July 2011 - Adventures With Ellie

Simple as That : Week in the Life -My Day 6

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday as for me its another quiet day.  I wanted to mix my Simple as That w/my Day 6 Week in the Life with you.

Day 6 was all about my Sassy.  The 1st picture happened because I usually do a workout in the AM either I run or I do a Zumba workout. This AM I had told her Hey I'm gonna go Zumba which usually means she runs to the living room and is my little "cheerleader" and usually joins in but this AM she looked at me and said Oh good luck w/that and keep playing with her barbies. I looked at her and said OH really.. I went put the game on and then went to put a few things away before I got my workout in and while I did I heard the workout begin and as I went to see what happened. The 1st pictures tells it all.  That's my Sassy girl!

The 2nd picture is her in her element. She plays dress up and barbies all day long and this was outfit #4 She took a sash from one of her going out dresses and made a belt.  That's my little fashion mogul.

I love that I have been able to catch little moments which tell the story of our everyday and each one person in my family.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday as always thank you so much for stopping by!

Week in the Life -My Day 5

Good AM. Sharing my Day 5 with you which ended up being less then picture happy as I wasn't not feeling to well, but the pictures that I did get made me smile :

For my pictures I started off w/one of my favorite breakfast are you saying WHAT in Heaven's name is that.   Well its the most awesome tasting thing EVER.  It consists of 1 little Laughing Cow- (low fat swiss cheese) and 1 tsp. of Apricot Jam from Trader Joe's and 5 Ak-Mak Crackers (I found then at Trader Joes) its so filling and I love them because its 5 pts Weight Watcher Points for the whole thing.

Ok so it looks semi funny but TRUST me you'll be wanting to eat this daily!  I also include a banana and I am full until almost late in the afternoon.   I had to get my Ram in my pics because its seems I can only get that boy either playing baseball or by luck.  I decided this would be a day I spent w/him so I took a pic of him sleeping Ha (he gave me the look when I showed him that pic)

Later in the afternoon I told him to get dressed and lets go out, of course he said where are we going,  I remember when he was younger he never asked just got up and got excited.. Oh just about to be a teen thing huh? (13 in September! EEK)

I love Groupon.com and  I had gotten a deal a while back for movie tickets for $2.00 and so I used those up for our little trip.

We were going to see Harry Potter but turned out that the online times and the theaters were messed up.  We could have watch Captain America which I really thought he was going to choose but instead he got all excited and said Lets watch Cars 2.  Of course I thought he was kidding but NOPE he wanted to watch it and so we did. 

It turned out to be a cute movie and my nephew who is about to turn 4 is the BIGGEST Cars fan but I don't really thing he would have enjoyed it as much as he had the 1st in my opinion because it was more plot and talking but it was good.

We headed home and for dinner we had Turkey burgers and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.  Today is Saturday and its looking like a very,very low key day. Ram left to my SIL until tomorrow and Sweets is still sleeping (he is so his father's child) Ms. Sassy is off in Barbie world as for me.

My back is feeling funny, wanted to go for a run but don't want to push it.
Hoping for some happy mail although I tracked it and its looking like maybe Tuesday (my new memory for my camera) I wanted to head out w/the kids to try it out but we shall see. Hope you enjoy your Saturday and thank you so much for stopping by!

Week in the Life -My Day 4

 Happy Friday. WOW My Week is coming to a close.  Yesterday was a not feeling too hot kind of day so I only have like 3 pictures, but for Day 4 I was a bit picture happy and hope you don't mind me sharing some with you. 

So my day starts off by waking up and see that man w/that TV yeah that's Hubby. He works nights and comes home and instead of coming to bed right he turns on his XBOX to play a round of Call of Duty.

I tell him does he release his work stress from the night when he plays. His answer YES.. YES it does. :) Then we have my Sweets eating his cereal.  We like those because they are the perfect serving and the kids can take it and serve themselves(well the boys)

Then we finally got a chance to get to the Farmer's Market where we got some yummy fruit and I got some yummy dutch apple sweet donuts.. MAN where they Good.

