Project Life Week 8 - Adventures With Ellie

Project Life Week 8

Another Week to share. 2 months in! How is everyone doing? Is it still amazing & wonderful and a blessing for me it sure is Looking forward to seeing our Janurary month while working on a week in July.

For now how about I share what we were up this this past week. For my boys they had the week off from school and so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked but I did make sure to at least grab one of each day. Although 2 days I had more then enough and you'll see what I came up with to incorporate those days.

For my one of my page protectors I used Design G  . Included was The Psalm of the Week, Monday Chores, Receipt from the Children's Museum, Sassy eating breakfast first as she was the 1st up and her little note where she wrote her name which I must say is pretty good for my baby girl :) 

On the other side it included my little "accident" where I had to run to the ER to get some liquid stitches for a cut I got from glass in the trash. As Hubby says Life is never boring around here. Sweets got new clothes as he is growing a mile a minute he's getting so tall! Ram is working on his Science project. Cupcakes from my Beloved. Silly snapshots w/Ram walking home from church. 

On Tuesday Hubs & I surprised the kids by going to the Children's Museum and it sure was allot of fun.  The kids explored,learned, giggled and we loved watching it all happen. Just as we were leaving they stroke a pose for me! I had to include the silliness.

This was Sunday where decided to capture Sassy and her imagination its always so sweet to hear her
in her own little world. Of course Isaac had to jump in and join the fun! For these picture I didn't to break into my Design E Page protectors be told I was a bit nervous and when I first got them said now WHY did I order these.

 Of course Becky came to the recuse did you see the video where she used them? LOVE I will be hopefully doing that for Gabi in September but for now I used it to insert some 6x6 pictures of the kids.

For my little add ons I used Elle Studio and goodies I had gotten from one of my fast becoming places My Scraps & More

As you can see no sewing for me being well my hand is on rest ha. I hope to add some sewing this coming week.

As always thank you so much for stopping by & I hope you have a wonderful week!

The Mom Creative

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