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 Today will be run about like a crazy person because this coming week starts school & well Mama has last minute strings to tie. Oh & throw in a Family Labor Day BBQ

Even w/ being super busy I wanted to share today's prompt.

People I love 

It was actually a bit hard, not because of what the prompt was but HOW long my list would be so instead of doing it directly I'll share some moments to showcase my list of Favorite Moments with People I love this Summer. 

Some favorite Summer family moments were hanging w/my brother, seeing my youngest nephew w/my Sweets, My Beloved at a family gathering, Sassy's just for fun Photo Shoot and Ram being Ram upstate.. (I wanted to include a picture of my mom in there too but that is for another special post :)  ) 

Each day I am more thankful then the day before for my amazing and beautiful Family & feel so blessed.

Time is ticking by so I best get moving ,as always thank you for stopping by!

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