Project Life Week 13 - Adventures With Ellie

Project Life Week 13

Hello again!

If you follow my blog you might be saying hey what happened to Week 12? Well I did have a video and even a blog post but the video would not show :( So I will redo the video and see if I can figure out what I might have done wrong? Our Week 12 was SUPER jam packed that I thought a video would have been better to share.

 I digress so here I am sharing my Week 13 which was quieter then the previous but nevertheless very happy to share so here we go :

 This week included celebrating our Isaac's 9th Birthday, Gymnastics class & stats, drawings.

 More of the week where Isaac had a disposable camera where he took pictures of his classmates (those are the blurry pics on top). Starbucks treats for Mama & Ice cream treats for the boys. Celebrating at Friendly's & Palm Sunday. 

Last but not least Hubby surprised me this weekend and took me to see Mirror,Mirror which I loved & even he enjoyed. He saw that they had a photo booth and said let's go and take some pics so you can add it in Project Life hehehe.. Love that man!

As always thanks so much for stopping by. I am off to try to retake that video so I can post. Tomorrow afternoon start Spring Break so let's see what I can squeeze :)

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