Project Life Updates Weeks 19-21 - Adventures With Ellie

Project Life Updates Weeks 19-21

Hello everyone! Yes you read the title on my post correct I am finally sharing a small update on my Project Life . Today I will share my weeks 19-21.

Since its so many pictures I decided to  create a slide to make it easier to share.  Let me know if you like this method of sharing and I will do it for my upcoming weeks since I have 3 more weeks so I can get caught up.

Project Life Week 19-21 -

As you can see I have a new album in which I started the month of June I have LOADS of stuff for this month and well I am just in the process of seeing what will go in or not but I made sure to put it in the album otherwise I will forget to include it.

 June was full of Graduation activities and baseball so I have to figure out what will go in here and what will go into mini albums.   I still have 2 rolls of film from the cameras I gave to Ram to take to school with him to develop that also need to be included.

I'm not completely done w/these 3 weeks but I made sure that I wrote notes so all I have to do is transfer into the album which is what I plan on doing today and then this album will go to our storage of where I have our Albums. LOVE seeing our spot where the kids know they can just go and pick it up and go down memory lane.

Yesterday was the last day of school for my Sweets so it's official now come September I have a 9th,4th & Kindergartner heading to school!

Today is our first full day of us all being home for Summer Vacation but being its reaching nearly 100 its a stay in the AC and relax kind of day. (it also gave me the chance to make this slide ha)

We are actually making Summer Journals to have ready for our upcoming adventures which I CAN NOT WAIT!!! Those I will be sharing soon I hope as well.

As always thank you so much for stopping by!

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