Project Life : Week 3 - Adventures With Ellie

Project Life : Week 3

WELL talk about close call. Today was another super busy day BUT here I am sharing Week 3 YAY me Ha..

Week 3 was another quiet week for us. So again just a single (back/front) filled.

I am alright w/that. I documented what I needed and that is what is important and awesome about Project Life. Its just what you want it to be. So with that here we go :

For this week I included labels as well as my sewing machine which was fun as I adhered Thickers & then sewed.   I saw Michelle W. do it &; I just had to give it a try. I also included pictures from my instagram once again including our good eats.  Also Used my Fuji Instax Camera for a rainy trip outside. (only had 2 pics lefts so why not right)

Also this week I started a WONDERFUL program : Hello Good Mornings which so far has been so amazing & entails for us to have a psalm from the bible and reflect each day on some exercises which have been wonderful & so happy I am doing it. So I decided to add this last week's Psalm.

Once again I wanted to included an extra 4x6 sleeve for a couple of extra pictures of the kids playing :

This is the back page. Included was our 1st snow storm as well as the Giants winning (I only included because the boys are fans ha) A silly little pic I just took of Hubs & me while he was playing Xbox w/my Ipod & 2 blue birds outside my window :)

For my bits & fun I used some Martha Stewart labels which I am LOVING as well as Ali Edward's brushes as well as well as Ormolu badges that I so love. Oh and the super fun Tiny Templates from  Cathy Z.

So that was my little week in a nutshell as you can see by my late posting this week has already started off pretty busy & can't wait to put this week together & share next week.

As always thank you so much for stopping by!

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