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Getting Ready for Project Life 2012

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their December. Ours has been full of wonderful Fun.

I was out doing some errands and when I got home there was a package for me. It's actually my Christmas present you can say as I have loved it so during this current year my hubby made it so I will be ready for the coming year!

So today I have my Project Life Core Kit- The Clementine Addition!

I giggled because this is last year's Picture when my Kit arrived :

And this is This Years :

I've Shrunk like the Box! Ha... So you BET this will be one of the pictures I'll tuck into my album as I did w/ 2011.

I love that looking at our current album it is full of milestones I was able to do this year like becoming a runner (GASP), Losing weight, jumping into Photography and learning what it is  I need to do to push myself  to reach these goals.

I've been able to capture my children's amazing and wonderful moments & as well as all their achievements as well as things that have happened in the news that I am sure as they grow and continue in school those events will be discussed in school BUT I will have captured their view & documented what they did & felt when it did happen.  Having a hubby that works for the newspaper depo comes in handy sometimes!

So how about you. Will you be joining the amazing & wonderful experience that is Project Life. There is nothing to it. You make it what you want. You can just click a picture and put it in your album and jot a few words or you can go crazy and add as much as you want (guilty Ha) or do it digitally as that is a new option now. I will be mixing both (I actually started already for the last weeks.

Becky has this on her blog & I thought I would share just in case you are STILL wondering if you should do it (you should) 

top 5 reasons everyone loves project life
5. Save time. Save stress.
The organization and design that is Project Life is already figured out for you. Different from traditional scrapbooking, there is no stress about where to place photos, which papers to use, techniques to incorporate, products to coordinate. The work is done. You just add your photos and journaling.
4. No more guilt.
Gone are the days that you feel bad about not doing something with your pictures or your kids' pictures. Now you can actually get those pictures off the computer and into a format that can be enjoyed. Project Life makes photo-displaying story-telling fun and easy.
3. Improve your skills.
Knowing that your pictures and memories are going to be preserved and enjoyed in Project Life, you will naturally improve your photography and writing skills.
2. Incredible value.
We love making scrapbooking not only simple, but affordable. You will have a hard time finding better prices for what you get, especially given the impeccable quality.
1. It's therapeutic.
Whether you add pictures and stories to your Project Life album on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even sporadic basis, you will inevitably find yourself more keenly aware of your blessings and priorities.

Becky thank you so much for making this possible. Words will never be enough as to what this has meant to me and look forward to doing this years to come.

As always thanks so much for stopping by. Now run & order your Project Life Kit if you haven't already!

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