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Amy Tan Inspired

I had purchased Amy Tan's class "Get Those Creative Juices Flowing" over at  Big Picture Class a while back.

I loved what she shared and of course you must have seen those awesome mini albums that she has available, well in this class she shows you how to create your own. (and other cool things as well)

I thought to myself wow it would be cool to make my own custom mini but when she shared how to make it you needed a sewing machine and at that time I didn't have one so I  put it to the side and couldn't wait to have get a sewing machine to try.

 Mind you I can even hardly thread a needle so thinking of getting a sewing machine and using one oh my! I ended up ordering the same one that Ali Edward has which actually is becoming one of my favorite things!

I have been trying to use it more ( I figure the more I used it the more I'll get the hang right) so I took out my sewing machine and then set out to get the perfect pieces to for my own little mini.

It was so fun to be able to use pieces I had only half a sheet of or a sheet I had been holding on to for just that perfect moment who knew it was going to be this.

So after finding my pieces I took the BIGGEST deep breath OK it really was more like hyperventilating and nervous I set out and sewed my pieces together.

I already knew what pictures I had wanted to use for my mini which were from a photo session I had done of Hubby & Sassy. It just made everything just even that more magical.

I really had a blast putting it together & even got Hubby to write to Gabi in it. I have a box of things I want to give to her on her Sweet Sixteen party (yes I have been planning since she was born for it..ha)

I also plan on doing another one of these for my Isaac who's birthday is at the end of the month. So much fun.  I really loved creating this and can't wait to make another one.

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