I should have bought more! If you had stopped by my blog before you might have known about the free bowling for kids I had mentioned well we went back again kids bowl free during the Summer. This time Daddy got into the game.

As you can see My sweets is one silly boy! We headed after some fun bowling to lunch for of course one of our favorite foods Pizza! Once again Sweets being that silly boy! After we got home I noticed I didn't have anymore ink for the printer & being Hubby had gotten some reward coupons from Staples well off I went again w/Sassy. after a quick stop to the Supermarket to get a few things.

Sassy got to a ride in her favorite cart! Came home and ate, bathed and ended the day.... I have more pics but I'll save those for my album.

Thank you so much for reliving my day with me. I really am inspired by what I have seen being shared by everyone. As always thank you so much for stopping by!

Week in the Life - My Day 3

Hey Hey! Wow Thursday already...sigh.. For me tomorrow is going to be my last "Week in the Life..sigh" but at least I get to relive it by sharing with you.  I also love that I have gotten to peek into some of your daily life (for those that are doing this as well )

So are you ready for my Day 3 Which was Monday :

Monday always are super busy around here. Guess that is what Monday is about right?

Started out w/our toothpaste. Why is it that kids have to squeeze the poor thing? Pic was my attempt to trying to fix it  :)

Being that I mention my Iced Coffee daily(on twitter) it was only right to take a pic of my beloved Coffee magic.  Then over to Sassy who loves to play w/her barbies and usually what she does is go behind her "kitchen" to play.  I love to hear her little play talk.  Monday is usually when I clean and had to use one of my favorite things to clean.

Mistoln is a STAPLE in most Dominican Homes TRUST ME & it smells SO awesome each time I use it I smile and it brings me back to my childhood and now my kids get to grow up to it which makes me super smile.

I was surprised with some fun goodies from Stampin Up. I've used that stamp on my cover for my Week in the Life (which I will share once the album is done) Another happy moment was when Gabi was playing she "accidently" whistled and so she spent the next 2 hrs. trying again.. She concluded that she needs to lose a tooth in order to really whistle (thank you Little Bear) After a full day the weather decided to help us cool down and so the last picture for this day was of my outside window.

I must say thank you so much for stopping and seeing what my week has been looking like so far this week.  Off I go to check what everyone else has been up to!

Week in the Life -My Day 2

 Happy Wednesday. Yesterday was so much fun, full of fun with the family.  Today I am sharing my Week in the Life Day 2 (which was Sunday) No worries you'll see what we did today later in the week.
I also was able to record my Project Life! YAY.... BUT I have to edit the video BOO Ha.

Bet your wondering if I really am ever going to share what the heck I am up to with that huh? How about you?  Are you doing Project Life if so how are you doing w/it. I've said it before and I'll say it before it really is wonderful and one of the most meaningful projects I've done.

So now before I keep rambling on how about I share what we we did Saturday.  First off I must say did you know you need a different memory card for DSLR.  Well guess what I found out the hard way. Seems the memory card I have in my camera can't support (as my brother told me) all the stuff I am putting into it and so to compensate it erases what pictures I might have taken beforehand!

Instead of having a LOAD of pictures ( I think I had just about 100) of all the fun we had on  Sunday I ended up w/just 13 (yeah remember my road trip I thought it was fluke w/the memory card now I finally know why it happened. I  have a new memory card on its way that will support all my picture taking since we are going on another mini road trip soon!)

So this is what I was able to capture on Saturday  (YEAH for jounarling)

As you can see I was able to capture some moments from our stop at our Annual Church Feast which was a blast!  Sassy has 2 new little pet goldfish that she won and since Sunday night has been checking on them constantly.  Oh my gosh I hope those little goldfish do well :)

Also we were able to stop at Sonic which since my trip to Utah 3 years ago I had been dreaming of visiting again but unfortunately we didn't have one near us.

