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Week in the Life - My Day 3

Hey Hey! Wow Thursday already...sigh.. For me tomorrow is going to be my last "Week in the Life..sigh" but at least I get to relive it by sharing with you.  I also love that I have gotten to peek into some of your daily life (for those that are doing this as well )

So are you ready for my Day 3 Which was Monday :

Monday always are super busy around here. Guess that is what Monday is about right?

Started out w/our toothpaste. Why is it that kids have to squeeze the poor thing? Pic was my attempt to trying to fix it  :)

Being that I mention my Iced Coffee daily(on twitter) it was only right to take a pic of my beloved Coffee magic.  Then over to Sassy who loves to play w/her barbies and usually what she does is go behind her "kitchen" to play.  I love to hear her little play talk.  Monday is usually when I clean and had to use one of my favorite things to clean.

Mistoln is a STAPLE in most Dominican Homes TRUST ME & it smells SO awesome each time I use it I smile and it brings me back to my childhood and now my kids get to grow up to it which makes me super smile.

I was surprised with some fun goodies from Stampin Up. I've used that stamp on my cover for my Week in the Life (which I will share once the album is done) Another happy moment was when Gabi was playing she "accidently" whistled and so she spent the next 2 hrs. trying again.. She concluded that she needs to lose a tooth in order to really whistle (thank you Little Bear) After a full day the weather decided to help us cool down and so the last picture for this day was of my outside window.

I must say thank you so much for stopping and seeing what my week has been looking like so far this week.  Off I go to check what everyone else has been up to!
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