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Adventures of the Iwako Giraffe (little review)

There was once was a package that arrived at my door (ok last week) When I opened it up I thought what is this?  As you see it was from my friends from Jetpens who has send me a little gift.

As I looked inside but who would I see but this little fellow staring at me

As I read the note included from Jetpens it said that I should give this little guy a review.  In my head I must admit I was a little confused as I said but he is just too cute to use.

Instead I decided to keep him on my desk that is until my little girl caught site of him.  As she hurried to have a closer look she said "Mama who is that and what are you going to do with him?" Now how am I suppose to tell my sweet little 5 year old that I am suppose to put him on my pencil (GULP) and use him.

So instead I said Well he's come to stay with us and of course you know what came next "Mama can I keep him?" Sigh but of course you can so at this time I am happy to report that Mr. G (as he has been named) is happy living in a Barbie House w/happy new friends.

So JetPens for my review let's just say this little giraffe will live to see another day because of a cute and Sassy little girl who really likes her new friend!

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