When I found out there was one by my Mother in Law I had to tell hubby to take us there.  We had tried before to go but they had just opened and the line to get in was INSANE (talking more then 45 mins. wait) but on Sunday we got in after a 5-10 min wait. SO yummy just as I remembered.. Cherry Limeade YUM. Ha..

Well I hope you are enjoying your week & if you are doing Week in the Life I hope you are having as much as I am. I am off as we are going to see what we can fill in today. We just might see if we get to the beach again today.

 As always thank you so much for stopping by!

Trying again- Week in the Life Day One :)

Before we headed out I wanted to post What my Day 1 looked like for Week in the Life :)

 In a Nutshell :) We are off early this AM I hope you have an amazing wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by.

(video will happen today as Hubby is home & he can keep the kiddies busy so look for that later FINALLY today Ha) 

Threads of My Week in The Life With a Splash of Exploring

Happy Monday everyone. How was your weekend. Ours was amazing fun & everything else you could imagine! I decided that this year I would join Ali Edward doing My Week in The Life. This was my 1st go at it since it seems this Summer has become a document my Life kind of Summer.
Thought it would be fun to have a week that really would document every bit (or most) of what really goes on around here.

I actually started my "week" on Saturday as I really wanted as I knew it would be jam packed of 1st things/tries for us.

I wanted to Document this in a different way & since I REALLY am into Mini albums right now I thought why not make one for this week.

I was inspired by Ali's Scrapbook on the Road class she has which is BEYOND amazing.  As well  as meshing some things with  Shimelle's class- Explore   

So these are the "bones" to my Week in the Life Album which also will be the picture of my Prompt for today's Explore class.

As you can see there is paint, fabrics,and lots of textures for my album which is all new and fun to me.  I'll be sharing a few pictures of our Week so far on my next post today (YES 2 posts today) as I am waiting for "quiet time" around here to record Ha..

Lets see how lucky I get with that if not I'll just create a slide to share what I've been up to (YAY Project Life is all caught up!)

Also don't forget about the giveaway I have going and my Poll (but it looks like I'm not the only one loving Mini albums nowadays)

Thanks for stopping by and remember to check back later for to see what I've been up to w/Project Life.

Simple As That - Summer Steps

Happy Sunday Everyone, are you enjoying your weekend? We had our adventure yesterday and more Summer memories in the Volt.

Today I wanted to share a picture I took this week after we stared to have a big heat wave here in NY. What to do when its so insanely hot &  you start to get cranky ?

 Go outside where the breeze makes it all better since you have a huge tree in front of your house, plus throw in some juice pouches and bubbles = Instant Happiness

  I really have been having such a blast w/my babies this Summer and I can't believe August is right around the corner already!  Never the less we are going to enjoy every bit of what we have left  that's for sure.

Don't forget about my Giveaway I am doing as well as my Poll I have going.   Now go on and enjoy your Sunday & as always thank you so much for stopping by!


Happy HOT Friday! Whoot Whoot Did I just whoot for Friday yes you are in the right blog Ha..  This weekend if all goes as planned its going to be SUPER DUPER JAM PACKED w/so much fun the kids are gonna burst kind of weekend!  My camera is going to be super busy because I am going to be the Mama click-happy :)

Today I want to share with you a wonderful class that I just signed for and started this week :

This is what Shimelle wrote about this class :

Throughout this four week course, we’ll be exploring the world, even if you’re not going anywhere. Each prompt covers a different aspect, from days when we’ll focus on photography to videos that cover crafting techniques to do something new with your existing supplies. We’ll be taking pictures, making journaling easy and stretching ideas so you’ll keep creating long after the final prompt appears in your inbox. If you’re worried about being too busy for the next four weeks, then the workbook is your answer! You can print it from day one and follow along in a quick format then come back to the full prompts when you have a bit more time to explore those ideas.

& its not to late to sign up so GO GO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO as for me. I am SUPER loving this class. Its only been a week and I have done something I have NEVER done. Dedicated a project just to me. I am rediscovering and EXPLORING me. Hmm who would have thought. It really is a wonderful thing.

