Simple as That : Week in the Life -My Day 6 - Adventures With Ellie

Simple as That : Week in the Life -My Day 6

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday as for me its another quiet day.  I wanted to mix my Simple as That w/my Day 6 Week in the Life with you.

Day 6 was all about my Sassy.  The 1st picture happened because I usually do a workout in the AM either I run or I do a Zumba workout. This AM I had told her Hey I'm gonna go Zumba which usually means she runs to the living room and is my little "cheerleader" and usually joins in but this AM she looked at me and said Oh good luck w/that and keep playing with her barbies. I looked at her and said OH really.. I went put the game on and then went to put a few things away before I got my workout in and while I did I heard the workout begin and as I went to see what happened. The 1st pictures tells it all.  That's my Sassy girl!

The 2nd picture is her in her element. She plays dress up and barbies all day long and this was outfit #4 She took a sash from one of her going out dresses and made a belt.  That's my little fashion mogul.

I love that I have been able to catch little moments which tell the story of our everyday and each one person in my family.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday as always thank you so much for stopping by!

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