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Week in the Life -My Day 5

Good AM. Sharing my Day 5 with you which ended up being less then picture happy as I wasn't not feeling to well, but the pictures that I did get made me smile :

For my pictures I started off w/one of my favorite breakfast are you saying WHAT in Heaven's name is that.   Well its the most awesome tasting thing EVER.  It consists of 1 little Laughing Cow- (low fat swiss cheese) and 1 tsp. of Apricot Jam from Trader Joe's and 5 Ak-Mak Crackers (I found then at Trader Joes) its so filling and I love them because its 5 pts Weight Watcher Points for the whole thing.

Ok so it looks semi funny but TRUST me you'll be wanting to eat this daily!  I also include a banana and I am full until almost late in the afternoon.   I had to get my Ram in my pics because its seems I can only get that boy either playing baseball or by luck.  I decided this would be a day I spent w/him so I took a pic of him sleeping Ha (he gave me the look when I showed him that pic)

Later in the afternoon I told him to get dressed and lets go out, of course he said where are we going,  I remember when he was younger he never asked just got up and got excited.. Oh just about to be a teen thing huh? (13 in September! EEK)

I love Groupon.com and  I had gotten a deal a while back for movie tickets for $2.00 and so I used those up for our little trip.

We were going to see Harry Potter but turned out that the online times and the theaters were messed up.  We could have watch Captain America which I really thought he was going to choose but instead he got all excited and said Lets watch Cars 2.  Of course I thought he was kidding but NOPE he wanted to watch it and so we did. 

It turned out to be a cute movie and my nephew who is about to turn 4 is the BIGGEST Cars fan but I don't really thing he would have enjoyed it as much as he had the 1st in my opinion because it was more plot and talking but it was good.

We headed home and for dinner we had Turkey burgers and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.  Today is Saturday and its looking like a very,very low key day. Ram left to my SIL until tomorrow and Sweets is still sleeping (he is so his father's child) Ms. Sassy is off in Barbie world as for me.

My back is feeling funny, wanted to go for a run but don't want to push it.
Hoping for some happy mail although I tracked it and its looking like maybe Tuesday (my new memory for my camera) I wanted to head out w/the kids to try it out but we shall see. Hope you enjoy your Saturday and thank you so much for stopping by!
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