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Week in the Life -My Day 4

 Happy Friday. WOW My Week is coming to a close.  Yesterday was a not feeling too hot kind of day so I only have like 3 pictures, but for Day 4 I was a bit picture happy and hope you don't mind me sharing some with you. 

So my day starts off by waking up and see that man w/that TV yeah that's Hubby. He works nights and comes home and instead of coming to bed right he turns on his XBOX to play a round of Call of Duty.

I tell him does he release his work stress from the night when he plays. His answer YES.. YES it does. :) Then we have my Sweets eating his cereal.  We like those because they are the perfect serving and the kids can take it and serve themselves(well the boys)

Then we finally got a chance to get to the Farmer's Market where we got some yummy fruit and I got some yummy dutch apple sweet donuts.. MAN where they Good.

I should have bought more! If you had stopped by my blog before you might have known about the free bowling for kids I had mentioned well we went back again kids bowl free during the Summer. This time Daddy got into the game.

As you can see My sweets is one silly boy! We headed after some fun bowling to lunch for of course one of our favorite foods Pizza! Once again Sweets being that silly boy! After we got home I noticed I didn't have anymore ink for the printer & being Hubby had gotten some reward coupons from Staples well off I went again w/Sassy. after a quick stop to the Supermarket to get a few things.

Sassy got to a ride in her favorite cart! Came home and ate, bathed and ended the day.... I have more pics but I'll save those for my album.

Thank you so much for reliving my day with me. I really am inspired by what I have seen being shared by everyone. As always thank you so much for stopping by!
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