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One Gal's Purge Her Kids Treasure

Last week I was catching up on listening to the RoundPapperClipping Podcasts and I came  to #PR111 where it was all about our supplies and it got me thinking after I was done listening  that life would be easier if there was a rhythm to my reason when it comes to my supplies.

I confess when I receive new goodies I don't separate them sure they are neat and put away but to listen to the podcast made me realize how maybe it would make my crafting a bit easier especially when it came to deadlines if I actually had a real "system". So I set out to organize ALL my craft goods by year/company/kind.

I am good about purging so I am happy to say that the oldest things I did have were only from 2010. I finished and since then then have kept it up and am SO happy and it wasn't as scary as I thought WHO knows it just might even help my ADHD that creeps up when it comes to crafting of starting and then starting 3 other projects at the same time and then getting even that much more nuts.

 So yes that podcast gave me one SUPER Ah Ha Moment! Now I have everything in order and being I am a crafter and its Summer my kids activities will involve some of it.

One that happens to be the case of my Sweets Summer homework which is to make a Summer Journal where he is to write about his Summer adventures.
I am so happy to help in that matter so this is what I came up with.  I decided that anything from the 2010 stash is for the kids &so this is what I came up :

For  Isaac I used lots of green as that was his only request as to what he wanted and so I grabbed all the green I found in that pile.  Then there was Ms. Sassy who was there picking every piece and telling me where she wanted and what she wanted me to do to her cover. YES She requested "2 Lines of sewing" for her name. :)

Here is a peek of Isaac's Journal :

Here is Gabi's album:

It was so much fun making these for the kids of course as you can see I didn't make one for Ramz as I was going to give him a Smash Album to do his Summer Journal but he told me no Ma I want you to make me one (made me super smile) so I am in the works of making his.

Well I think I have Rambled enough but if you haven't heard of Roundtable I REALLY Suggest you check it out. I love listening to the podcasts while I am crafting it is so much fun!

Also I contacted my winner of American Crafts giveaway - nirupama  if you didn't win this time around no worries I am working on my next Giveaway & will have it up next week! 

As always thanks so much for stopping by!

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