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Its The Little Things

Today's post is just to share on what I am up to. I have loads of stuff going on which all are wonderful. No matter how busy it gets we always have to remember and stop and just enjoy the little things. Yesterday we got a chance to head on over to the beach. Although we didn't have any bathing suits,towels as we were just planning on going by the board walk, wet our feet and head home.

Of course that is not what turned out to be. It turned into a full on few hours of giggling fun. This would be Sassy's first real time at the beach as the other times she was too small to really enjoy it.

As I stood back (of course you know I had my camera) I watched my boys, Sassy & Hubby have the most awesome laughs & fun and just felt so blessed to have my awesome family. 

I got to thinking of how even w/budget crunches around here that is not important because what we have is worth more then ANYTHING as long as we are giving all our Love & attention to our kids & they keep those as memories of what they looked forward to enjoying more of in the Summer well I could not ask for anything more.

Today we are going to take it easy, we have movie day in the works as before heading to the beach we had to take Sassy for a check up and she got 2 shots and she did AWESOME not even a semi tear (thus why we went to the beach ha) but one of her arms is sore poor sweet girl so we are going to take it easy.  Also this humidity is acting crazy & my asthma is not happy about it so inside day it is.

Well if you have stayed here this long for my rambling I think I should share a bit of our day yesterday right? This is just a little collage I put together to stick into my Project Life Album lets just say  I went a little shutter happy and have 167 pics :)

Hope you'll be back tomorrow as I have some pages to share as well as  anupdate on my SMASH album & maybe a little giveaway!

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As always thank you so much for stopping by!
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