Project Life : Week 6 - Adventures With Ellie

Project Life : Week 6

First off.. Happy Valentine's Day (well what's left of it!) I was planning on posting early but time got away from me with all the fun of the day.

Today I'll be sharing what I did w/ our past week.

This week I included my Ali Edwards : A Day in the Life as well as Elle Publishing 12 on 12 which really filled my week with LOTS of pictures but I was able to condense them but using templates.

Let's start with my A Day in the Life : Which I did for Feb.8th  I actually blogged about it HERE

Here is my 12 on 12th share : Took all my pictures on Istagram for this day made it SO easy. 

I printed both out and included them in a 8 1/2x11 page protectors which worked out perfectly.

For this week I did NO sewing (GASP) But I use my Silhouette where I decided to try out some confetti fun as I had been dying to give it a try since Lisa brought it to us. OH SUPER LOVE.
Also another person who inspired me K.P. with her AMAZING pictures where she fills out more then one space in the page protectors So I used one of the collage picture I had made of the Valentine pictures I took of my kids.

I had to included as well one of the wrappers to the Heatwraps that I have been using all week. They sure have been a very good friend I must say!  A bit of Charlie Brown because he's very much loved around here my Sassy. Her favorite saying is "Good Grief"

Also included photos from another photo shoot I did w/my nephews which was so much fun. Oh I love them so. Lots of  hand written journaling which I want to continue to do. As well as the Psalm of the week I studied.

Once more I cut a page protector to accommodate our week. I am looking forward to the end of the week as I heard there will be restocking of other different size page protectors which I had my eye. Let's hope I'm fast enough! :)  

Well that is all for this week hope you are enjoying the process of Project Life if documenting along.

As always thank you for stopping by.

The Mom Creative
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