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Playoff Weekend!

Just wanted to stop by & say HEY everyone. Just a quick stop by & say I'll be away for most of the weekend (I will have my Simple as that tomorrow) as its the start of our Playoffs! Well Ram's is. Sweets last reg. game will be tomorrow at the same time as Ram will be playing so we shall be split and on phones trying to keep up w/both games!

So before I go I thought I'd share a pic with you guys :

These were the boys getting home from Field day, once we have this day we know its almost time for school to end we have less then 3 weeks to go before this year comes to an end. I can't believe how fast time has flown by.  Soon it will be time for backyard water balloon fights, playing with bubbles and sleeping in till 9 (yeah cause my kids DO NOT believe in sleeping any later )

Hope you are enjoy your weekend. Hopefully we get to squeeze in the Children's Museum this weekend as its free and that is one place Sassy hasn't been and I dying to get her in there. OH I will have one mama fun picture taking time seeing all the fun these 3 will have in there!

As always thank you so much for stopping by!
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