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Project Life - Week 1

Happy Tuesday my bloggy Friends. Finally was able to get some pictures of my 1st week of Project Life. I most say that I have a picture explosion being it was the 1st of the year & our Gabi's bday is on the 3rd & we had a party & well I just couldn't help myself. OK are you guys ready?

I did warn you that I went a bit picture happy didn't I? I would have had more pictures if I wouldn't have figured that my printer allows me to make a sort of collage. So for some of my 4x6 I made collages with 4 pictures in them. That helps cutting on the ink and space because I used 4 page protectors  JUST for this week!

I am OK with it because well this was a big week and I'll have a "quiet week" for this & next week although I just might go picture happy at the end of the month when I have to go register Gabi for Kindergarten EEEK.. (WOW didn't I just post about her being born?)

For me I have decided that printing my journaling is going to be a thing I will be doing more as well. I know they say use your own handwriting but I want to make it "PERFECT" and so I would prob. mess up more then 10x before I would get it right so for that I am going to just type it. I am looking into getting a font w/my handwriting that way it WILL be me writing  (I'll post about with my next project life update)

I love Cosmo Cricket's & Authentique for their word stickers to add documenting. Also using loads of Ali Edwards overlays as well as Karla Dudley

Another thing that helped me this week was using a page protector you can add on top of  a 4x6 already I used it to add the Title of what week it was and a few things I wanted to add in there.

Can I say Loving the folders Becky came out with! Last year I would add the little things I collected into the album ex. notes,newspapers,receipts but now I will be using these folders to put these into.

Also must mention that having my Silhouette REALLY has gotten fun and also am using it. I will be using it for my "Week" Title page as I love Keri Bradford's kit she has right now.

Well I think this is enough of my first novel of a post for today. I am actually a bit excited as I am getting a sewing machine today. Truth be told I am BEYOND nervous because I can not even thread a needle but that is one of my Goals for 2012 is to learn to sew a bit well enough to make doll clothes as its already been requested by Ms. Sassy.

As always thank you so much for stopping by & if you have any questions please just leave me a comment!

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