Adventures of Elf on Our Shelf - Adventures With Ellie

Adventures of Elf on Our Shelf

Since the beginning of December we've had the honor of having a new little guest that has been staying w/us. You see she comes from the North Pole & she's one of Santa's very special helpers. Since Santa is very busy she's come to keep an eye on my 3 kiddies...

Today I share what adventures she's had some have made giggle or have been silly as can be but one thing is for sure she if the kids have been good she'll bring back a treat. If they have been naughty she'll cause some mischief of her own.

So far She's been so much fun & I love to see the kids trying to find her every morning. I plan on making a book for them to remember her when she leaves back to the North Pole until next Christmas. To Capture where she has been for the day I am using the app -  Halftone I SO Love it! I'm using the Ipod4 to do so.

How about you do you have an elf visiting your Home too?

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