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Bad Busy Ellie

Wow its been a week since I posted here! Sorry about that well this happened :

So we are trying to get everything together and that extra list of supplies that ALWAYS seems to come even after you swore you bought one of each thing at the store.

This year Sweets is getting a very special teacher, she was Ram's 1st grade teacher  and she gave him the love of reading so I am hoping now that Sweets has her I hope she'll do the same for him in 3rd grade.

She sent the 1st newsletter and the first sentence said this year is going to be all about reading YAY.   She was so amazing w/us and I  feel so happy & blessed that Isaac will get to enjoy her! We Love you Mrs.Whalen.

Also Ram got the teachers he wanted which is a good thing good way to end his time at the school (OH MY GOSH he's going to H.S. next year! OK back to enjoying this year).   This first quarter of the school year is suppose to read Romeo & Juliet. This is gonna get interesting :)

Oh I am so excited for the boys and so proud.

Now I have a giveaway don't I, but I had been so busy that I didn't post about it on my Photo Blog so if you don't mind I'm extending it just a bit more until Tuesday when I will pick my Winner :)

In between it all I have been working on my photography blog which has become a fast place of where I can share my inspiration through my lens but I also have been working on other things as their are current Magazine calls running and I'm giving it a go too.

Here is a page I've been trying to finish since Tuesday I am determined to finish it today!

This is an everyday early AM routine for my Sassy- playing barbies.. This day she was singing a tune & yay for my Ipod camera.. snap got it...  :)

Well that is all from this busy side of the world hope you'll come back around & check on my little piece of the bloggy world.

I thank each of you that  take the time and leave me a comment & let me know your thoughts and shares I do enjoy each of them! 

Happy Friday! Go out and enjoy it.

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