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When your on a roll why stop?

Happy Monday All!

I'm feeling 85% better from this Vertigo and SUPER Eager to be at 100% tomorrow we have our Adventure day it sure is to be interested as not only am I dizzy but its' gonna be a high of 95 EEK which means it's gonna feel as if it's 105 but never the less Summer goes by too quickly so we shall make the most of it and besides we are going to be inside a cool area :)

Any hoot I have yet another card to share w/you today! Being I was working on calls I have a few extra to share with you.  This one was actually one that my Hubby really liked:

Here is another little card I created :

I figured this last card I could give it to Isaac's teacher for the 1st day of school see I'm ahead of schedule go me Ha.

Also a little reminder of my Persnickety Prints giveaway don't forget to enter!

As always thanks so much for stopping by!

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