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Week in the Life -My Day 7 My Thoughts...

Being able to grow from the experience and record little moments I wouldn't have usually was gift enough.   I have been picture happy this Summer but this went into it much more deep. Time is super precious and goes by so quickly as do the days but this helped in a way slow down time. 

Each day I am thankful for my kids and Husband. We do have our moments that are hard but what helps is knowing our love we have for each other and faith is beyond anything I could have imagined. 

 Being able to do document in extra detail a week to intertwine w/other projects I am doing is just something I have cherished.  I know I might sound like a broken record but for me right now this of most importance.

I was thinking of how my kids are growing so fast and of how our Anjelique would have been going into school this year.  Of course it did make me sad but my husband reminded me what an amazing gift she was and how much we have all gained and learned from her short life and so because of her and the gift she contuines to be in our lives  I will live each day to the fullest and smile.

With each smile that is given to me by her siblings and love from her daddy I will remember to let go of the petty things and hold on to the simple little things because they will fill my heart w/the most joy and peace. 

Thank you so much again Ali for helping us document a Week in our Lives.
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