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Project Life Updating- November 12th- Present Aha Moment!

Hello everyone!

How is your December coming along? Only 21 days till Christmas!! Who's ready. Not ME that's for sure. Ha.. BUT I am happy to say our Elf Alice has been filling in with in for what I am lacking for Christmas cheer for right now. Thanks Alice (you can check what she is up to on my Photo Blog)

So as you can see on my title this post is about Project Life Updating. Ok are you ready.. I AM UP TO DATE.. (come on do a dance with me!!) (ok a few notes I do have to transfer over but I am UP to date)

So do you know something I came about an Aha moment while I picked up my album to do so. I don't know about you but even though I super LOVE my Project Life and I've heard it all over bloggy land where everyone doing it says oh its what you want it to be.  I still felt PRESSURE.. (there I feel so much better saying that out loud.)

Seriously I would go and see updates on other blogs and then say WOW that looks SO awesome..  Then it was right there when it hit me.. ELLIE.. seriously this is YOUR family life. So you take a million pictures of something that might be going on AND actually do want to put them all in the album. GO AHEAD... cause psssst. Its your album..

WHAT?! I can .. I CAN!!! SO I've decided that I will take a deep breathe and just need to get more ink and PRINT.. and fill.

- Its ok if I don't make separate card to divide the weeks, I love to put tabs on the pictures or just write the journaling ON the picture when I edit, or as I've been doing lately print the journaling on the back of the pictures.

-I don't need a certain amount of page protectors per week. NOPE I can just ADD MORE. WHO knew right?!

Therefore I will be ok with what I put in my album and super smile because what Project Life is about documenting your life and its NOT suppose to be pressure and it doesn't need to look perfect because it is perfect just as long as you put something into your album.

I hope my Aha moment might have got you thinking if you are a bit behind if you are doing Project Life Or if you were on the fence about doing so for the new coming year.  This is such a wonderful experience and even more so when you know there is no stress but just amazing and beautiful memories captured in your own album.
So how about I share my updates :


added a title & had the kids write in a each of the bubbles what they were thankful for.

I journaled about Isaac's play on the back of scrapbook page

Used a page protector that I was able to include 9 small pictures to include more without the bulk on the other side I included pictures from Thanksgiving.

 Note from the author of Elf on the Shelf when we went for the reading at the bookstore.

Well I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and I thank you for stopping by.
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