One of our Prompts was to take a self portrait w/camera at hand. Sure I could have just put my picture of myself but then I said NO let me get more creative and so I opened up my PSE and this is what I came up with the picture I took of myself. :

Too much fun I tell you. I really hope you'll decide you want to jump in and join the class.  Here is what I have so far as my "bones" of my album I know that throughout the 4 weeks I'll go back and add or do something extra to each of my pages :

Don't forget about my GIVEAWAY and poll I have going on. Hope you get to enjoy & stay cool for the rest of your weekend I shall be back on Sunday w/my Simple as That post.

As always thanks so much for stopping by!

Trying to Stay Cool..

How about you? Its just about 100 in NY today.  Tomorrow we will "enjoy" actually reaching that temp.

Therefore being in a room that is carpeted and little (my craft/playroom) is NOT where I want to be.  Instead I've been bathing the kids & playing outside the house THANK YOU big Tree where there is a nice shade and AWESOME breeze & bubbles.

So please forgive me for such a late in the day post. You still like me right? Any hoot I did say I had some shares yesterday right? So lets get to it.

This layout I created about the boat ride we took while we did our little 2 day road trip. MAN, I wish I was in that boat right now there was such a wonderful breeze.  I used my Silhouette to cut the letters as well as some Thickers. The background paper I used Basic Grey. I wanted to keep this simple so it would showcase the picture. I added little embellishments to add a little flare.

Also here is a little collage of picture of my SMASH album. I am SO happy I had my book w/me when we went on the trip being Ram lost the camera he had and my 1st day pics had gotten erased so having this really helped me to still document our trip detail by detail :

So now I also did mention a giveaway so how about another Studio Calico GC :)  Did you see the AWESOME new CHA releases coming. OH MY GOSH.. In Love!    In order to get the chance to win the $10.00 GC  all you have to do is

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I'll announce the winner on Friday of Next Week.  As always thank you so much for stopping by!

Its The Little Things

Today's post is just to share on what I am up to. I have loads of stuff going on which all are wonderful. No matter how busy it gets we always have to remember and stop and just enjoy the little things. Yesterday we got a chance to head on over to the beach. Although we didn't have any bathing suits,towels as we were just planning on going by the board walk, wet our feet and head home.

Of course that is not what turned out to be. It turned into a full on few hours of giggling fun. This would be Sassy's first real time at the beach as the other times she was too small to really enjoy it.

As I stood back (of course you know I had my camera) I watched my boys, Sassy & Hubby have the most awesome laughs & fun and just felt so blessed to have my awesome family. 

I got to thinking of how even w/budget crunches around here that is not important because what we have is worth more then ANYTHING as long as we are giving all our Love & attention to our kids & they keep those as memories of what they looked forward to enjoying more of in the Summer well I could not ask for anything more.

Today we are going to take it easy, we have movie day in the works as before heading to the beach we had to take Sassy for a check up and she got 2 shots and she did AWESOME not even a semi tear (thus why we went to the beach ha) but one of her arms is sore poor sweet girl so we are going to take it easy.  Also this humidity is acting crazy & my asthma is not happy about it so inside day it is.

Well if you have stayed here this long for my rambling I think I should share a bit of our day yesterday right? This is just a little collage I put together to stick into my Project Life Album lets just say  I went a little shutter happy and have 167 pics :)

Hope you'll be back tomorrow as I have some pages to share as well as  anupdate on my SMASH album & maybe a little giveaway!

Oh if you don't mind please take my poll that is on the upper right hand corner Nobody has voted yet :( 

As always thank you so much for stopping by!

Happy Monday!

How is everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We enjoyed our weekend as well. We celebrated yesterday as it was National Ice Cream Day. Did you get a chance to celebrate? Can I tell you I'm a tad obsessed with Groupon.com  I only mention it because well that is how we got our ice cream fix yesterday!

That was my little cup. I enjoyed some really good low cal ice cream I got a serving of Hot Chocolate Ice cream.. YUMO.  So what did you do this weekend?

