Week in the Life -My Day 2 - Adventures With Ellie

Week in the Life -My Day 2

 Happy Wednesday. Yesterday was so much fun, full of fun with the family.  Today I am sharing my Week in the Life Day 2 (which was Sunday) No worries you'll see what we did today later in the week.
I also was able to record my Project Life! YAY.... BUT I have to edit the video BOO Ha.

Bet your wondering if I really am ever going to share what the heck I am up to with that huh? How about you?  Are you doing Project Life if so how are you doing w/it. I've said it before and I'll say it before it really is wonderful and one of the most meaningful projects I've done.

So now before I keep rambling on how about I share what we we did Saturday.  First off I must say did you know you need a different memory card for DSLR.  Well guess what I found out the hard way. Seems the memory card I have in my camera can't support (as my brother told me) all the stuff I am putting into it and so to compensate it erases what pictures I might have taken beforehand!

Instead of having a LOAD of pictures ( I think I had just about 100) of all the fun we had on  Sunday I ended up w/just 13 (yeah remember my road trip I thought it was fluke w/the memory card now I finally know why it happened. I  have a new memory card on its way that will support all my picture taking since we are going on another mini road trip soon!)

So this is what I was able to capture on Saturday  (YEAH for jounarling)

As you can see I was able to capture some moments from our stop at our Annual Church Feast which was a blast!  Sassy has 2 new little pet goldfish that she won and since Sunday night has been checking on them constantly.  Oh my gosh I hope those little goldfish do well :)

Also we were able to stop at Sonic which since my trip to Utah 3 years ago I had been dreaming of visiting again but unfortunately we didn't have one near us.

When I found out there was one by my Mother in Law I had to tell hubby to take us there.  We had tried before to go but they had just opened and the line to get in was INSANE (talking more then 45 mins. wait) but on Sunday we got in after a 5-10 min wait. SO yummy just as I remembered.. Cherry Limeade YUM. Ha..

Well I hope you are enjoying your week & if you are doing Week in the Life I hope you are having as much as I am. I am off as we are going to see what we can fill in today. We just might see if we get to the beach again today.

 As always thank you so much for stopping by!
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