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Threads of My Week in The Life With a Splash of Exploring

Happy Monday everyone. How was your weekend. Ours was amazing fun & everything else you could imagine! I decided that this year I would join Ali Edward doing My Week in The Life. This was my 1st go at it since it seems this Summer has become a document my Life kind of Summer.
Thought it would be fun to have a week that really would document every bit (or most) of what really goes on around here.

I actually started my "week" on Saturday as I really wanted as I knew it would be jam packed of 1st things/tries for us.

I wanted to Document this in a different way & since I REALLY am into Mini albums right now I thought why not make one for this week.

I was inspired by Ali's Scrapbook on the Road class she has which is BEYOND amazing.  As well  as meshing some things with  Shimelle's class- Explore   

So these are the "bones" to my Week in the Life Album which also will be the picture of my Prompt for today's Explore class.

As you can see there is paint, fabrics,and lots of textures for my album which is all new and fun to me.  I'll be sharing a few pictures of our Week so far on my next post today (YES 2 posts today) as I am waiting for "quiet time" around here to record Ha..

Lets see how lucky I get with that if not I'll just create a slide to share what I've been up to (YAY Project Life is all caught up!)

Also don't forget about the giveaway I have going and my Poll (but it looks like I'm not the only one loving Mini albums nowadays)

Thanks for stopping by and remember to check back later for to see what I've been up to w/Project Life.
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