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Work It Out & a Giveaway

 So here I am getting back into my "training" physically once again as truth be told I slipped a bit and looked at the scale and said OH NO you don't &;  so I am back into my routine so I can get myself in check those 10 pounds have to go!  :)

That takes care of my Physical self but truth be told my scrappy self is SO out of shape. I have all these ideas but sit down and think hey this isn't working and so I go about my business knowing I need to get my scrappy self back to shape after all my blog says I am a  Scrapbookmama.

I think I might not be the only one because stepping in to help us in our Mojo Slowjo is Ella Publishing with   Spring Training 2012

Starting April 23rd- May 3rd We are going to get whipped into shape! Check out this awesome video:
 So are you excited?!! I know I am. OK so what if I say I have a spot to giveaway? Are you excited now? I though you would be!

SO if you would like to win a spot for this class just leave me a comment telling me something you want to accomplish taking this class. I'll announce the winner on Monday.

Hope to see you getting your Scrappy Fit on!

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