I actually was wondering if you would help me I want to start doing classes again & thought I'd do a little poll so if you wouldn't mind checking it out and giving me your opionion I would be very thankful.

I am almost caught up with my Project Life album and once I am done promise to make a video to share what I did.

Also a little self plug here I have these Ciao Copics Markers still up for grabs.  : $2.50 each and shipping is $1.75 (in a padded envelope) If you would be interested in more then 1 (all maybe ha, I will make sure to make the shipping as long as possible & include a small thank you gift as well) just email me at ellie dot augustin at gmail dot come. Paypal for payment & shipping in the U.S only sorry for any inconvenience.

Burnt Umber E29
-Lipstick Red R29
-Dark Bark E49
-Tender Pink RV13
-Pale Yellow Y11
-Lipstick Natural E04
-Cool Grey No.1 C-1
-Chamois E35
-Sand E33 
As always thank you so much for stopping by! 

Trying Again.

Happy Friday Everyone.

Its been one busy Week and today is no different. I have been working on something and wondering if I should try again. I thought well I always tell my kids to try no matter what so here I am  taking my own advice.

I've re-opened my Etsy store again. The last 2 times well it didn't go so well. So I'm going to believe 3rd times the charm right?

As you know I'm a SAHM so I am always looking for a way to try and bring an extra income so wouldn't it be nice to be able to do so by doing something I love.

We never know unless we try right.. Here is a peek of what I  Created :

This is my first set I created. I love that little camera which I cut using my Silhouette. If you would like to see more details on this set please feel free to go HERE 

Well I am off as I am trying to see what more I can get done as we have to go later today 
and finish the paperwork for Ram.  So proud of that boy. 

OH I almost forgot I have some Copics & a few punches for sale if you would like to take a look please go HERE

Thanks again for stopping by. Happy Weekend to you!

Moxie Stamp It Challenge- Giving it a Go

So last night I was looking at the latest Moxie Challenge and to be honest I was having one of those days when well its not your best. For me it was actually not a happy crafty day.  I was sitting saying what am I doing.  I really would love to explore more adventures and opportunities.

Try as it may its not working as I planned so it got me thinking.  Why do I continue to do this?- Because it makes me happy.  This is something I want to make grow and do it because I do love it.

I have some plans coming up that I want to try. Give it another go around as the first time it didn't work to well. I'll see what happens. That is my own personal Moxie Challenge to myself.

Here is my card I did to enter the Moxie Stamp It Challenge. :

It was a last minute card but it has all the elements I love. Distressing,Inking, Brads,Buttons and punches.  Have to remember why I love what I do. Speaking of Dreams coming true. 
My Ram got chosen to be in the Travel Team!!  He is beyond EXCITED as we all are.  He had tried last year and didn't make it so its a big thing around here. SO Guess what... MORE BASEBALL!! YAY YAY YAY!!!

As always thank you so much for stopping by.

Week 3- Summer Card Camp

Wanted to post my cards for this week.  Having a  super busy this week.   I hope you enjoy my little cards and I thank you so much for stopping by.

cardstock : Papetrey Ink
Stamps : Hero Arts
Inks : Jenni Bowlin
Accents : KI Memories, Stampin Up
Fibers :  Papetrey Ink, Etsy.com 
Stickers : American Crafts

Simple as That : My Babies Looking at Mama & Her Babies

Happy  Sunday everyone. Hope you had are having a wonderful weekend. For us we had a wonderful little road trip. We saw SO much in just 2 days.

Today's Simple as that share is a picture I captured while the kids were "bird" watching in front of the Capital in Washington D.C.

I love how my babies are looking at a Mama & her babies. Sigh pure bliss.

Today is going to be low key day as our past 2 days was super fast paced but SO much fun. I had SO many fun pics BUT my memory card went wacky and I only now have a few from yesterday! :( BUT good thing that the places we did go to I made sure to grab pamphlets and anything I could had put them into my Smash Album so HA.. I still will be able to scrapbook :) 

As always thank you so much for stopping by.