Project Life : Week 5 - Adventures With Ellie

Project Life : Week 5

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  Into February  we go. This week we had a little bit of of everything you could say.  Since this was a new month I had to include a new Folder which I so love since now I can include all those extras I want to keep but don't want to keep adding page protectors into the weeks.

So let's start my Week shall we :

So as you can see I had to go and get my sewing machine in the mix which actually made me giggle. It SO is NOT the most perfect sewing yet but I decided to keep them because as I get better it also will document my beginnings of my "sewing" . To "camouflage I stamped the letters a bit as well.

This week I also used my Silhouette for all my titles using Ali Edward's Font. I welded the letters together to make it easier when adhering them to my photos.

Once again I included my Psalm for the week.  Its going to be wonderful to look back and see what I was reflecting on for the each week.

This page protector is from We R Memory Keepers and it has a 4x12 space. The front I did our Title Week here on the back page I meshed 3 pictures to document. Also I found a new FREE app that I am loving.

Since I love taking so many pictures I need a way to mesh them together so I am always on the lookout to do so.  This week I found Storyboarder which let's you make collages and it's pretty cool if you had wanted to you could mail the board you made as a postcard. For right now I am just emailing them to myself and then I edit them.

I did that w/the picture of Sassy & I making cookies. I uploaded it and then I added one of Ali Edwards Brushes on PSE .  I purchase all my Ali Edward Brushes at Design Details

 I also included badges that I received from Kai Lun  I SO Love her badges so much I'm in the process of another order & once I receive it I'll have a giveaway for you!

Also I didn't want to forget to share about the Freebie that Persnickey Prints has which is 4x6  templates which let's you include pictures and journaling which I LOVE and used as well this week. I included it for the little lunch date I had w/Sweets & Sassy at McDonalds. (at the end of my journaling I added yet another Ali Edwards Brush yes I SO love them!)

Ending the week w/of course something about the Superbowl (My boys were SO happy) as well as  a drawings from Sassy as she is loving Minnie Mouse. Notice how she only colored the girls Ha.. she said that's all that was needed (also added another badege in there) as well as her hairstyle choice for Sunday & and a journal card to document the rest of the our little details.

Last but not least here is my Folder for February as you can see I've added the articles from Sunday for my boys to go ahead and look back on in the future. 

Well time to go as I have to plan a little craft project for Sweet's 3rd grade class for Valentine's Day! I can not wait to spend the afternoon w/them.  I couldn't have asked for  a better little gift on that day. 

As always thank you so much for stopping by!

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