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Project Life Update.. Yes you read that right

I know bad Ellie its been FOREVER since I've been trying to update. I had a video got easered. Then I tried recording w/my ipod but I hate that the view is so narrow so I've just ended up taking pictures. So here I am today sharing finally.

If I would have taken pictures of EVERYTHING well this post would be a never ending post of picture. For starters I thought I'd share a part of my last weekend which was super fun filled.

I wanted to showcase another way you could incorporate lots of pictures without it being overwhelming.  For this weekend I decided to use a page protector that I also use for my One Little World album each slot you are able to fit a 2 1/2 by 3 picture (more or less) which gives enough opportunity to fit lots of pictures as I did w/out it looking to overcrowded.

Another little something that I did that I thought was fun was I had drank a Fuji bottle of water. Actually it was my 1st time having it as my brother bought it for me as he was raving about it, I thought that funny so I said well I guess it needs to go into my album doesn't it. I carried the empty bottle w/me and once I came home carefully peeled it and stuck it on a kraft cardstock. I made it a bit larger so I was able to journal around it.  I also cut the Shake Shack bag we had our burgers (another first but SO will NOT be the last) eating and receipt and placed it in my album.  As well as a part of the holder to my iced coffee while I waiting for my brother & metocard that got me into the city. 

Its so funny how doing this album has made me more of a "treasure" hunter. I look for little things that will later on when I go back trigger the experience of what I was doing in that moment.  I really never did do that before I of course took pictures but now I look for trigger points that will freeze the memories.  

I actually used the Ali Edward -Tech.Tuesday stamp -This one. I say it each month I get a stamp in the mail but seriously this has to be one of my favorites. Its full of quotes, sayings that go perfect with Project Life & pages I've been doing lately.  

Well I am off to print off that missing journal that is on the first picture as I didn't have ink AGAIN but my hubby rocks and brought me some therefore I can finish that week & work on this week. I can't believe its already Friday!

Less then 3 weeks and school starts. WOW. I have loved every bit of Summer yes I have. Hope you have enjoyed your day. As always thanks for stopping by.

Oh & if you have a chance remember to visit my little Photography blog. I currently am working on seeing if I can have sponsors for that blog so I can start doing fun giveaways. I really am enjoying photography and hope you'll come along that adventure w/me as well!
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