Project Life : Week 7 - Adventures With Ellie

Project Life : Week 7

Happy Tuesday everyone. Today is our 2nd day of Winter Recess as the boys have off for the week. So we are moving about slowly which is alright with me.

Today sharing our Week 7. With this week I tried to use more of my handwriting and try a couple of new little things which I was happy with and did a little mental note for the upcoming weeks.

I used the new collection from Dear Lizzy that I am SO loving it is so much fun. I already feel like I need to order some more because I love it that much!

 I once again used my Silhouette for my "title Week" as well as well as the  Days of week.

Since Valentine's Day passed I wanted to include something other then just a picture of my little gifts the hubs gave me.  I wanted to include the flowers  in some way because they were so pretty so I took some petals and used one of the page protectors from Martha Stewart & cut it and made a pocket to attach the pocket to the 3x4 slot.

This week Ramz had 8th grade carnival  I included his badge as well as pictures of him dressing crazy. Sassy & I  stopped by which was fun as she got her face painted. After we went to one of our Favorite places : Red Mango BEST treat EVER. (see now I want some) 
Being I am in NY I had to include SOMETHING about Linsanity. The boys got a kick out of seeing that in our week.

For these few pictures I decided to once again cut into the page protectors and make my own little pockets so they could be little focal points of a few pictures. As well as the tag I made w/ Sweets and his class. I used my sewing machine for a few stitches to close it up as well as Washi tape.

 This was part of our Weekend where we went out for Dinner and I think its fun to take pictures "photobooth" style while we wait no matter where we might be (Just ask my kids) So I took a couple of that and included it in here and I took one of those little activity books and attached Isaac &Gabi's photobooth (which I used my ipod for)

Included here was a thank you note from Isaac's teacher for coming.  Saturday night Movie watching  A booklet that was given at church for the start of Lent. I would need a larger book to write in so into Project Life it went.

Also little adventure after church and how could I not include a little something about waiting for that LAST item (3x4 journal cards) to be restocked.
 If you were one of the waiting for it you probably saw Becky mention me.  Happy to report I got everything that I wanted YAY!

I also included newspaper clipping into our February folder about  our newly appointed Cardinal Dolan & the death of Whitney Houston.  (but didn't take a picture of that)

Well that was my week & I thank you for stopping by and checking my week! Now to go check out what the kids are up to w/Hubs who has the day off too YAY!

Used : Digital Items from : CathyZ &; Banana Studios 

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