAM here we are again.. SIGH...  Never the less the amount of busy never slows down huh.

Boys have changed over to Summer Uniforms although I am feeling really bad for Sweets because its chilly out there and the boy has to wear shorts! Ram should be ok all he needs is his school polo shirt and slacks since he's a "7th grader" go figure LOL..

Any hoot its about to be almost 3pm and I am eating my lunch as I blog yes I am queen of multi tasking. If I wasn't I'd be in a corner hiding somewhere.

So why all the ramble well because I haven't made anything new BUT I will share a reject little card that didn't get picked up for Paper Crafts 2012 Card a Day book issue but I will be having  3 cards in it!

SQUEAL can you believe it I am in cloud a million every time I think about it! SO exicted!!

Any hoot here is a little card that didn't get picked up  :

I think this is the BEST Day EVER ! Really its a Holiday you didn't know? GASP why December 15th! So now you know and no reason not to celebrate right :) Ha..

Well I have less then half an hour to figure out the boys snacks and pick up the clothes that are dry and put them away before I get to hear what they did today.

As always thank you so much for stopping by!
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