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Updates - Project Life & December Daily

Hello all, coming back from celebrating my Bday weekend I thought today would be catch up time.  My Bday gift yesterday was to spend all day in my P.J's with all my crafty stuff in bed. It was must wonderful.

I have plenty to share today so if you will get comfy and follow me as I share what I have been up to.

First up is my Project Life : Its been a long time since I've posted what I had been up to. I actually am working on my 2nd album which started in September which I am happy to say that for the most part I am caught up. I do have some journaling to do but other then that pictures are printed & in my book.

I actually have started ordering my supplies for my Project Life 2012 album. I plan on getting Clementine.  I am still on the fence as if I should get the binder or not that is the only thing. Other then that I love the different options we have this go about.


Also I wanted to share something that my husband got me for my Bday which I love dearly which is a Life Planner from Erin Condren I had been wanting one of these FOREVER but with our super tight budget it wasn't something I felt I should do. UNTIL I saw Maryann post a special that was going on on Plum where I was able to purchase a voucher which basically cut it in half & a bonus coupon which made for me to get it at half price! Of course I had to jump on it. (OK so Hubby had to jump since I couldn't stop squealing)

It is personalized and I know not only will it help w/the super busy days ahead but it will be an important part of my Project Life as well as my December daily because it will be where I jot down my journaling to keep me on track.

Speaking of December Daily I wanted to share a couple of more pages I've completed. Yesterday Elle Studio posted a Christmas Kit & being it lwas my Bday I had to treat myself right? So I purchased the "Tis" the Season" kit & those will be the last pieces to my album if I keep adding I will not have any room for anything else. Although I must say so far I am loving this album as I have started earlier then last year to get it ready.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my bits of sharing for the day. So how about you how are you doing w/your Project Life & December Daily?

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